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Data Mining, Data Science et Big Data Analytics

Data Mining, Data Science et Big Data Analytics

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10 Best Node.js Frameworks For Developers With the coming of Node.js, JavaScript has come to the forefront. It is bound to happen since it is already a well-known programming language used by developers in browsers. And, with Node.js, it has found a way to server-side implementation thus reducing the complexity of using two different languages at both ends. Today, Node.js offers one of the most innovative solutions to building servers and web/mobile applications. Its single-threaded event looping and asynchronous, non-blocking input/output processing feature distinguishes it from other runtime environments.

5 Annoying Trends That Make Every Movie Look the Same Hollywood: the dream factory, the place where joy is made and everybody craps rainbows and cocaine. But underneath the glitz is a bunch of working stiffs who are either just trying to get the job done, or hacks who get their original ideas by ripping off other hacks. That's why these days... #5. Movies are Color-Coded by Genre Have You Ever Noticed:

dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library dc.js - Dimensional Charting Javascript Library dc.js is a javascript charting library with native crossfilter support and allowing highly efficient exploration on large multi-dimensional dataset (inspired by crossfilter's demo). It leverages d3 engine to render charts in css friendly svg format. Charts rendered using dc.js are naturally data driven and reactive therefore providing instant feedback on user's interaction.

22 free tools for data visualization and analysis You may not think you've got much in common with an investigative journalist or an academic medical researcher. But if you're trying to extract useful information from an ever-increasing inflow of data, you'll likely find visualization useful -- whether it's to show patterns or trends with graphics instead of mountains of text, or to try to explain complex issues to a nontechnical audience. There are many tools around to help turn data into graphics, but they can carry hefty price tags. The cost can make sense for professionals whose primary job is to find meaning in mountains of information, but you might not be able to justify such an expense if you or your users only need a graphics application from time to time, or if your budget for new tools is somewhat limited. If one of the higher-priced options is out of your reach, there are a surprising number of highly robust tools for data visualization and analysis that are available at no charge.

Gartner - Magic Quadrants Positioning Technology Players Within a Specific MarketWhich are the competing players in the major technology markets? How are they positioned to help you over the long haul? A Gartner Magic Quadrant is a culmination of research in a specific market, giving you a wide-angle view of the relative positions of the market's competitors. Creating a Single Page Todo App with Node and Angular Free Course Getting Started with Angular 2 Angular 2 is the shiny new framework that comes with a lot of new concepts. Learn all the great new features. Updated April 12, 2016: Updating dependencies Kdenlive tutorial - color correction suite Good photography doesn't just happen. Careful attention to lens settings, depth-of-field charts, and lighting will produce quality images but even those, since the days of the earliest photography, have been taken into the darkroom and adjusted. Read the other parts in this series: Part 1: Introduction to Kdenlive Part 2: Advanced editing technique Part 3: Effects and transitions Part 5: All about audioPart 6: Workflow and conclusion Kdenlive's color correction suite easily rivals any professional video editing application and in many ways surpasses the basic tools often found in the expensive industry application. Let's look at the typical workflow of color correction, and then the tools.

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Playlist: 6 beautiful talks by data artists In the information age we have access to more data and knowledge than at any previous point in human history. But more accessible data doesn’t necessarily mean more processable data — tax returns, court cases and newspaper archives may be available to the public, but they are often hard to interpret and understand. Data artists process this mess of information for us and break it down into comprehensible pieces, often enhancing it by placing it in deeper contexts and by finding surprising patterns. The designers and artists below are on the cutting edge of this work, experimenting with new technologies to take numbers and facts and turn them into beautiful multimedia works of art and knowledge. Microsoft BI Books « Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Microsoft BI Books Analysis Services (SSAS) Books, including Data Mining, MDX & OLAP Integration Services (SSIS) Books including ETL Reporting Services (SSRS) Books

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