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10 sites avec des photos gratuites pour illustrer vos sites

10 sites avec des photos gratuites pour illustrer vos sites

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10 simple responsive WordPress themes for small businesses and blogs Responsive design is one of the hottest trends in web design at the moment as it’s seen as the most effective way of creating a consistent user experience across all devices. For blogs that rely on social to promote their content it’s very important to have some sort of mobile optimised site as it’s inevitable that a large proportion of social referrals will come through mobile devices. For small businesses or amateur bloggers a responsive WordPress theme is an excellent option as it allows the site owner to offer users a mobile experience without spending loads of money. There are many responsive templates available either for free or for a very limited outlay, so I thought it would be useful to round up a few of the more impressive options.

Git for Beginners It is a general tendency of human beings to resist change. Unless Git was around when you started with version control systems, chances are that you are comfortable with Subversion. Often, people say that Git is too complex for beginners. Yet, I beg to differ! In this tutorial, I will explain how to use Git for your personal projects. We will assume you are creating a project from scratch and want to manage it with Git.

picjumbo picjumbototally free photos for your commercial & personal works Categories Menu Support 40 Must-See Photos From The Past The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” was coined by American newspaper editor Arthur Brisbane in 1911. It’s a simple notion that applies to many aspects of our lives, but especially to historical photography. Sometimes, one simple picture can tell you more about history than any story you might read or any document you might analyze.

Free textures for your next web project. Nothing like a field of beautiful flowers. Download Download These lovely water-colorful dots will make your designs pop. Download WordPress v Joomla: The Infographic Back in July and August last year, we published a series of articles by Mark Atkinson comparing WordPress and Joomla as content management systems. Each of five posts focused on specific aspects of functionality in direct comparison of the two CMS giants. That series culminated in Mark’s grand finale: WordPress v Joomla: The Winner The entire series generated a great deal of discussion, with general agreement with Mark’s conclusion that each CMS is a great choice with particular strengths that will appeal to users with differing needs, capabilities and situations.

Download and install JSHint runs in a number of different environments; installation is different for each. Browser-like environments A standalone files is built for browser-like environments with every release. You'll find it in the dist directory of the download. Download the latest release here. Rhino

30 Websites to find Creative Photography Inspiration Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Use Code MTLOVESDESIGN for 20% off I couldn’t possibly overstate the need for digital photography. Graphic designers love to use creative commons photos in digital work, but these same photos can also prove useful to an online journalist or editor. The need for digital photographs has risen tremendously in the past decade. Juizy Slideshow - Full CSS3/HTML5 slideshow with transition and animation Download and share ⇩ Download .zip file of 126 ko already downloaded 86266 times Explanations The idea Twelve Blog Post Writing Tips From 2012 I made a concerted effort to write more and better blog posts last year. Here are a dozen things I learned and/or put into practice that helped me do so. If one of your 2013 resolutions is to blog more, perhaps you'll find a few of these tips useful. Single topic post. Think of each post as a building block that you might use as a reference in some other post.

Easy Color Picking in Sublime Text If you have been accustomed to a code editor that comes with GUI buttons, Sublime Text being a plain simple code editor with minimal buttons, may frustrate you. For example, when adding Color, I usually end up running another application – Photoshop or Colorzilla – for just getting color codes. But wouldn’t our workflow be more streamlined if we were able to pick up colors without having to leave Sublime Text? If you are facing this same problem, we have a tip for you in the form of a plugin. Recommended Reading: Working with Code Snippets in Sublime Text

Best Free Stock Images - WDExplorer Often times you’ll have to create a mockup of your design plan, or a demo website to showcase your final web design project. For this you’ll also most likely need stock photos. If you opt for a premium pics, pricing can range from $1-10 each (more if you want a redistribution license) or a couple hundred a month for a set number of downloads per day. Hyper useful, ready to use HTML5 snippets HTML5 Starter Template When starting a new project, you need a starter template. Here is a concise and clean template to serve as a basis for your HTML5 projects.

20 Best Free Stock Photo Websites with High-Quality Photos Get the best free stock photos you need for your projects right now! These 20 awesome free stock photos websites offer high quality, high resolution, professionally taken photos. You can use these photos for design projects, websites, retouching or any other actions you need them for. These are the best free stock photo websites we found, do you know any other great websites we should add to this list? Enjoy! Unsplash