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The Brainstormer - The Brainstormer by Andrew Bosley

The Brainstormer - The Brainstormer by Andrew Bosley
The Brainstormer9/16/13: Brainstormer Facebook Page Read reviews of the app and see what others are doing with the Brainstormer! Visit, "like it", and pass it along! 9/16/13: More wheels! When I was in school at SJSU, studying visual development and illustration, I was always trying to give myself little concept projects to keep myself sharp and thinking. Related:  Creativity

Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity! Portfolio Nanda Riezebos by Nanda Riezebos - van Rheenen on Prezi Write or Die 2 slender The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator You're the Inspiration... Several years ago, I saw a random paring generator on a friend's website, and thought it was neat, but wanted something a little less specific for my own use, since I liked to choose my own pairing. I created The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator, with input from ElmyraEmilie to generate writing exercises to inspire our writing muses. The premise is that each prompt included a technical parameter (such as pov, word length or writing time), a writing style or character type parameter, and a word or phrase for inspiration. Any parameter was subject to inspiration, of course, as the object was merely to get writing. In most of the generators, prompts are not fandom related so that they can be used with any fandom, or for original writing. The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generators are based on the random pairing Generator by Glowstick Chick (and tweaked by others, including docmichelle - her version is here)

300+ Mind Expanding Documentaries Source: | Original Post Date: January 12, 2014 – I watch a lot of documentaries. I think they are incredible tools for learning and increasing our awareness of important issues. The power of an interesting documentary is that it can open our minds to new possibilities and deepen our understanding of the world. On this list of mind expanding documentaries you will find different viewpoints, controversial opinions and even contradictory ideas. Watching documentaries is one of my favorite methods of self-education. I hope you find these documentaries as enlightening as I did! [1] Life In The Biosphere Explore the wonder and interconnectedness of the biosphere through the magic of technology. 1. [2] Creativity and Design: Learn about all the amazing things that people create with their imaginations. 1. [3] The Education Industrial Complex: The modern school where young minds are moulded into standardized citizens by the state. 1. [4] The Digital Revolution: 1. 1. [6] Politics: 1.

Brainstorming by Lateef Eversley on Prezi Yarny ExplodingTNT - Minecraft ►HOPE YOU ENJOY! Can we get 20,000 likes?!? :D►Want to support my videos & act in videos? Go here: to be a part of the videos! Villagers have always had their arms connected together, but we never got a real reason as to why that's the case... well here is the reason to why Villagers cannot move their arms. Make sure to leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE If you haven't already :D Leave suggestions for future videos as well if you have any! Thank you to the actors: ryantenerelli, rymelm1, Ramphase, Macalicious, daaxeMC, Gameroft Thanks to the supporters: DieInDark, magerlum1, Caked_, olgkd123, jzth3man, Mikey_MC, rymelm1, Gary1017, MasterChiky, TheMoltonGuyfrom So this is 100% what went down back when villagers were first created...

Writing & Blogging Prompts, Story Topic Generators, Photo Inspiration Writing : Creative Writing & Blogging Prompts Topic Starters, Picture Prompts, and Thought-Provoking Questions for You to Answer "The best learning comes in the doing, and writing from prompts engenders doing."— Judy Reeves Many writers and bloggers seek out articles, prompts, and story starters to get their creative juices flowing. We've also listed recommended resources outside of our domain featuring more free writing prompts, story starters, daily writing exercises, visual art prompts, and writing topic generators. Writing & Photo Prompts, Tools, & Generators on Creativity Portal "Novels, short stories, flash fictions, memoirs, personal narrative and creative nonfiction, even poetry — all have found publication from their start as writing prompts." — Judy Reeves Take Ten for Writers Exercises Get creative with these exercises from Bonnie Neubauer's Take Ten for Writers! Brickstorming Your Legacy Brick What would you write on your legacy brick in 3 lines with 14 characters each?

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