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Phonological Awareness « Telepsicologiainfantil Phonological Awareness Posted on Actualizado enn Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects the ability to learn to read, regardless of intelligence or level of education. The Ultimate Guide to French Regional Accents If you have ever traveled in France outside of Paris or watched a movie set in province, you might have noticed that a lot of French speakers do not quite sound like what you are used to. France is home to dozens of different regional accents, each linked to the culture and history of the area they originate from. Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about French regional accents! 1.

10 French Learning Websites Your Students Will Be Totally Stoked to Surf So, you’ve heard that websites can help students improve their French learning skills. Your colleagues might use them and constantly rave (read: brag) about how the students are so much more excited (and efficient, cooperative and self-sufficient) now that they have brought the internet to the classroom. Problem is, you’re not quite sure why or how it works. Fear not—we’ve got you covered. What Teachers Should Know About Students With Dyslexia Students with dyslexia face many challenges in the classroom, as do their teachers. Many teachers don’t know what to do for these students. I, myself have been one of these teachers. Since I began teaching, I have encountered many students with Dyslexia. When I attended a dyslexia training in 2004, I commented to the presenter that there were seven students in all of 2nd grade that had been diagnosed with dyslexia.

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