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iNFORMATiON FARM: Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation Part 1 “There’s something happening here What it is ain’t exactly clear” Join me now, if you have the time, as we take a stroll down memory lane to a time nearly four-and-a-half decades ago - a time when America last had uniformed ground troops fighting a sustained and bloody battle to impose, uhmm, 'democracy' on a sovereign nation. It is the first week of August, 1964, and U.S. warships under the command of U.S. Navy Admiral George Stephen Morrison have allegedly come under attack while patrolling Vietnam's Tonkin Gulf. This event, subsequently dubbed the 'Tonkin Gulf Incident,' will result in the immediate passing by the U.S. Congress of the obviously pre-drafted Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which will, in turn, quickly lead to America's deep immersion into the bloody Vietnam quagmire.

Coverjunkie see all magazine titles blog loginmycoverjunkie faq A celebration of creative covers & their ace designers. Coverjunkie is an addiction to magazine covers. Sleep Stranger Compassion. This man has it. When Isaac Theil let a sleepy stranger take a little catnap on his shoulder, it was because "I simply remembered the times my own head would bop on someone’s shoulder because I was so tired after a long day," he recounted to Tova Ross of Tablet Magazine. Another subway rider was so struck by Theil's nonchalant empathy that he snapped a picture and put it on Reddit, from which it was then posted to Facebook by Charidy.

Internet Archive Search: creator:(delacroix) Brooklyn Museum by Eugène Delacroix image Story Text: The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter - Baker Street Wiki - The Sherlock Holmes encyclopaedia During my long and intimate acquaintance with Mr Sherlock Holmes I had never heard him refer to his relations, and hardly ever to his own early life. This reticence upon his part had increased the somewhat inhuman effect which he produced upon me, until sometimes I found myself regarding him as an isolated phenomenon, a brain without a heart, as deficient in human sympathy as he was pre-eminent in intelligence. His aversion to women and his disinclination to form new friendships were both typical of his unemotional character, but not more so than his complete suppression of every reference to his own people.

Books with Full-Text Online "The 1688 Paradise Lost and Dr. Aldrich": Metropolitan Museum Journal, v. 6 (1972) Boorsch, Suzanne (1972) 20th-Century Art: A Resource for Educators Paul, Stella (1999) 82nd & Fifth The Metropolitan Museum of Art (2013) ed.ted Vladimir Lenin overthrew Russian Czar Nicholas II and founded the Soviet Union, forever changing the course of Russian politics. But was he a hero who toppled an oppressive tyranny or a villain who replaced it with another? Alex Gendler puts this controversial figure on trial, exploring both sides of a nearly century-long debate. 480 courts métrages d'animation pour tous les goûts Les Courts Métrages Swan Cake 02 juin 15 Six Coups –… Colonel Dunlap's Coup - 93.01 January 1993 A fictionalized essay that has been circulating within the Pentagon offers a blunt warning on several fronts. by Thomas E. Ricks It is the year 2012. The American military has carried out a successful coup d'etat.

Bookflix and Chill Earlier this week I stumbled upon a video which was doing the rounds on EduTwitter. A school library, inspired by a number of other schools with Netflix displays, had created a visual for their school library. “Bookflix” had been born.— Kings Langley School Library (@klslibrary) February 15, 2019 Teotihuacán's Social Tensions Contributed to Its Fall Teotihuacán in central Mexico is an archaeological site, a cultural landmark and a tourist attraction, best known for its pyramids and plaza. But nearly 2,000 years ago, it was a powerful urban center, home to more than 150,000 people. It was also one of the best planned and most diverse of such preindustrial cities—because migrants of different ethnicities streamed in following the eruptions of two volcanoes in southern Mexico that made their own homes less desirable.

The Hypertext Library This site is devoted to the idea that literature can be analyzed in a hypertextual manner. A certain word or phrase may appear several times for a given book, and we believe there is meaning embedded in the links between the occurrences. This site allows you to treat a book like a brain, with synaptic connections from word to word, strengthening the meaning behind the text. As you explore the books, remember, every word is a link, click it to see where it leads. The Hypertext Library was made by Noah Eisen and Robert Rose. Our initial goal was to improve the performance and aesthetics of this site, which we both used while reading Ulysses.

Ancient Egypt: Clothing Laundering They wear linen garments, which they are specially careful to have always fresh washed. Herodotus, Euterpe, 2.37.1 Cleanliness was apparently next to godliness in ancient Egypt. And who was closer to the gods than the pharaohs themselves. Since earliest historic times the titles of "chief washer of the palace" and "washer to the pharaoh" are known, and keeping the royal clothes lily white was the duty of the "chief bleacher