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Pizza Fractions Project! - 4th Grade Frolics I wanted to share a fun project my kiddos did. We had been working on fractions and I wanted to come up with a little fun that would reinforce some of what they learned as well as let them have some fun being creative. WARNING.....LOTS of pictures ahead....they all were so unique and creative, I had to share them all:)Directions Google Doc HERE We were fortunate enough to have a local pizza place donate enough boxes so each of my kids could have one. DIY Math Multiplying Manipulatives * Evil Math Wizard I teach math to 2-5th graders, which is a big range. But it’s fun for me to see the development changes especially when using objects to help them figure things out, from fingers, blocks, counters, fractions kits, etc. I encourage my students to use them. I don’t want them to hide their fingers under their desk when they are figuring things out. It’s an important part of math to visualize.

Doubles Maths Game Summary: This maths addition game is a fun maths lesson that teaches the Doubles Addition Facts. These number facts are essential for efficient mental computations. This addition game aims to make the learning of these number facts a more enjoyable. Workstations, Not Worksheets! There's no getting around it...students need to practice math. But how you accomplish that practice is an instructional decision. I'm a big proponent of a math workshop approach with meaningful, flexible workstations. Let's look at how workstation task cards can grow with your students and allow you to easily differentiate your instruction. For maximum flexibility, you don't want to include actual numbers with the tasks.

Interactive Fraction Wall explore Fractions Percentages and Decimals Fraction walls are a great way to teach about fractions and in particular equivalent fractions. In a fraction wall each row or layer of the wall represents one whole number. The layers are divided into a number of bricks and hence each brick represents a fraction whose denominator is equal to the number of bricks in that layer. Each brick can be turned on or off by clicking it. This wall also allows the display of decimal and percentage values. To the right of the wall are boxes which can be hidden, the value of each box is fraction of the wall that has been turned on. Using LEGO to Build Math Concepts I was not one of those LEGO® kids growing up. Sure, my brothers had LEGO bricks, and every so often I’d kidnap some tiny LEGO men for a make-believe game. But I didn’t truly appreciate the engineering capacity of those studded plastic bricks. They were just so rigidly rectangular!

Number Frames Overview Number Frames help students structure numbers to five, ten, twenty, and one hundred. Students use the frames to count, represent, compare, and compute with numbers in a particular range. The frames help students see quantities as equal groups of other quantities and in relation to benchmark quantities. This helps primary students move away from one-by-one counting toward more efficient ways of counting and computing. Math Lines - Addition ABCya is the leader in free educational computer games and mobile apps for kids. The innovation of a grade school teacher, ABCya is an award-winning destination for elementary students that offers hundreds of fun, engaging learning activities. Millions of kids, parents, and teachers visit each month, playing over 1 billion games last year.

The eClock - Learn all about time - Interactive Clock Digital On/Off Words On/Off Roman/Arabic To rotate the hands on the interactive e-Clock, move the cursor over the clock face, press the left mouse button down and move the mouse. Rotate the mouse clockwise around the centere of the e-Clock to move the time forward and move the mouse in an anticlockwise direction around the center of the eClock. to move time backwards. LAUSD Common Core Mathema Symbaloo guide by color Mathematics / Curriculum Map.. Cluster plans Mathematics / Curriculum Maps Math Common Core Standards Mathematics / Curriculum Ma.. Mathematics Framework Mathalicious National Council of Teachers.. Mathematics / Home Math Progressions / Math Pro..

Free Mathematics Resource Printing ⋆ Creative Commons Teaching Materials Nets (3D Models)Quickly print blank nets for common 3D shapes. Clock BingoGenerate bingo games with clock faces Read ClocksPrint random analogue clock faces at various levels Arithmetic MakerCreate large print addition and subtraction at several levels Simple CountingRandom token based counting and arithmetic worksheet within 5 or 10 Add CoinsRandom worksheet generator - UK, US, EU, Australia & Canada Maze CreatorGenerates random mazes with single solutions Clock Flash CardsCreate time flash and matching cards with clock faces Draw Clock HandsAnalogue time & 24hr clock worksheets Photo Nets (3D)Add photos and images to nets of common 3D shapes Bingo CardsCreate bingo cards with numbers and problems Shopping MathsRandom shopping worksheet generator - work out change Coin MashSimple coin mashes for identification exercises Number LinesCreate a wide range of number lines and linear scale exercises. Coin Spinner Coin spinners for maths games

base ten math cards audrey Math Ten Pins - Couldn't link to directives for this activity but there are some great ORGANIZATION ideas on this site! LOVE THE BASE TEN BLOCKS IN A DIVIDED LUNCH CONTAINER!! Neatly organized tanisha Math- Common Core Base-Ten Centers!!! Free Printables to create the centers. LOVE!!! Truc pour les bonds For a long time now, I have been a big fan of using counting strips in the classroom. They are a great way to increase a student's ability to rote count and gives them a fun way to practice a very important skill. The other thing I love about counting strips is that you can use them to count forward or backward and can start and stop on any number you please. Because I often work in the classroom co-teaching as well as doing interventions, some kids end up spending quite a bit of time with me and consequently if I don't keep my materials fresh, they get a bit bored. So this year, I worked on updating some of my counting strips, adding new ones and ones that are shorter and longer.

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