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Statens medieråd - Statens medieråd

Statens medieråd - Statens medieråd

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Spanish Teacher Supporter: Top Instagram Bio Links - Spanish Teacher Supporter Sign up for updates & freebies with my weekly newsletter! Tap to View Link Standards for the 21st-Century Learner Skip to main content ALA User Menu A Division of the American Library Association SWGfL Digital Literacy - Curriculum Overview Return to the Top KEYFS / Key Stage 1Key Stage 2Key Stage 3Key Stage 4 / 5Download this page (PDF) Scratch is the right place for coding – Code Like A Girl Coding in education is once again gaining more and more popularity in education. There are now too many coding tools, online and device-based, to keep up with. There are so many choices now for students, teachers, or for anyone looking at using coding in education. Choice is great but it creates a new challenge for teachers — which tool(s) is best for my students? But coding in education is special.

Abba singles race to top of streaming charts in comeback triumph Two singles released from Abba’s first album in 40 years have raced to the top of the streaming charts, in a comeback that has generated praise and excitement among fans who remember the original releases and a new younger audience. The first two singles from Abba’s forthcoming album, to be released on 5 November, were in first and third place on YouTube’s trending rankings in 12 countries on Friday, including the UK. I Still Have Faith In You gained 4.4m views within 24 hours in Britain and Don’t Shut Me Down 1.4m views. In a further confirmation of the Scandinavian pop band’s cross-generational appeal, Abba have already amassed 991,000 followers and 5.5m likes on TikTok despite only joining the platform on 1 September. The group, who made a piano rendition of Dancing Queen that received 7.3m views their first post, have spawned a huge number of videos from generation Z fans lip-syncing to songs or parodying scenes from the film Mamma Mia.

The Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet [Infographic] Critical thinking skills truly matter in learning. Why? Because they are life skills we use every day of our lives. Everything from our work to our recreational pursuits, and all that’s in between, employs these unique and valuable abilities. Consciously developing them takes thought-provoking discussion and equally thought-provoking questions to get it going. Begin right here with the Critical Thinking Skills Cheatsheet. Fake News: Recommendations - Media Literacy Clearinghouse If you read any news story about “fake news” in the past 18 months, you no doubt came across the phrase “media literacy.” From the various news stories and blog posts, I have compiled the following recommendations and advice. (NOTE: lesson plans, handouts and related videos are posted near the bottom of this list) Newest materials are posted last. Do you have suggestions for content that could be added here? Please consider sending it to me:

The Beginning of World War I Frantic competition among European powers marked the late 1800s and early 1900s. The strength of a nation was measured by the scope of its wealth and resources, the amount of land it held, and the size of its army and navy. The leaders of many countries believed that a nation could only achieve its political and economic goals if it had a strong military, a belief known as militarism. Four scientific theories that were proven wrong Nothing enforces humility more rigorously than science, the powerful idea that being wrong is not something to be ashamed about, but rather something to be openly embraced, as it has the potential to open up new doors to progression and innovation in the sciences. When scientists are wrong, they are motivated to change their views when some new evidence comes along that contradicts these views. This humble disposition tends to go against the grain of human nature, which assigns a high value to being right all the time and entails that being wrong is the worst of all outcomes and should therefore be avoided at all costs.

What Does Facebook Know About You : The Scary Facts If you’ve read a news website, turned on the TV or not been under a rock over the past few weeks, then there is a good chance you’ve heard of a guy named Edward Snowden. He’s the US analyst who is currently stuck in a Russian airport looking for asylum because he exposed that – surprise, surprise – the US government/NSA had been spying on pretty much everyone. (parody) via This case has helped bring to the surface a vocal part of the internet that is – rightly so – pushing and promoting this issue as much as possible in an attempt to let people know: ‘Hey, these guys are getting information on you without you knowing!’ It’s a pretty shitty thing no doubt, but it baffles me that this comes as such a surprise to many. Especially the more tech aware people that frequent sites like Reddit.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR USE WITH ANY FILM THAT IS A WORK OF FICTION – TEACH WITH MOVIES Note: In some of the questions we have used the term “major characters.” Before asking the questions, have the class identify the major characters. In addition, these questions can also be limited to one or more characters.