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SparkleShare - Self hosted, instant, secure file sync

SparkleShare - Self hosted, instant, secure file sync

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Day 5: the BackBee Edition mode - BlogBee tutorial In the last episods: Introduction The Content model is complex to understand without practical examples. As a user manipulate contents through the toolbar, we will do the link between our files and configurations and the toolbar features activated and displayed. Stay in Sync – Have Important Files Ready Anytime Storing and sharing all important files in the DiskStation is ideal for your everyday work in the office. If you’re a mobile worker who travels around the world and takes business trips very often by train or airplane, keeping your local files synchronized between the computer and DiskStation should be made your top priority, especially for the situation you’re in places where Internet connection is limited or expensive to acquire. According to the IDC’s forecast, by 2013, the world’s mobile worker population will grow to nearly 1.2 billion people – more than a third of the world’s workforce. The numbers would represent the office-based mobile workers, non-office-based mobile workers, and home-based mobile workers, in regions including U.S, Europe Asia/Pacific, Japan, and the rest of the world. Well, you might be the next one who enjoys the convenience of telecommuting and joins the mobile workforce. - Darren

Cloud Services Compared Finding the Cloud service than can best serve your needs can be difficult as there are so many available. Consumers need to consider and compare each service’s features, storage possibilities, free space and best price. You may be unsure about how a Cloud service could help you. Or you may be interested in using a Cloud service but do not know where to begin. PRISM revelations result in lost business for US cloud companies. The revelations about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) broad monitoring of traffic and access to the data of cloud providers spurred by the actions of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden may or may not have hurt national security, depending on who you ask. But according to a recent survey by the industry organization Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the exposure of NSA’s PRISM program is having a very real impact on the bottom line of US cloud service providers in the form of lost overseas customers. Concerns about NSA surveillance are hardly new. The PATRIOT Act’s “Enhanced Surveillance” provisions have raised privacy concerns about using US service providers since it was passed. Two years ago, I was interviewing the CIO of a major Canadian healthcare organization for a story on cloud computing, and asked if he had considered using US cloud providers or software-as-a-service. At the time, the concern might have sounded a bit paranoid.

75 Best XHTML/CSS Websites In The Month of July-2011 Today we present Best XHTML/CSS websites in the month of July-2011 for inspiration. I looked at over thousands of really inspirational website designs today so I thought that I would share some with you and then make a series out the idea. Now we present 75 best XHTML/CSS websites for design inspiration for designers from around the web. So we add CSS Based, Creative, and Flash based websites in this post and only the inspiring websites will be on display. I will put together a list of inspirational website designs showcase for your inspiration and i m sure you can get great inspiration of these such sites that showcases great websites. Website showcase in July-2011 was rich on creative, fresh, beautiful and unusual XHTML/CSS design concepts.

Stackable Switches and Synology High Availability for Small Business Continuity Planning Overview This article, intended for IT Professionals, will discuss another enterprise level networking technology made accessible for small business, which is the ability of Stackable Switches. The ability of stacking switches can be found with the new “core aggregation” class of switch, where it features many 1GbE network ports, with a couple of 10GbE network ports which can be used for core aggregation of services, or can be used with another switch for increasing network redundancy. Coupling Stackable Switches with Quad-NIC Synology products, such as the recently released DS2015xs, can effectively create a redundant network layer and redundant storage layer. The Network Layer is made redundant with Stackable Switches, and Synology High Availability will make the storage layer redundant.

Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience -View topic - iFolder Server Re: iFolder Server by Frankh » Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:54 pm +1A private iFolder server (dropbox alike solution) with secured connections would be great. File Station is nice but does not give synchronization and offline availability for laptops on the road. I just don't have enough trust in companies like Google or Dropbox to put my important company data in there.

10+ Best Apps For Your Dropbox If you’ve been using Dropbox for a while, you may not have noticed that a whole ecosystem of applications have been built up to use the service. Over time, these apps have sprung up to fill all of the little holes Dropbox left unfilled. There are apps now for just about everything. It’s possible to sync Google Docs to Dropbox, automatically send Gmail attachments to Dropbox, play music in a browser from your Dropbox music files, encrypt your Dropbox, easily host a website or blog in Dropbox, collect URLs and web clippings to Dropbox and to automate file syncs between all of your social networks and Dropbox. You can even view all of your Dropbox files alongside your Google Docs, Box files and FTP files in the one web interface.

In cloud we trust? The PRISM effect on the future of cloud-computing. The revelation that surveillance was allegedly happening in foreign countries has put the EU in a difficult position, not least for diplomatic reasons. Perhaps more interesting, though, is the number of high-profile technology companies that have understandably waded into the fray in recent weeks – claiming that the government’s activity undermines their customers’ confidence and by proxy, has taken its toll on their hard earned bottom-line. From the cloud-computing perspective, the industry consensus is that this damaged trust will cost US-based providers of hosting services tens of billions of dollars internationally. 100 Professional Designer Portfolio Websites Portfolio Design of a designer is really important as it creates the first impression of his/her work to its portfolio visitors. This is the reason I decided to showcase the best and professional designer portfolio websites for the inspiration of designers. This post features 100 professional designer portfolio websites. Also See

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