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Alpha—Computational Knowledge Engine

Alpha—Computational Knowledge Engine
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Colossus Search Engine Quaero refait parler de lui - Actualités - Quaero, vous vous souvenez ? En 2005, Jacques Chirac, alors président de la République, annonce en grande pompes le lancement d'un moteur de recherche franco-allemand censé supplanter technologiquement Google. Le projet doit réunir les forces des firmes IT et de contenus françaises et allemandes mais très vite des oppositions sont nées entre les deux pays. Les partenaires allemands du projet, notamment Bertelsmann, SAP ou Deutsche Telekom quittent le navire. En décembre 2006, le divorce franco-allemand est consommé. Mutualisation des innovations En 2008, Quaero dispose enfin d'un budget de fonctionnement, appuyé sur 26 partenaires privés et publics. Technicolor est également le porteur du troisième projet sur la vidéo personnalisée. Depuis, beaucoup pensaient qu'un Quaero 100% français aurait très peu de chances d'émerger. Par ailleurs, le silence radio des entreprises impliquées n'était pas de bon augure. Pas de moteur en tant que tel

Business Tools & Templates - Home Important For a new business, a business plan helps improve your chance of securing financing and investment. Established businesses should review their business plan and update it regularly in order to provide direction for growth. Use our free business plan and one page action plan templates These templates will help you to create a business plan easily. Business plan template (DOC 125 KB) One page action plan (DOC 37 KB) What should your business plan cover? A clearly written plan should cover: Tikhonov regularization When the following problem is not well posed (either because of non-existence or non-uniqueness of where may be ill-conditioned or singular). In the latter case this is no better than the original problem. In order to give preference to a particular solution with desirable properties, the regularization term is included in this minimization: for some suitably chosen Tikhonov matrix, . , is given by: The effect of regularization may be varied via the scale of matrix . this reduces to the unregularized least squares solution provided that (ATA)−1 exists. History[edit] Tikhonov regularization has been invented independently in many different contexts. Generalized Tikhonov regularization[edit] For general multivariate normal distributions for and the data error, one can apply a transformation of the variables to reduce to the case above. to minimize where we have used to stand for the weighted norm (compare with the Mahalanobis distance). is the inverse covariance matrix of is the expected value of , and

How to Change the World The what's new engine What is Swamii? Swamii is a free continuous search engine (kinda like an alerts service) that saves you the hassle of always searching for the same things. You tell us what you are interested in and we'll tell you whenever something new matches your search queries. What can you use swamii for: Keeping track of a current event as it unfolds Getting an alert when anything with William Shatner in it is going to be on TV (Shatz is the new Hoff) Being notified when a new Justin Timberlake video clips surfaces on YouTube or Grouper Watching for that rare collectible Backstreet Boys LP you've always wanted to come up for sale (we just love their soulful harmonies and melodic ballads) Searching for news on your geeky interest... you know, the one that everyone at work always mentions that you missed too late - "oh, did you see that article on rare, blue stamps yesterday? Get all the news for a particular subject in one place

RFC 5137 — Échappement ASCII des caractères Unicode Network Working Group J. Klensin Document RFC : 5137 (errata) Février 2008 BCP : 137 Categorie : Best Current Practice Statut de ce mémoire Ce document spécifie une pratique exemplaire courante Internet pour la communauté Internet, et il appelle le débat et des suggestions d'amélioration. La distribution de ce mémoire est libre. Résumé Dans certaines circonstances, il est nécessaire d'avoir un mécanisme d'échappement (escape mechanism) conjointement à un protocole pour coder les caractères qui ne peuvent pas être représentés ou transmis directement. Table des matières 1. 1.1. Dans certaines circonstances, un mécanisme d'échappement est nécessaire conjointement à un protocole pour coder les caractères qui ne peuvent pas être représentés ou transmis directement. Lorsque l'on passe à Unicode [Unicode] [ISO10646], où les caractères occupent deux octets ou plus et peuvent être codés dans plusieurs formes différentes, la question des échappements se complique encore. 1.2. 1.3. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5.1.

Nokia E71 Review Inside this Review Design The E71 is totally disrespected by all pictures. The metal body, QVGA screen, and keyboard combine to make a similar device design to the Treos, BlackJacks, and BlackBerry models we are familiar with, but this design has some flair to it. The 11 mm metal body feels great in the hand and well weighted. The front of the E71 has the aforementioned QVGA (320x240 pixel) screen. Below the screen sits the application and function buttons. An interesting feature of the directional pad is that it will pulse, like a beating heart, when the device is on but the screen is off (in standby). The application buttons activate one program on a short button press, and additional apps and features when held longer. The QWERTY keyboard is Nokia's best yet. The left side of the E71 has the IR port, microSDHC card slot, and micro-USB slot, while the right side has the volume up/down buttons and a voice command button. The back has the 3.2 megapixel digital camera with auto-focus.

An Intuitive Explanation of Fourier Theory Steven Lehar Fourier theory is pretty complicated mathematically. Basic Principles: How space is represented by frequency Higher Harmonics: "Ringing" effects An Analog Analogy: The Optical Fourier Transform Fourier Filtering: Image Processing using Fourier Transforms Basic Principles Fourier theory states that any signal, in our case visual images, can be expressed as a sum of a series of sinusoids. These three values capture all of the information in the sinusoidal image. The magnitude of the sinusoid corresponds to its contrast, or the difference between the darkest and brightest peaks of the image. There is also a "DC term" corresponding to zero frequency, that represents the average brightness across the whole image. Actually, for mathematical reasons beyond the scope of this tutorial, the Fourier transform also plots a mirror-image of the spatial frequency plot reflected across the origin, with spatial frequency increasing in both directions from the origin.

Python Programming Language -- Official Website Jeremy's Picks - First, a few words on how commands make it to this list. Because there are so many commands, 10500+ as I write this, I don't have the time to review every command. I ignore all but the most frequently used commands, and even then only look at commands I judge to be useful, working correctly, and easy to use. If you have corrections or comments, post to the Yubnub Google group. Core Commands Search the Web Search for Images Making New Commands Encyclopedias Change the Behaviour of Yubnub Commands Movies Email Merchandise Unique and Powerful Blogs Maps Dictionaries Finance Translation Links Page Compression Weather Torrents News Parameterized Bookmarks Music Games Unique Searches Whois Programmer's Reference Bookmarks Telephone Core Commands: If you don't already know these, you need searches for commands. ge restricts the search to commands on the Golden Eggs tells you what they do.create makes a new command. Search the Web: Search for Images: Making New Commands: Encyclopedias:

Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal: biomimetics, architecture, biology, innovation inspired by nature, industrial design - Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal: biomimetics, architecture, biology, innovation inspired by nature, industrial desi TechCrunch

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