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Torrent Invites! Get your free private torrent tracker invites ! Earth's Biggest BitTorrent Database. The Best site for your Torrent appetite. LibriVox. ABTorrents – A Great Audio Book Torrent Site. Torrent sites that track audio books are not new to this blog – we’ve already covered some leading names in this niche such as My Anonamouse, Bibliotik and CatTorrent.

ABTorrents – A Great Audio Book Torrent Site

Anyways here’s a promising new specialized private tracker that caters for audiobooks and audiobooks only; ABTorrents. ABTorrents tracks a wide range of content including fiction, children’s books, adult novels, science fiction and books relating to many other topics - mostly non educational content. After entering the BitTorrent arena several months ago back in 2009, ABTorrents has recorded some impressive growth. The site has built both a strong enough community and a rich torrent index and shows signs of becoming another BitTorrent success story. Audio Book Bit Torrent. Books Audio books Torrents - Torrent Downloads Bittorrent download source!

THE source for BitTorrent & P2P Tips, Tricks and Info. Here’s a list of some common methods for finding eBooks and audiobooks on various P2P networks and protocols. An eBook, or Electronic book (sometimes spelled “E-Book”), is simply a book, magazine, manual etc. that has been released to digital format. They take many forms, such as *.PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files, *.CHM (similar to a Windows ‘help’ file), *.LIT files (Microsoft Reader) or just plain text files (ASCII).

Usually when a book or magazine is converted to these formats (except ASCII), it is professionally done in deliberate support of the program that is opening it, making the reading experience far more enjoyable that reading it in a text editor like Notepad. An audiobook is a book that has been professionally narrated and saved to digital format. Retail audiobooks are normally found in the form of CD media to be enjoyed in any compact disk player. Free Audiobook Torrents, Download Unabridged Audio Books. Speckly - torrent search simplified.