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Romantic Comedies Guys Like - AllMovie

Romantic Comedies Guys Like - AllMovie
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Top 10 Well Written Adult Films Suggested by SMS As taboo as the Adult Entertainment Industry is considered, its revenue speaks volumes. It is one of the highest grossing industries in the country. Some even believe that it holds enough power to have decided the outcome between the Blu-Ray and HD DVD war to be on top. 10. “Brianna Love Jenna” was directed by Jay Grdina, stars Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks and was released in 2001. Plot: Obviously it centers around the love affair of Briana and Jenna. 9. “Behind the Green Door” was directed by Artie Mitchell and Jim Mitchell, stars Marilyn Chambers and was released in 1972. It begins with two truck drivers being asked to tell the story of the green door. This movie is said to be the first to ever feature an interracial scene and even boasts a facial shot that lasts for seven minutes in slow motion 8. “Space Nuts” was directed by Jonathon Morgan, stars Stormy Daniels and was released in 2003. 7. 6. 5. 4. Jenna is introduced after an accident kills someone close to her.

What I Did For Lloyd Two Valentine's Days ago, in the Style section, it was discussed at great length why women still think about Jake Ryan -- the cool-mannered, Porsche-driving, completely fictional hunk from the 1984 teen flick "Sixteen Candles." Then came the e-mail. Women (and some men) wrote in for months, mostly affirming this fantasy. One dreamer in Dallas talked about the lady down the street with toddler sons named Jake and Ryan. There was much linking and blogging. Even now, once in a while, Google will lead the Jakelorn our way. "But what about," she finally asked, "Lloyd Dobler?" Because, it turns out, for every one woman with a residual Jake Ryan thing there are maybe 100 with a persistent Lloyd Dobler fetish. Heaps of devotional words have been written about Lloyd Dobler. Anyhow, here is your sequel, '80s ladies: Lloyd Dobler rules over Jake Ryan. She is the smartest, perhaps prettiest girl in school, who is about to go to England on what in movieland passes for a Rhodes scholarship.

The Best DANCE Movies Ever! - a list by cala708 How to Have Better Conversations Some time back I noticed two things: I enjoy good conversationsI want to have more good conversations Nothing revolutionary, but because of those things, I started thinking more about conversation and how to improve it. These are some reasons that people converse: Conversation brings back memories from your own life.It validates your experiences and opinions and makes you feel understood and accepted.It gives you knowledge about a subject you’re interested in. While most of these are valid reasons to have conversation, they don’t directly indicate what makes a good conversation. You didn’t feel listened to. – Message from Certkiller– Download cissp dumps to guarantee Pass ccna 640-802 exams! Knowing what makes conversation good and bad, we can draw some conclusions about what to do in order to have a good conversation. Don’t be selfish. Technorati Tags: conversation, learning, life, lifehacks, lists

SEXUAL AWAKENINGS - a list by glowinthedarkscars 10 Types of Women You Need to Avoid | American Inventor Spot Did you ever notice that there are a lot of dolls out there? And that many times they are often times used as role models for little girls? Well, we are all familiar with the good old Barbie doll with her long blond hair, her permanent smile and mile long legs. She’s been around forever inspiring young girls to be perky and buxom. In my search for the wacky, I have come across quite a collection of weird dolls. All these weird dolls are just like the women in my life. So here are my picks for the 10 Types of Women You Need to Stay Away From: 10. You know the type. She’s the woman who had her whole life laid out like clockwork and with a timeline to give her the perfect life, only to find she hasn’t met the perfect man and her biological clock is counting down in seconds. You know she’s going to suddenly discover as soon as she’s married and gotten the two kids that you are a stinker…but now, you’re going to have to deal with her the rest of your life. 9. 8. 7. 6. You know the type? 5. 4.

Top 20 Unintentionally Gay Movies - a list by darkhood Internet Dating Stories: The good, the bad, and the... OH MY GOD! What were they thinking?! The 7 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Movies of the Decade RiffTrax are hilarious movie commentaries written and performed by the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000, the TV show that taught many a Cracked writer how to speak smartass. As a sign of our gratitude, we offered them the chance to do our jobs for us for the day. At RiffTrax, we spend a lot of time watching bad movies and making them funny, because we're big fans of laughing, and also making ourselves suffer. There are many breeds of bad movie. #7. The lovely ladies of Sex and the City have baked you a tasty gourmet cupcake! Much like the title of this movie. Sex and the City 2 is such a shocking misfire that it is almost literally impossible to watch it without scrunching up your face and backing up a few inches from your television. It's not very good. Spot the camel. Oh, all the main characters are back. Above: The gang is rescued by Sarah Jessica Parker's parents. For all others, I believe you'll enjoy surgery on that bone spur in your foot more than this film. #6. Yep. #5. #4.

Please help me silence my nosy relatives and friends I've recently turned 28, and am still unmarried. For various reasons, I would prefer to stay single. However, my extended family has other ideas I'm originally from the Indian Subcontinent, so family is a big part of my life. There are also have friends who are basically like family to my mom and dad. The real reason I have no desire to get married is because I have not seen very many happy marriages in my life. I obviously don't want to tell my family any of this, but still want to politely communicate that it will be a long while before I'll be married, if at all. Thanks for any help you can offer, MeFi'ers.