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German For Beginners - A Free Online German Course

German For Beginners - A Free Online German Course

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German expressions around the Kartoffel - Deutsch HappenDeutsch Happen In two previous articles on Deutsch Happen I explained how, after some initial hesitance and lack of understanding, the potato made a triumphal arrival in Germany and is today one of the staple foods of Germans and integral part of their cuisine. Therefore, it is somewhat logical that there are also expressions and sayings in the German language that include the word Kartoffel. For example, someone with a big, round nose is sometimes called Kartoffelnase (f), or sometimes the nose is referred to as Knolle (f) or Knollennase (f), similar to conk in British English. All three are, of course, colloquial and not very nice expressions.

Språklärarnas riksförbund Allmä – svensk-tysk Perfekt – Här hittar ni både texter och hörövningar för olika nivåerToms Deutschseite – Diverse övningar (vokabulär, läsa, uttal mm)Goethe Institut – Goethes hemsida – här finns massor både för lärare och elever! – Deutsche Auslandsgesellschaft, erbjuder övningar, intressanta texter om språkliga fenomen LesenKindernetzNews 4 Kids – Kortfattade nyheter. På sidan finns även spel och andra lustigheter.Wo warst du? – Reisetipps von Experten.

Tips och idéer om hur man lär sig tyska Du behöver inte sitta och vänta på att din lärare ger dig en övningsuppgift. Öva dig själv redan nu. När jag har letat efter tyskaövningar på internet så har jag hittat mer material än man hinner med att använda. Den som jag tycker är bäst hittills är, som har ett stort antal övningar sorterade efter tema och svårighetsgrad. Det som är bra är att man får direkt feedback för varje fråga man besvarar. De har även en gratis app att ladda ner för alla som använder android. Free German Language Software LinguaSaver LinguaSaver is a Language ScreenSaver to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian or German vocabulary, words, phrases and conjugation forms. A perfect tool for anyone interested in becoming more familiar with a foreign language without having to dedicate much time or energy learning. The memorizing technique of LinguaSaver is based on relaxation and repetition, using the hypnotic power of a screensaver in a positive way, whenever you take a break on your computer.

Knowing in German — wissen vs. kennen « Marathon Sprachen : Understanding German One of the things that has made English such a powerful language is it’s simplicity. Many words carry numerous meanings, which allows English speakers to convey numerous ideas with very few words. German on the other hand goes for precision and a broader vocabulary is demanded. If we look at the English verb “to know” we see a great example of this. We can use “to know” to imply things that have been cognitively understood, people places and things that we are familiar with and established facts. Here is a little quiz: wissen or kennen?

German Words and Phrases 1. Basic Phrases Ich is not actually pronounced ikh, unless you are speaking a northern dialect of German. If you are speaking a southern dialect, then it is more like ish. Questions in an Envelope Here's another activity/technique I got from the World Language Academy I attended this summer! I already used it with my combined German 3/4 class and it worked out really well! Check out Slide 152 from the Power Point Presentation. If you're doing a communicative activity with partners or small groups, Questions in an Envelope is a way for you to help scaffold the activity for students who need a bit of extra help. Basically, you give students a topic to discuss. That's it... just a topic.

CFL Tyska 1 Einsendeaufgabe Din första insändningsuppgift består i att du dels ska skicka in din studieplan, dels ska skriva ner dina reflektioner kring vad det innebär att lära sig ett främmande språk – i det här fallet tyska. I Hinweise zum Kurs har du redan sett ett exempel på en studieplan. Site disciplinaire allemand de l'Académie de Montpellier - Enseigner en classe de 6e bi-langues allemand/anglais Aux éventuels utilisateurs et utilisatrices des imagiers : Dans nos classes bi-langues, nous utilisons les imagiers pour entraîner les élèves à l'apprentissage du lexique dans les deux langues. Afin de gagner du temps dans la fabrication et la personnalisation de ces imagiers, nous nous sommes constitué une banque en regroupant par thème des images dans les deux langues. Les imagiers bi-langues allemand/anglais présentés sur ce site ne doivent donc pas être considérés comme un produit fini.

How to learn German at home - A1 level - Toytown Germany Well,my mother tongue is Chinese and English is my second language. I also recommend Schritte Plus till A2/2. For higher level, B1/1 or more, you may need someone to explain the grammar concept. Yes, there is no translation between English and German. Learn 46 Languages Online for Free: Spanish, English & More Advertisement Get FREE Audio Books from and How to learn languages for free? This collection features lessons in 48 languages, including Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Italian, Russian and more. Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and you’re good to go.

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