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WWII in HD — Inside WWII — Interactive Games, Maps and Timelines

WWII in HD — Inside WWII — Interactive Games, Maps and Timelines

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A More Perfect Union One of the most revolutionary aspects of the Constitution is “federalism,” the innovative system which created a strong national government while at the same time preserving much of the independence of the states. This delicate balance of power, seemingly hard-wired for disagreement and conflict, has served America well for more than two centuries. But it has also led to tensions throughout American history and still sparks controversy today. Peter Sagal travels across the country and meets many who believe that the federal government has grown too big, and assumed more power than the framers intended. He’ll talk to a Montana gun rights advocate, who believes federal firearms regulations are taking away his constitutional rights, and to the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland which is legal according to the state of California, but for which he could be subject to the death penalty according to federal law.

Yevdokiya Zavaliy: the Heroine of WWII The life story and military feats of an incredible woman, Yevdokiya Zavaliy, the only female commander of the platoon of marines during WWII. Yevdokiya Zavaliy was born on May 28, 1926 in a small village located in the Nikolayev Region, Ukraine. Before the war, she worked on a farm. That’s how the war began for her. “It was the 25th of July. I suddenly saw 4 black spots in the sky over our village and understood these were landing troops!

List of common misconceptions From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This incomplete list is not intended to be exhaustive. This list corrects erroneous beliefs that are currently widely held about notable topics. untry Profiles - Global Guide to Culture, Customs and Etiquette Understanding other people's languages, cultures, etiquettes and taboos is of great value to the traveller or visiting business person. Scroll down the page for information on a selected number of countries. Topics include language, useful phrases, the society, culture, business and social etiquettes.

Teaching History With Film: 'Lincoln', 'Argo' and 'Zero Dark Thirty' DreamWorks Pictures and 20th Century FoxDaniel Day-Lewis in Steven Spielberg’s film “Lincoln.” Three of this year’s Oscar contenders — “Lincoln,” “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty” — invite viewers to look at history, either through the lens of the distant past (as in the case of “Lincoln”) or through recent events (like “Zero Dark Thirty”), and to question the degree of truth and fiction at work in the retelling of these events. These same three movies have also prompted some serious debate and reflection on American politics, and the direction the nation should be headed. Below, we offer ways you can approach each film in the classroom, with critical thinking questions and related Times resources. While they are intended as jumping-off points for further discussion and reflection, you can also have students address these themes by writing their own movie reviews or scene analyses. Ways to Approach:

Siege of Petersburg: The City and Citizens Were Impacted from the Start The Reverend John Miller ascended the pulpit at the second Presbyterian Church in Petersburg, Virginia, one Sunday in June 1864 and began a prayer. 'Almighty Father we are assembled to worship Thee in the presence of our enemies, had just passed his lips when a Federal shell crashed through the wall of the sanctuary. Life for the reverend and his flock had changed forever. Before the war, and before the war literally fell into their laps, the members of Second Presbyterian and their fellow Petersburgers knew life in a prosperous, cosmopolitan city that was just as sophisticated as its neighbor Richmond. Petersburg boasted a municipal water system, four volunteer fire companies, gas-fueled streetlights, and brick sidewalks. Some of the grocers and many of the employees of the railroad and tobacco factories were free blacks.

Super Creative Sites That Will Kick You In The Gut and Keep You Coming Back For More The following is my top 7 list of odd, zany, emotional websites that will kick you in the gut and keep you coming back for more. These kinds of sites are consistently most inspiring to me. They have the raw emotion that I crave and feed off daily. Both the concept and content of all these sites are creative. I hope you agree… PostSecret

THE MADMAN AT THE BREAKFAST TABLE HITLER WAS EVEN SICKER THAN YOU THOUGHT | November 7th 2007 The Nazi leader wanted to control the world, but he couldn't even control his own digestion, and nor could his half-baked doctor, writes Tony Perrottet, adding perhaps a touch more detail than you might think appropriate ... From THE SMART SET It may sound like a Woody Allen scenario, but medical historians are unanimous that Adolf was the victim of uncontrollable flatulence.