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Hey Jude by Lyrical Flowcharts

Hey Jude by Lyrical Flowcharts

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CMYK and The Four Seasons of Vivaldi | Yatzer™ Image Courtesy of Mot studio Her name is Laia Clos and after receiving her first degree in History of Art from the University of Barcelona she moved on to study Graphic Design at the Escola Massana. Graduating in 1997, she begun her professional experience, first with Compañía General de Ideas and later at the studio Enric Jardí. In 2006 she opened her own studio - ‘Mot’ and today she is teaching design at the Escola Eina - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona - and is a board member of the ADG FAD. One of Clos' latest projects is called "Lesquatrestacions" - otherwise 'The Four Seasons' - and refers to the musical composition of the Italian 18th century composer, Antonio Vivaldi. To create 'Lesquatrestacions', Mot studio designed a prototype - 'SisTeMu' - a graphic notation system which looks at interpreting musical texture." Each of the four posters is the entire translation of one concerto – one season – played by the lead violin. sources: Mot studio

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Sing2Learn on the App Store Song Lyric Flowcharts About Song Lyric Flowcharts are a series of graphic charts and diagrams that visualize the lyrics of popular songs in a sequential order, in similar vein to the use of LOLgraphs. Origin On August 17th, 2009, Tumblr user Jeannr posted a flowchart outlining the lyrics for the 1983 soft rock song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler (shown below). Precursor One of the earliest known online projects devoted to flowchart visualization of popular song lyrics was launched as a single webpage under the domain in November 2007. Spread On August 18th, 2009, BuzzFeed reposted Jeannr’s flowchart. On October 20th, YouTuber lyricalflowcharts uploaded a video showing the creation of another flowchart for The Beatles’ song “Hey Jude” (shown below). On January 24th, 2011, the webcomic Xkcd posted a flowchart illustrating the lyrics for several songs with repetitions of the word “na” (shown below). Notable Examples Search Interest Not available. External References

Flowcharts And Song Lyrics | Happy Holly Project An unlikely pairing? I thought so too. Until I saw this today in a posting out in the uber-world that is Facebook. People of a not-quite-certain age will recognize it as the flow chart that outlines the words to a song from back in 1980. The funny thing is how absolutely creative people can me on such short notice. Seriously. In no time at all there were several additional posts Now I’ll be honest, that there is one that I don’t recognize as a song lyric … and you can probably guess which one it is. And as one person commented, the pie chart probably ought to be a roll chart, but still. So I went out to the all-knowing Google and discovered a few more … And just as quickly as it had arrived, my fascination with song lyrics went away. After all, there are only so many “Na – na – na – na”s that an earworm can handle in a day. Please feel free to share me with others:: Like this: Like Loading... Related And The Cat Came Back ... ... it wouldn't go away. In "The Other Ones" In "Humor" INFP ...

Rap Genius SongPop 2 by Stanza. The Global soundmaps project. An online open source database of city sounds field recording and soundmaps from around the world. Initially all sounds by Stanza you can now contribute your own found sounds. Soundcities is an online d The soundmaps and the database can be listened to, used in performances, or played on mobiles via wireless networks. Initially all sounds by Stanza, you can now contribute your own found sounds. Special feature if you go to the world soundmap you can click to go via KML files onto google earth. Soundcities is an open online database of the thousands of sounds from around the world and you can visits the various cities and create soundmaps.. Soundcities was the first online open source database of city sounds and soundmaps from around the world, using found sounds and field recording. The sounds of cities also give clues to the emotional and responsive way we interact with our cities. A growing labyrinth, a community of aural cityscapes and collages is now evolving. I have spent the last 20 years travelling to over 20 worldwide cities. The project is available for exhibition, workshops and live performance. The project is unfunded is you would like to make a contribution get in touch.

Classroom Lyrics TEN tips for rewriting lyrics: 1.) Choose a song that you know (a current song, an "oldie but a goodie", or even a nursery rhyme!) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) 10.)