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Hotel Reviews and Photos

Hotel Reviews and Photos
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Travel - Six lesser-known wonders of the ancient world When it comes to ancient wonders, there’s more to explore than Petra, Angkor Wat and the Coliseum. So to uncover a few structures that aren’t typically on the tourist trail, we turned to question-and-answer site Quora, where users have been sharing their opinions on some of the most impressive ancient structures in the world. What made the list? Among others: a network of ancient Micronesian floating islands, an underground Anatolian city carved entirely of volcanic rock and a prehistoric Phoenician site comprised of monumental stone blocks so large, it remains a mystery how they were cut and moved. Derinkuyu, TurkeyUnderneath the small town of Derinkuyu, 750km southeast of Istanbul in Cappadocia’s Nevsehir province, lies the largest system of caverns ever built by hand – Derinkuyu – Turkey’s underground city, which shares a name with its more conventional, above-ground counterpart. “The Temple of Bacchus alone is bigger than the Parthenon in Greece,” wrote Quora user Ella Ryan.

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Ten Awesome Travel Websites You Didn't Know About It seems that every day a new websites pops up that aims to change the way people travel. Flights, accommodation, transport, food, entertainment can all be found online and the options out there only continue to grow – the hardest part is staying up to date! To help you out this week I’ve created a short list of ten websites every traveller should have in their bookmark list. Enjoy! Last year I wrote about a few of my flight search tactics using the website Skyscanner which still remains my favourite to this day. Similar sites: Skyscanner, Flight Network A few years back Airbnb shook up the hotel industry and Uber soon followed with its own shake-up of the taxi industry. Similar sites: Rent-A-Guide, Sidetour (You can claim $10 free Vayable credit here!) HelpX is a site where you can find work exchange opportunities whenever your money is running low around the world. Similar sites: Workaway, Volunteer Latin America Similar sites: Feastly, Vizeat Nomadlist is the 4th startup from @levelsio.

7 Useful Travel Websites You’ve Probably Never Heard Of We all know the travel site staples – Expedia, Priceline, Trivago, Kayak, et al, promise to find you the cheapest deals on hotels and flights. LonelyPlanet is the leading resource of online travel guides, with detailed information about any country in the world. Airbnb will help you locate cheap or unique accommodations just about anywhere. But what about those hidden gems – the sites you really need to know about, but haven’t heard much about? We’ve compiled seven of our favorite travel sites to help you with everything from finding the perfect lunch in an unfamiliar city to securing the best deal on airport transportation. 1. Sometimes, the cheapest flight to your destination may be a layover. 2. Unlike Airbnb, in which a proprietor may just have an extra place they want to rent out, Homestay places with you with actual people in their actual homes. 3. So, this isn’t exactly a website. 4. TripIt is the perfect resource for those who love to plan, plan, plan. 5. 6. 7. 0 Comments

Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia Trip Ideas -- National Geographic Best Trips The year's best trip ideas and top travel destinations in the world. I Heart My City Check out these guides to the world's greatest cities through a local's eyes. Tours of a Lifetime From Livingstone's Tanzania to Sacagawea's Oregon, our top 50 guided trips trace the paths of early explorers—and blaze new ones, too. Free City Guides Check out these comprehensive guides to free activities and attractions in some of your favorite cities. America's Best Road Trips Get inspired for your next epic American road trip with guides, tips, and more from National Geographic.

The Best 5-Star Vacation Ideas Beach Take in the glamorous Southern California coast or perhaps an intimate French Polynesian Hideaway. Discover the unique beach vacation of your dreams. See More Active & Adventure Choose from a superior collection of leading hotels, eco-lodges and tour companies that promise thrilling sights and rustic luxury accommodations. Arts & Culture Invigorating sights and sounds of a dynamic culture are yours to discover with a unique travel package from Luxury Link. City Cities are a mecca for the fine and popular arts, gourmet dining and world-class shopping and entertainment. Family Travel Creating lifelong memories is easy when traveling the world with the ones you love. Food & Wine Choose from a bountiful array of culinary getaways, wine tasting retreats, gastronomic classes and exclusive food and wine tours that are sure to tantalize the senses. Golf If golf is what you want, golf vacations are what you shall find. Honeymoon & Romance Ski & Snow Spa & Wellness