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ClearBits™ - BitTorrent Distribution of Open Licensed Media

ClearBits™ - BitTorrent Distribution of Open Licensed Media
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The Free Speech Critique of Copyright Mistake Did you hear that Florida just outlawed sex? This was pointed out by Southern Fried Scientist, after reading of a Florida bill that prohibits “knowing sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal.” Humans are, after all, animals, so by definition, Florida has just made normal sexual relations a crime. Obviously, that’s not what happened. As Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog points out, “A court facing a question of interpreting the statute would almost certainly read the statute’s use of the term ‘animals’ as ‘non-human animals,’ both to avoid absurdity and to conform with (1) the intent of the drafters; (2) the purpose of the statute; and (3) a commonly used (if scientifically inaccurate) understanding of the term ‘animal’ to exclude humans.” But it does provide a good example of language in the law. Underneath the veneer of the plain meaning of language in law is a mass of complex and sometimes inscrutable precepts. Law professor Frederick Schauer describes this better than I do:

CASH Music — Découvrez de la nouvelle musique Creative Commons Many fantastic CC record labels already release and curate free music, making my job of creating an end-of-year list easy. I also browsed various CC music communities to end up with the following, somewhat eclectic, mix. If you're a west coast transplant like myself, this might be perfect for the east-to-west cross country flight home for the holidaze. It's definitely not exhaustive, so enjoy, but be sure to check out all the other great artists and tracks on FMA. By the way, the world of free and open music is made possible by Creative Commons licenses, which are developed, supported, and stewarded by Creative Commons — an actual nonprofit organization! Happy holidays!

Audio CC Malaysia, where are we now? A mixtape, open data and more CC Malaysia Mixtape 2015 by Muid Latif under CC BY NC ND A guest post by CC Malaysia Lead, Muid Latif. In the recent years, Malaysia has been more active in adopting open culture. For example, last December I had the chance to approach several local musicians and producers who are familiar with Creative Commons licenses on SoundCloud to find out if they were keen to have their music under a CC license. Our community also wants to play a greater role in open data. In this context, I have recently had the chance to contact the founder of the Big Data Malaysia network, Tirath Ramdas, about his view on open data here in Malaysia and concerns about citizen engagement. In the near future, we would love to see Malaysia join the Open Government Partnership (OGP), following the Big Data Analytics Framework goal to have the framework ready by the end of this year and in line with the Digital Malaysia 354 Roadmap (DM354 Roadmap).

opsound: free love, free music The Quiet Revolution in Open Learning - Commentary By Kevin Carey In the late days of March 2010, Congressional negotiators dealt President Obama's community-college reform agenda what seemed like a fatal blow. A year later, it appears that, remarkably, the administration has fashioned the ashes of that defeat into one of the most innovative federal higher-education programs ever conceived. Hardly anyone has noticed. Obama originally called for $12-billion in new spending on community-college infrastructure and degree completion. Two days later, negotiators found $2-billion. Then, the Education and Labor Departments decided to do something highly uncharacteristic of large federal bureaucracies: They began to talk. The concept is simple: Community colleges that compete for federal money to serve students online will be obliged to make those materials—videos, text, assessments, curricula, diagnostic tools, and more—available to everyone in the world, free, under a Creative Commons license. That still leaves the problem of credit.

Creative Commons Music - Josh Woodward 10 juin 2011 : Rencontre exeptionnelle entre Richard Stallman et Albert Jacquard - Libre.Accès. "L’association LIBRE ACCES et Jacques Boutault, le Maire du 2 arrondissement organisent le 10 juin 2011 une rencontre entre Richard Stallman et Albert Jacquard autour de la préservation des biens communs cognitifs, de 19h00 à 21h00, en Mairie du 2ème arrondissement de Paris, au 8 rue de la banque 75002. La rencontre est publique, et n’exige pas de réservation préalable. Accueil par Jérémie Nestel, président de LIBRE ACCES" et Jacques Boutault , le Maire. Il s’en suivra un dialogue entre Richard Stallman et Albert Jacquard autour de la "gauche d’auteur", des biens communs cognitifs et de leurs préservations M. M. Cette rencontre sera modérée par Jean-Pierre Archambault, CNDP-CRDP de Paris Albert Jacquard, né à Lyon le 23 décembre 1925, est un scientifique et essayiste français. Richard Matthew Stallman (né à Manhattan, le 16 mars 1953), connu aussi sous les initiales RMS, est un programmeur et militant du logiciel libre.

Netlabels : Free Music : Free Audio by Torn Flesh Records EXPLORE Torn Flesh Records CATALOG Welcome to Torn Flesh Records - Netlabel. This is the Id of Your Musical Psyche. Torn Flesh Records (TFR) is here for the promotion and support of the underground music scene. Music for music, not for some guest spot on a mediocre talk show exploiting subpar talent so some moron can respectfully own a cd. Please visit for our latest releases. by netwaves netwaves is a concept consisting of different projects: - netwaves is the weekly radio show/podcast/stream/compilation of fresh, free music, picked from the parallel universe of netlabels ; the podcast specializes in electronic music of all kinds, from 8bit over electro to indietronic; all free music with CC license - netwaves.bpm is the deejay division of netwaves with lots of mixes and live shows - netwaves records  releases compilations of netlabel tunes - Kopiefeest (2009) was the... by MyDuck666 Sirona is an underground netlabel based in France. by Treetrunk