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Hypeness – Inovação e criatividade para todos.

Hypeness – Inovação e criatividade para todos.

Tiny Mechanical Insects Made of Watch Parts Chicago-based artist Justin Gershenson-Gates, aka A Mechanical Mind, creates tiny steampunk insects by carefully soldering together gears, springs, and other watch parts. The mechanical bugs, many of which Gershenson-Gates can balance on just his pinky finger, are miniature, multi-legged creatures that each take the artist several hours to complete. Like a robotic army of creepy crawlers, the metallic mites invoke a sense of mechanical technology come to life.

Cynthia Gyuru número 100 maio 2nd, 2013 by cynthia número 99 número 98 número 97 agosto 30th, 2012 by cynthia Man watches 296 TED Talks in a week. We ask him why. Chris Bailey runs the website A Year of Productivity, and watched 70 hours of TED Talks in a single week. He says, “Picking a TED Talk is like picking a song.” Chris Bailey might be the most productive man you’d ever hope to meet. At least, that’s his goal. In May of this year, he committed to a year-long project in which he would do anything and everything to make his life more efficient.

Remembering Steve Jobs Yesterday founder and driving force behind Apple, Steve Jobs died. Steve Jobs was a master marketeer, creating wants for products people didn’t even known they needed. He took good ideas and made them his own by making them better and more accesible. He brought rock and roll to the tech world. He gave us the iPod, iPhone and iPad. The Organic-Looking Synapse Bicycle by Cora Mar 29th 2011 04:48 AM Leave a comment Do you like this article? Hubless wheels are getting more an more popular, especially when it comes to innovative bike designs like that of the foldable racing bike concept by Allen Chester G. Zhang. Fitness@Work Office Chair Concept Lets You Get a Workout While You’re Working September 23rd, 2011 by Range We all know that sitting down for long hours in front of your computer isn’t that good for you, which is why Benjamin Cselley came up with this chair concept, that doubles as an exercise machine. It comes with built-in resistance handles and footrests to help stretch out your muscles. The Fitness@Work chair has an expanding base that will provide added extra stability when you are working out on it.

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