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SparkleShare - Self hosted, instant, secure file sync

SparkleShare - Self hosted, instant, secure file sync

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Cloud Services Compared Finding the Cloud service than can best serve your needs can be difficult as there are so many available. Consumers need to consider and compare each service’s features, storage possibilities, free space and best price. You may be unsure about how a Cloud service could help you. Or you may be interested in using a Cloud service but do not know where to begin. 75 Best XHTML/CSS Websites In The Month of July-2011 Today we present Best XHTML/CSS websites in the month of July-2011 for inspiration. I looked at over thousands of really inspirational website designs today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea. Now we present 75 best XHTML/CSS websites for design inspiration for designers from around the web. So we add CSS Based, Creative, and Flash based websites in this post and only the inspiring websites will be on display. I will put together a list of inspirational website designs showcase for your inspiration and i m sure you can get great inspiration of these such sites that showcases great websites. Website showcase in July-2011 was rich on creative, fresh, beautiful and unusual XHTML/CSS design concepts.

Sampling Profiler - SamplingProfiler is a performance profiling tool for Delphi 5 to 32bits Delphi XE4. Its purpose is to help locate bottlenecks, even in final, optimized code running at full-speed. Downloads and changelog News, Tips and posts about SamplingProfilerOnline Mini-Guide – Support, Bugs &Suggestions Though it may be able to profile application compiled by many other compilers, the focus is (currently) solely on Delphi applications. lsyncd - Lsyncd (Live Syncing Daemon) synchronizes local directories with a remote targets Description Lsyncd watches a local directory trees event monitor interface (inotify or fsevents). It aggregates and combines events for a few seconds and then spawns one (or more) process(es) to synchronize the changes. By default this is rsync.

Apache Hadoop Copyright © 2010 Lars Vogel Apache Hadoop This article describes how to use Apache Hadoop. Apache Hadoop is a software solution for distributed computing of large datasets. Hadoop provides a distributed filesystem (HDFS) and a MapReduce implementation. A special computer acts as the "name node". 10+ Best Apps For Your Dropbox If you’ve been using Dropbox for a while, you may not have noticed that a whole ecosystem of applications have been built up to use the service. Over time, these apps have sprung up to fill all of the little holes Dropbox left unfilled. There are apps now for just about everything. It’s possible to sync Google Docs to Dropbox, automatically send Gmail attachments to Dropbox, play music in a browser from your Dropbox music files, encrypt your Dropbox, easily host a website or blog in Dropbox, collect URLs and web clippings to Dropbox and to automate file syncs between all of your social networks and Dropbox. You can even view all of your Dropbox files alongside your Google Docs, Box files and FTP files in the one web interface.

100 Professional Designer Portfolio Websites Portfolio Design of a designer is really important as it creates the first impression of his/her work to its portfolio visitors. This is the reason I decided to showcase the best and professional designer portfolio websites for the inspiration of designers. This post features 100 professional designer portfolio websites. Also See FPProfiler Introduction The Free Pascal Profiler is an effort to create an FPC native profiler, deployable on all platforms and architectures the Free Pascal compiler itself supports. It was initially developed by Darius Blaszyk. Free Pascal Profiler consists of two tools (fpp and fppview) and some units containing the profiling code that needs to be linked in. To compile your project, you pass the same parameters to FPP as you would to FPC. FPP then scans your source code and inserts profiling code in each begin..end block.

GlusterFS GlusterFS is a scale-out network-attached storage file system. It has found applications including cloud computing, streaming media services, and content delivery networks. GlusterFS was developed originally by Gluster, Inc., then by Red Hat, Inc., after their purchase of Gluster in 2011. In June 2012, Red Hat Storage Server was announced as a commercially-supported integration of GlusterFS with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.[3] Design[edit] GlusterFS aggregates various storage servers over Ethernet or Infiniband RDMA interconnect into one large parallel network file system. Hadoop Tutorial home | Cloud Types | Related Technologies What is Hadoop? Miha Ahronovitz, Ahrono & Associates Kuldip Pabla, Ahrono & Associates Hadoop is a fault-tolerant distributed system for data storage which is highly scalable. The scalability is the result of a Self-Healing High Bandwith Clustered Storage , known by the acronym of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and a specific fault-tolerant Distributed Processing, known as MapReduce. (Hadoop Distributed File System) and a specific fault-tolerant Distributed Processing, known as MapReduce.

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