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Halliday+Baillie Sliding Door Locks and Stair Rail Brackets -, Sliding Barn Door Hardware - Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Black finishes. RCD Barn Door Hardware - Best Quality & Price Real Sliding Hardware is bringing the barn door inside with easy-to-assemble, customizable used to create sliding barn doors.

Sliding Barn Door Hardware - Stainless Steel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Black finishes

With sleek architectural proportions, durable finishes, and high-quality ball bearings, this barn door hardware is built to last. With the rise of energy-conscious consumers choosing to live in smaller, sustainable environments, maximizing floor space is more important than ever. Sliding barn doors are excellent space-saving solutions for pantries, laundry rooms, master bathrooms, or any interior space where every square foot matters.

Barn Door Hardware — Barn Door Hardware, Custom Doors and Furniture. How do I obtain a quote?

Barn Door Hardware — Barn Door Hardware, Custom Doors and Furniture

Please send us an email at and include: A picture of the space/openingThe dimensions of the opening (width and height)The style of door and hardware you're interested inYour installation needs and location How do I order from you? Do you have an online ordering system? What forms of payment do you accept? Modern Barn Door Hardware Systems. Bilato & Biverso: two new flush doors versions. There are lots of new items being presented to add to our already complete catalogue of Filomuro doors.

Bilato & Biverso: two new flush doors versions

A catalogue of doors flush with the wall devised to aid those who like to design using cutting-edge solutions, featuring the utmost possibility when it comes to specially tailored results. BILATO and BIVERSO, two innovative flush door versions are excellent examples that meet precise design requirements. BILATO is a new version of Filomuro, a hinged door with panels and frame in the same thickness (103 mm), designed to create the same flatness on both sides. The Filomuro BILATO door has concealed hinges and is also available for fitting in plasterboard, for finished walls from 100 to 105 mm. Bilato comes in the following finishes: ready for painting, white lacquer, RAL lacquer, and in wood with different oak finishes. Thanks to our patent, the Biverso door can be opened by pushing or pulling. Untitled. Big Island Quarries Inc. - Eramosa Marble Limestone based in Wiarton. Ebel Quarries Products. Roman Castle. Building Stone « Feelystone is a leading supplier of natural building stone to the Irish market with an ever increasing range of products sourced from all over the world.

Building Stone «

These Stones include Sandstone, Limestone and Quartzite. Our Kilkenny Blue Limestone quarry in Paulstown, Co Kilkenny is run by Patrick & Colin Feely and provides building stone for both the home and export markets. We extract large premium limestone blocks using world-class quarrying technology and we cut and craft the stone to match each customer’s unique designs. Our Building Stone division stocks a wide range of standard products in Kilkenny Limestone, Granite & Sandstone. Example of some of our products includes:- LINEA – Die neue Natursteinfassade. Knotwood - Aluminium that looks like wood for fencing, gates, privacy screens, decking. The Linear Collection. Petersen Tegl. Zero®: traditionally laid brick with joint-free appearance. Fassade / Klinker-Riegelformat. Concrete Blocks. The Linear Collection. The Linear Collection. Kul grilles. Dayus Register & Grille Quality Aluminum Registers-Grille-Louvers 3 Day Ship DRG. Metal Vent Covers - Steel Designs Pro-Linear Registers and Returns - Vent Covers Unlimited.

Kul grilles. Perforated Stair Treads. One of the many uses of perforated metal panels from Hendrick Architectural Products involves stair treads and metal stair risers for sturdier, safer stairways in homes and buildings.

Perforated Stair Treads

Hendrick’s profile bar is perfect for stair treads due to its unique durability and extremely flat surface. Hendrick’s perforated metal stair risers can be manufactured in a variety of patterns that complement a building’s design and provide a dash of modern style to stairways. Decorative Screens and Partitions - Entanglements. McNICHOLS Company - Application Photo Gallery. STUDIO-TM. Commercial Canopies Florida. Aluminum Canopies United States. Home / Hanger Rod / SuperShade Aluminum Canopies Mapes Industries SuperShade aluminum canopies are a line of passive sun control products that can be used to manage the impact of solar gain on any building.

Aluminum Canopies United States

The SuperShade hanger rod design allows it to be integrated seamlessly with Lumishade or Super Lumideck solid deck over doors. Architectural Canopies - MASA. High performance passive building shading Ecoshade is available as a plate outrigger system or a framed system to meet the needs of various architectural applications.

Architectural Canopies - MASA

There are an array of standard design options to allow you to customize Ecoshade to meet your project’s aesthetic requirements. Cladding, Facades, Weatherboard, Rainscreen Cladding. With an extensive palette of subtle and inspiring colours in a variety of textures and finishes, our fibre cement cladding is worthy of the most high profile projects.

Cladding, Facades, Weatherboard, Rainscreen Cladding

Our Cedral Weatherboard cladding can easily replace traditional timber weatherboard for a low maintenance, rot free alternative. Or for a contemporary, durable and aesthetic architectural facade panel our EQUITONE [natura], [tectiva], [pictura] and [textura] materials offer great choice for versatility, sustainability and performance. Essex House Stair. Penthouse Office Awning. RITZ Architectural Systems. RITZ Architectural Systems Inc. is a supplier and installer of Metal Cladding, Sloped Metal Roofing, Steel Deck, 1/8" Aluminum Plate, Composite, and Specialty Panel Systems including Terra Cotta, Zinc, Laminated Panels, Fibre Cement, and Granite.

