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Photograph by David Guttenfelder Under Stapleton’s leadership, Bouju and three fellow photographers at the Associated Press were awarded the 1995 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography for their coverage of the genocide. Bouju had been in the field the longest: he remained in Rwanda for six months, until he was relieved by a young freelance photographer from Iowa named David Guttenfelder. Continue reading the full story on National Geographic’s PROOF Blog.

» Magazine There is a feeling of wonderment that comes with opening a fresh new photography magazine. Imaginations run wild in anticipation of the little gems of knowledge and inspiration to come, knowing that at least one thing will help us to improve our craft (and experience) of making photographs. Delivered in PDF format, CLARITY is the first lifestyle eMagazine for photography enthusiasts at all levels of experience. In addition to rock-solid photographic education, CLARITY takes its readers “beyond the camera”, covering a range of important topics such as creative development, psychology of great imagery, post-processing, data backup and security, how to make the world a better place through your photography, and much more. CLARITY is published bi-monthly, in PDF format for maximum device compatibility. With CLARITY, you’ll discover:

ImfDiffusion Conditions of use Version dated 19 January 2012 Agence France-Presse (AFP) publishes a remote server called "ImageForum", which can be accessed at the following address: The server comprises in particular, but is not limited to, software, databases incorporated therein, graphics, texts, data (jointly referred to as the "Site") enabling access to AFP photographs, illustrations, still graphics and the related captions (hereinafter referred to as the "Content"). The Site and the Content included or accessible on and/or through the Site are the sole property of AFP, its subsidiaries or its partners (hereinafter referred to as its "Content Suppliers") and are protected by the applicable intellectual property legislations.

PhotoWings Here are some excerpts from this fascinating interview: Malcolm Daniel on our shared photographic heritage. From a historical standpoint, there are things to be learned from the past. From a more spiritual aspect, great works of art have the power to move us, whether they're made now or whether they were made 50 years ago, 100 years ago or 1,000 years ago or more. And so each time we lose something that has that power, we've lost an opportunity to be changed by it. Malcolm Daniel tells the story of his predecessor Maria Morris Hambourg's forthright job interview with Philippe de Montebello, then museum curator and director at The Met.

Deep Sleep Magazine - This Issue View Photo Stories > Underground. The insomniac metropolis, through tunnels, bunkers and silent spaces. An underground city where strangers press together driven by money or desire and masked faces conceal suburban secrets. Forgotten sub-cultures wrestle for identity; some go underground to become invisible, some to reveal a forbidden alter-ego.

Photo Booth April 16, 2014 Portfolio: Cathedrals of Ice This past February, thanks to an unusually cold winter, the sea caves along the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, in northern Wisconsin, were accessible by foot for the first time in five years. Visitors were able to walk two miles over the thick ice of Lake Superior to see the ice formations that run up the coastline. Erin Brethauer, a photographer living in North Carolina, visited the sea caves.

News & Reviews Installation view of Walead Beshty: Selected Bodies of Work, at Regen Projects. Photo by Brian Forrest, courtesy Regen Projects The Saturday after Walead Beshty’s exhibition Selected Bodies of Work opened at Regen Projects, the gallery experienced an electrical problem. Certain lights went down, and Beshty, who happened to be there, asked that all the lights be turned out until the problem could be fixed. Mrs. Deane : nothing is too amazing to be true non-digitally manip­u­lated hand print © Yaseen Al-Obeidy The Kuwait Weeks were born out of a con­ver­sa­tion I had with Kuwaiti pho­tog­ra­pher Mohammed Alk­ouh, who is cur­rently hav­ing a solo show at CAP Kuwait, which includes a num­ber of his recent stu­dio por­traits. We talked about his encoun­ters in the tra­di­tional por­trait stu­dios, which gave him the love for the hand-colored image, and how for him those pho­tographs, like real life instances of Oscar Wilde’s pic­tures of Dorian Gray, con­tained the pres­ence and the youth of a fam­ily mem­ber now in advanced age or even deceased. And how the vin­tage image has this mys­te­ri­ous time-warp qual­ity that we can­not shake off or stop being fas­ci­nated by — an addic­tion mer­ci­less tapped into and catered to by sev­eral online plat­forms, numer­ous photo books, col­lec­tions, some gal­leries, eBay sell­ers and auctioneers. Instal­la­tion view with self por­traits of Al-Obeidy over the years © Hes­ter Keijser

Resource Magazine Resource Magazine Jim Garner’s photo bag Celebrated wedding photographer Jim Garner opens his photo bag and tells us what he brings to the job. BAG: I exclusively use the BX2 pro shooting bag, which is part of Brenthaven’s newest camera bag line. The design was taken from our BODA line and has now been updated to better serve the active photographer. [...] April 21, 2014Resource MagazineTECH

Liz Kuball › Blog I know, I know, you’re up to your ears in Kickstarter emails from photographers, and I feel you, I really do. But this one is different. My little sister, Cara, is part of a group called the New Craft Artists in Action (NCAA), based in Boston. That’s them above (Cara is the cute one in the orange scarf). NCAA designs and makes basketball nets and installs them on public courts across the country where nets are missing. Here’s a pic of a net Cara designed. Musee Liz Sales ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Liz Sales is an artist, writer, and teacher with a BA from Evergreen State College and an MFA from ICP-Bard College. Her background as motion picture camera technician endorses her work, as she deals primarily with … An in-depth conversation between noted art historians and writers regarding one of the most significant photographic careers on the prolific Cindy Sherman Musée sat down with Emmanuel Fremin and Mary Nguyen to talk about their product Artstrong.

the photographic dictionary crew [kroo]–noun1. the fruit of any of various trees belonging to the genus Prunus, of the rose family, consisting of a pulpy, globular drupe enclosing a one-seeded smooth stone. cherry cher·ry [cher-ee]–noun1. the fruit of any of various trees belonging to the genus Prunus, of the rose family, consisting of a pulpy, globular drupe enclosing a one-seeded smooth stone. Spring–noun1. the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May and in the southern hemisphere from September to November. connection con·nec·tion [kuh-nek-shuhn] –noun1. a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else. cactus cac·tus [kak-tuhs]–noun1. any of numerous succulent plants of the family Cactaceae, of warm, arid regions of the New World, having fleshy, leafless, usually spiny stems, and typically having solitary, showy flowers.

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