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Federated & Metasearch Engines

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Yometa Visual Search Engine, Search the Web Faster. Metasearch Search Engine - Trovando. Goofram - Search Google and Wolfram Alpha at the same time! MyAllSearch. BuzzSumo. Meltwater IceRocket. UnaBot. VROOSH! iZito. Qksearch: Fast metasearch engine with 3-in-1 web search. Qrobe - private search engine.

GoKookyGo Metasearch. Mamma. - Search the Web. InfoSpace. WebCrawler Web Search. Dolar.

Clustering Search Engines

Monster Crawler Search Engine. Metasearch. Search Socially with Search Engines:Federated. Zuula Search. Dogpile Web Search. Ixquick Search Engine. Metasearch Search Engine -

DuckDuckGo !Bang. Search-22 - Internet Search Engines.