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OpenAsk Gratis Speicherplatz - Anbieter von kostenlosem Online-Speicherplatz - Online-Speicher Hier einige empfehlenswerte Anbieter von kostenlosem Online-Speicher. Gegen monatliche Gebühr bieten alle (außer Skydrive) mehr Speicherplatz und/oder zusätzliche Funktionen: Adrive: In der kostenlosen Basic-Version können Sie 50 GB an Dateien online speichern. Verschlüsselung wird nicht angeboten. Einzelne Dateien lassen sich für andere freigeben. Windows Live SkyDrive: Microsoft bietet 25 GB Online-Speicher kostenlos. Humyo: Bei diesem Anbieter ist der Speicherplatz geteilt - 5 GB stehen für Musik-, Video- und Fotodateien zur Verfügung, weitere 5 GB für andere Dateitypen Gigabank: Bei Gigabank werden die hochgeladenen Dateien verschlüsselt, wenn Sie zum Upload die kostenlose Software des Anbieters nutzen. 1&1: Der Provider stellt Kunden seiner DSL-HomeNet-Tarife satte 1.000 GB, also 1 TB Online-Speicher kostenlos zur Verfügung. DriveonWeb: DriveonWeb können Sie bis zu 6 Monate kostenlos nutzen. Lesen Sie in diesem Beitrag Videos zum Thema Update für Windows 8.1 im Video vorgestellt

BitTorrent FAQ and Guide Welcome! If you are new to BitTorrent, this site should help clear up a lot of commonly asked questions. If you would like to contribute a question (and presumably the answer as well), please use the contact page and send me a note. Disclaimer: I am a Windows user, and so by default the answers will tend to apply to Windows if not otherwise stated. Alternative Site This FAQ is also available in a different form at . Table Of Contents Use these links to jump to specific parts of this document, or just page down if you'd prefer to browse the whole thing. What is BitTorrent? How does BitTorrent compare to other forms of file transfer? Where can I download the BitTorrent program? What other BitTorrent-related utilities are out there? I've installed BitTorrent, now what? I just installed BitTorrent but whenever I click on a link I just get a small file and nothing happens? What is this Mandrake thing I'm invited to download after BitTorrent? How do I uninstall BitTorrent? What is seeding?

Firefox Extension for uTorrent WebUI The uTorrent WebUI can be used to access uTorrent from an external computer. This also opens the possibility to handle your torrents from your browser window. We've discovered a Firefox extension that makes using the WebUI a lot easier. The Firefox extension for uTorrent allows you to drag and drop .torrent links onto the WebUI window and shows the current upload and download speed in the status bar. The upload and download speed remains visible if you close the WebUI screen. In order to use the Firefox extension you need to install the WebUI, and have uTorrent up and running. WebUI in the Firefox sidebar & torrent speed indication in the taskbar You can use the Alt+U shortcut to show and hide the sidebar window, and try adding some torrents by dragging links to .torrent file onto the WebUI screen. You might also want to take a look at the Google Homepage widget for the uTorrent WebUI if you’re interested in more uTorrent gadgets.

Top 10 Websites to Convert Text to Speech Online for Free Like to convert some text to speech in MP3 or other audio formats? Check out below top 10 websites, which will let you do that online for free, nothing to be installed. ABC2MP3 lets you convert up to 2,000 characters per time, there are 4 voices for your choice, the converted speech will be downloaded in MP3 format. Email address is required to receive the recording. Go to ABC2MP3 2. The audio format can be wav, sun, aiff or ulaw, and there are 12 audio voices for your choice. Go to Festvox 3. On HearWho, you can convert text to speech in MP3 format with 500 characters per time for free account, and you can add more voices after registration. Go to HearWho 4. iSpeech You can convert your blog posts to audio files in MP3 format with iSpeech, and the audio files can be downloaded, embedded or shared easily. Go to iSpeech 5. Pediaphon will read out the Wikipedia for you, you just need to input the search item. Go to PedioPhon 6. Go to SpokenText 7. Go to Text to Speech 8. vozMe Go to vozMe 9. 10.

The Young Lady’s Post-Punk Handbook, Volumes 1-3 01 [00:00] Laurie Anderson – “Example #22″ (‘Big Science,’ 1982) 02 [02:48] Delta 5 – “Innocenti” (‘See the Whirl,’ 1981) 03 [04:54] The Go-Go’s – “Automatic” (‘Beauty & The Beat,’ 1981) 04 [07:40] Raincoats – “Red Shoes” (‘Odyshape,’ 1981) 05 [10:28] X – “The Once Over Twice” (‘Wild Gift,’ 1981) 06 [13:01] Flying Lizards – “Her Story” (‘Flying Lizards,’ 1979) 07 [17:17] Jane Hudson – “Mystery Chant” (‘Flesh,’ 1983) 08 [21:00] Crass – “Smother Love” (‘Penis Envy,’ 1981) 09 [22:46] Blondie – “Heart of Glass” (‘Parallel Lines,’ 1978) 10 [27:17] Sonic Youth – “I Dreamed I Dream” (‘Sonic Youth’ EP, 1982) 11 [31:55] Selecter – “On My Radio” (‘Too Much Pressure,’ 1980) 12 [34:54] Marine Girls – “A Place in the Sun” (‘Lazy Ways,’ 1983) 13 [37:26] Lizzy Mercier-Descloux – “Funky Stuff” (‘Mambo Nassau,’ 1981) 14 [41:34] Weekend – “Nostalgia” (‘La Varieté,’ 1982) [Total Time: 45:18] Download here. 01 [00:00] Family Fodder – “Savoir Faire” (Monkey Banana Kitchen, 1980) [Total Time: 45:10] Download here .

Ten Most Used BitTorrent Sites Compared When I first began to use BitTorrent in 2004 there was little question as to which indexing site to use. Today, Suprnova is long gone and we are left with an array of diverse options. This is a comparison of today's ten most used BitTorrent sites according to Ten Most Used BitTorrent Sites: I was rather surprised with these results, BTJunkie has nearly double the amount of torrents as the next leading competitor. BitTorrent. search engine is operated by the founder of the BitTorrent protocol, Brah Cohen. BushTorrent & was surprised to find out these two sites shared the same index and operator. in early 2004, this site flourished at the demise of Suprnova. basic site heavily integrated with usenext advertisements. is the most popular BitTorrent site.

G3 Torrent 55 Great Websites To Download Free Sound Effects | Tools Imagine a movie or video without sound effects. Even a magnificent film like Titanic would look nothing more than a joke if there are no ‘Wham’, ‘Bam’ and ‘Smash’ sounds in it. Background music and sound effects are important for making a video (or even an audio production) engaging and in its full essence. There are thousands of online resources to download sound effects, however, not all of them can offer you high-quality material that’s also free. Read also: This platform offers more than seven thousand CC-licensed sounds and loops, which are divided into categories like drum loops, synth loops, midi files, etc. Login to download: Not Required.Licence type: Varies, check with each clip.Seach feature: No. SoundBible A superb site for downloading sounds, SoundBible, offers royalty-free sound effects that you can use commercially in movies, games, and other projects. Login to download: Not Required.Licence type: Varies, check with each clip.Seach feature: Yes. ZapSplat Freesound

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