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Patrons PDF gratuits

Patrons PDF gratuits

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - school-age ponies Crochet Pattern for School-age Ponies: For the Standard Pony pattern, please go here. ***The school-age pony pattern has been translated into Dutch by ami fan - it can be found here.*** Pictures: They are designed to be to scale with the standard ponies - here's some photos showing both. (Ponies available on Etsy by the way, and custom pony orders welcome)If you would like to make these ponies to sell, I'm happy for you to do so!

Amigurumi free patterns Last week I introduced you to one piece doll. Flat face one as well. Even though there are endless possibilities to play with the basic pattern I have shared with you last week, for this week I have just made the clothes and hair for the same doll I made last week. By now you all know that I like to keep things simple, very simple when it comes on crocheting. This one is simple to make, but ended up with more than just few details to be made.

Patterns Here are some patterns of my original creations that I am providing for free :) Click on each project to see the blog post. Happy crocheting! 1) Chinese New Year Doll 2) Valentine Teddy Free crochet patterns Foundation Chain: Multiples of 8 + 2 Techniques used in this pattern (British term / American term): Chain stitch – ch Double crochet / Single crochet – dc / sc Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial Paper crafts: make a Panda Gift Candy Box tutorial In the summer times, let your kids make a special candy box, this crafts only needs paper Christmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorialChristmas craft ideas: paper snowflake flower tutorial Snowflake flower tutorial This snowflake is easy to do with the children. Will need: Paper, A4 or A5, scissors, glue and Paper craft: mother’s day card and canvas Paper craft: mother's day card and canvas Whoa. Mother's Day is definitely creeping up on us. Here are a few ideas. It's next Sunday people!!!

Pania the Amigurumi Turtle: Free Pattern Pania swam up to me one cold stormy day as I strolled along the shore. She was ever so tired of the wintry ocean and longed for the warmer seas. I suggested she spend the winter ashore in my warm cosy house, and she heartily agreed. Lovely Marie - KatiDCreations The idea for this beautiful doll came to me quite unexpectedly during the middle of a conversation while visiting with my mom. I seriously interrupted myself and started rambling on about the doll idea that just came to me. I have no clue where the idea came from but like so many of my projects I was very excited to get working on her. It was weird when the idea came to me I could see her clearly in my mind, how I wanted her to turn out exactly.

Lovely rabbit in crochet with standard - Crochet Designs Free I love crochet. See this lovely rabbit crochet for decoration or gift for the person you love, is not it beautiful? This free crochet project is simple and delicious to make, and the colors you choose. Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: Winding Lane Bracelet ~ Free Crochet Pattern with Video Tutorials It's May in Wisconsin - when winter plays tag with summer, and spring sits on the sidelines debating whether to join the game. After months of jackets and sweaters, we're longing to feel the sun on our skin, and any sunny day is an excuse for short sleeves. Bare arms mean bare wrists - and bare wrists cry out for bracelets. Fun little cottony warm-weather bracelets, stitched in a palette of spring colours and dotted with shining beads. Like these:

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