RITZ Architectural Systems

We are also fabricators of Architectural, Composite, and Specialty Panels as well as Sheet Metal Flashings and Subgirts. The ability to fabricate these items in our shop allows for the quickest turnaround time possible. Since our inception in 1986, we have continuously grown and evolved to meet our customer's needs in the commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional sectors.

Our competitive pricing, high standards of quality and safety have assured us an excellent standing in the industry. SIG-Zinc-and-Copper-Brochure.pdf. VMZinc. Zinc Cladding Australia, Copper Cladding Brisbane Australia, Wall Cladding : Zinc Roofing Company Pty Ltd. Contact. Thank You for Your Request. Products: Design Range: Outdeco Gardenscreen Modular Timber Screens.

For certain projects or applications, the level of ‘block-out’ or privacy, it maybe purely for personal taste or it may serve a specific functional purpose.

Products: Design Range: Outdeco Gardenscreen Modular Timber Screens

We define our range into 3 categories of 60%, 80% and 90%+. In many instances boundary fence additions or extensions maybe required to be below 80% to comply with or avoid needs for permits*. Within a garden or even in an interior and light ambient partition or screen feature can be created using the 60%, whilst in an application where almost solid cladding or complete privacy-block-out is required, the 90%+ designs as an alternative to traditional timber slat screening.

All Gardenscreen™ designs come as standard with Decoshield™ Protective Stain System. KlipTech [Sustainable & Durable Building Products] LONDON PANEL CORP. importantlinks. RHC provides project and construction management, as well as designing, building, and general contracting services. Akubilt Construction Ltd. is a valuable installer of our wall panels. Wood wall paneling. James Hardie Commercial: HardiePanel. For applications that call for vertical siding, HardiePanel® vertical siding is equal to our lap siding in value and long-lasting performance. All styles of HardiePanel siding are pre-primed with PrimePlus® sealer and primer. This proprietary process ensures uniform coverage of sealer and primer, providing an excellent surface for paints and also resisting fungus and mildew.'s_Canexel_Consumer_Tri_Fold_English.pdf. CertainTeed – Manufacturer of Quality Building Products - CertainTeed. Exterior Cladding Products - Sound Solutions.

Staircase manufacturers. Proteak is FSC certified. Untitled. Prior Wall Systems. Modern Concrete - fireplaces, countertops, cladding, furniture. Millennium cast stone interiors. RusticSeries Family of products. Your specifications require fiber cement or composite siding, but your desire is for a real wood siding finish. With more than 10 years of field performance, our proprietary RusticSeries™ coating will provide you with the look of real wood on man-made materials.

RusticSeries™ not only enhances the curb appeal of your Fiber Cement or Composite Siding project; it also protects the siding for lasting beauty. Don’t be fooled by similar “look alike” products, there is only one RusticSeries™…delivered by Woodtone. Our RusticSeries™ technology is available for siding, shake panels, and trim programs, completing your exterior building envelope. Woodtone stocks a variety of siding profiles in various substrates. Worldwide - Decoflame - Biopejse - fireplace - flueless - bio - bioethanol. Muskoka Rock Company's Line of Granite Products. Portfolio Mag's Concrete Works. Welcome to CFF Stainless Steels Inc. Custom continuous hinges & piano hinges in stainless steel. Continuous HingesPosted: September 7th, 2012 | Author: Midlake Products | Filed under: | Comments Off --> Continuous hinges, also referred to as piano hinges, are popular in many applications because they withstand a great eal of wear, distribute weight and stress in a uniform fashion, and are easy to install and align.

Custom continuous hinges are also an excellent choice for simple applications with tight cost constraints. Continuous custom hinge materials and finishes When you create your hinges with Midlake, you have a range of choices because we specialize in custom hinge products. OFFICE SIGN 3D SIGNS OFFICE WALL SIGN RECEPTION LOBBY OFFICE SIGNS SYSTEMS,OFFICE WALL DESIGN, 3D SIGNAGE, Sign design, Wall office planning for office wall. NativeStone™ - Kitchen. Water Jet Cutting Woodbridge Ontario. Antech Technologies Inc is pleased to introduce our new large gantry WaterJet cutting system to the market along with our company. We continue to take a fresh and innovative approach in the development of our services and how we expand our business.

In today's high-tech environment we have heavily invested in state of the art precision machining equipment which gives us a superior advantage in our marketplace. Starting from January 2012 we offer precision Waterjet cutting and Laser Cutting services with full CAD/CAM capability, same day quotations and competitive pricing to all our customers. Waterjet cutting is an extremely efficient in creating complex shapes inexpensively and manufacturing forms ready for final use.

WATERJET Can Cut Virtually Any Material Up To 8" Thick. Formboard. Interior Doors. Mobili arredo casa: Cucine Living Divani Letti Camerette by Gruppo Euromobil. Concrete Decor - AVERA. Corten Steel & Screens - What's New? Projects, Designs & Concepts. Mailboxes Letterman by RADIUS DESIGN.

Walnut Wood Dowels & Dowel Rods. Decorative metal panels interior. This is the collection of Decorative metal panels interior, you can browse it for the best panel decorative as you want. Hendrick manufacturing company is a vital decorative metal panels manufacturing company that was established in 1876. Tilt Turn Energy Efficient Windows And Doors, Patio Doors, Exterior Doors and Windows. The TILTCO M80 wood/aluminum clad window is the most style conscious fenestration product offered today. - The global online magazine for natural stone. Modern Door Design: Modern Entry Doors. AL13 Aluminum Composite Panels. Balustrades and stairway infill-Laser cut on Pinterest.