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Lesmé : Fiches métiers - Diplômes - Formations - Orientation en Ile-de-France - Accueil

Lesmé : Fiches métiers - Diplômes - Formations - Orientation en Ile-de-France - Accueil

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English Timeline This interactive timeline allows you to explore the evolution of English language and literature, from the 11th century to the present day. Scroll through decade by decade to investigate the richness and diversity of our poetry and prose, as well as the many social, cultural and political strands from which our language has been woven. The timeline includes a fascinating combination of texts: Anglo Saxon tales and medieval illuminations; iconic literary manuscripts and printed texts; as well as letters, newspapers, handbills, posters, charters, speeches and campaign leaflets. Launch the interactive Flash timeline above, or explore the collections within each of the centuries below. Beowulf, Anglo Saxon monsters & more...

20 Reasons You Shouldn’t Be a Freelancer We’ve all read countless articles on the reasons you should consider freelancing. They often make it out like anyone still working in the corporate world is just a schmuck with no ambition. But the truth is, there are plenty of reasons not to start freelancing. Technology adds to students’ math comprehension Studies show how visual learning tools can help students understand abstract ideas By Maya T. Prabhu, Assistant Editor Read more by Maya Prabhu

Web Surf with Purpose to Avoid Productivity Wipeout Anytime you work online, you risk productivity wipeout. With a world at your fingertips it’s hard to stop from clicking on links (upon links, upon links). Avoid throwing away your precious time by making every click of the mouse a purposeful one. In The Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith said: “It is purpose that created us, purpose that connects us, purpose that pulls us, that guides us, that drives us, that defines us, it is purpose that binds us.” Purpose is key to productivity.

What can I do with a major in... What can I do with a major in... Finally, a convenient website that helps you connect majors with careers. For each major that interests you, choose "either the PDF or HTML version" to find an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Choose "Links" to find a list of websites that provide information about listed majors and related careers. 5 Romances That Changed History - History Lists Cleopatra VII of Egypt is often remembered for her legendary powers of seduction and mastery at building shrewd alliances. Still, her final political and romantic partnership—with the Roman general Mark Antony—brought about the deaths of both lovers and toppled the centuries-old Ptolemaic dynasty to which she belonged. In 41 B.C., Antony took up the administration of Rome’s eastern provinces, and he summoned Cleopatra to answer charges that she had aided his enemies.

How I Made 6 Figures as a Freelance Writer in 2011 7inShare If you’re like me, shortly after 2011 ended you wondered: “How much did I earn from freelance writing this year?” Last year I did a marketing analysis…and this year I wanted to take it a step further and do an income analysis. Not because I dream of being inundated by people who’d like to sell me products and services because they think I’m rolling in dough (ha! three kids…college tuition…). 50 Tutorials to Help You Achieve E-Learning Awesomeness - Articulate – Word of Mouth Blog May272010 This guest blog entry was written by Articulate Community Manager Jeanette Brooks. Last week was a blast! We spent three jam-packed days at the ASTD international conference, sharing all sorts of e-learning tips & tricks to help Articulate users build awesome e-learning.

Ditch the Cover Letter When Applying For A New Job, No One Reads Them Anyway Kinja is in read-only mode. We are working to restore service. So, I'm actually interviewing candidates right now. Holland Code (RIASEC) Test This is an interactive version of the IIP RIASEC Markers Scales. Introduction The Holland Occupational Themes is a theory of personality that focuses on career and vocational choice. It groups people on the basis of their suitability for six different categories of occupations.

Storytelling on film Introduction Story is at the heart of any good film. Special effects, setting, stars – unless there is a good story to be told – are meaningless. Become A Freelancer - - Freelancers In The UK Print-friendly version Taking the plunge to shrug off the corporate cloak (it's cosy! It fits well! I've had it for years...) is becoming more and more common. It's not unusual to have several careers - "sunlighting" is the new moonlighting. Twenty-first century people aren't afraid of challenges, of stepping outside their comfort zones, of swapping lives.

Speed Reading Software and tools: Eyercize By using Eyercize you will: reduce eyestrainimprove your reading skillsget better gradesimprove your material retention Since talk is cheap let's get started and test drive our reading pacer. Reading is that one activity that we do every day but we don't really practice. Most people learn the basics of reading in kindergarten and never graduate to the next levels.