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Apprendre le francais avec le cinema francais - Isabelle Servant

Apprendre le francais avec le cinema francais - Isabelle Servant

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Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop Workshop 1. Meaningful Interpretation This session looks at how the interpretation of texts (including documents, paintings, movies, audio recordings, and more) can go beyond literal comprehension and tap into students' background knowledge while fostering critical-thinking skills. Go to this unit. Workshop 2. Person to Person Focusing on interpersonal communication, session participants discuss how students use language to make themselves understood and to understand others. The session also explores how different teaching approaches encourage or discourage meaningful student interaction.

MmeThomas-French - EXTRA Series Videos Skip to main content Make the most out of any wiki by using our free sister product, Blendspace by TES, to create interactive lessons and presentations! guest Join | Help | Sign In MmeThomas-French Home King Cake Recipe - French Galette des Rois This yummy galette des rois is the French version of a king cake recipe. It goes together easily and would make a fun party cake. Usually the galette is served only for a short period of time after Christmas, but I won't tell if you make it another time of the year!

Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices 1. Introduction to the Library This program provides an overview of the entire library, with suggestions for use in professional development settings. Go to this unit. 2. Teaching film Why film? Film, le septième art, has long held a high status within French culture. It is worth incorporating in an A-level course for several reasons. First, it is one way of becoming more closely acquainted with French-speaking culture. Second, films are an excellent source of authentic listening material. Thirdly, students who are going on to study modern languages at university will feel better prepared for the study of film at that level.

Les madeleines-interpretive reading.docx Le gâteau, trempé dans une tasse de thé, devient brusquement déclencheur non du simple souvenir, mais du fait de revivre quelques instants une scène de son enfance. Marcel Proust.” À la recherche du temps perdu” In In Search of Lost Time (known as À la recherche du temps perdu,), author Marcel Proust uses madeleines to contrast involuntary memory with voluntary memory. The Best French Movies to Improve Your Understanding Watching movies in their original format (without dubbing) has proven to be a remarkably fun and effective way to improve your foreign language skills. We’ve written before on the best movies to watch for learning Spanish. So many people requested a similar list for French that we decided to come up with our top 5 movies that will help you learn. Remember that, in principle, the most effective way is to:

9 Great Channels to Learn French on YouTube Isn’t YouTube a destination for mindless distractions? Actually, YouTube is also home to thousands of free YouTube videos trying to do exactly that: teach you French. But this leads to another challenge. The quality of the lessons can vary a lot. You have to spend a ton of time sorting out the best YouTube channels, especially if you’re a beginner. L'école en France Bonjour bonjour ! In France, a quarter of the population is in the education system ; public instruction is compulsory and free of charge up until 16 years old, and heavily subsidized for higher education. But it doesn’t mean it has to make sense, though…

The best resources and tools to Learn French On this page, you’ll find our list of online resources for learning French. The different sites are broken down into categories for easier browsing. Simply click on one of the main links (like “podcasts”) to view numerous resources. Happy Learning! General Learning (online courses, general sites, blogs…)^ Français Authentique (literally “Authentic French”) is a very popular website for French learners where you can find many resources (videos, podcasts, lessons…) to learn and improve your French skills.

The best podcasts for learning French Photo: Cam Evans The best 7 podcasts for learning French In part 1 of this series, I gave you a list of blogs that have some great French language content to help you learn the language in a fun way. Now, it’s time to look at some podcasts for learning French. I don’t know about you, but I love using podcasts for language learning. They’re a very flexible way of learning languages because you can listen to them anywhere – on your way to school or work, on your lunch break, while washing up or doing other things around the house, or simply while relaxing on the sofa or outdoors.