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Docker - Build, Ship, and Run Any App, Anywhere

Docker - Build, Ship, and Run Any App, Anywhere
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Day 5: the BackBee Edition mode - BlogBee tutorial In the last episods: Introduction The Content model is complex to understand without practical examples. As a user manipulate contents through the toolbar, we will do the link between our files and configurations and the toolbar features activated and displayed. This way, you will understand how to provide features to your final users. What for today? In Day 4, we added an Article content and this is great but you still can't edit it. the "big picture" The first time you connect into Edition mode you may be a bit lost due to multiples buttons and tabs. the Language Selector: the Edition mode is available in english and in french.the StateManager: to save, apply or cancel the modifications done on your content.the Mode Selector: this allow to switch between modes of BackBee editor.only in Edit mode: the Panel Selector to choose which kind of content edit. the Templates mode We already have used the Template editor before to create our layouts. the Edit mode the Page panel the Boxes panel

Fax par Internet et Fax par Mail, Conference Call, web video conference et Standard téléphonique, telephonie voip - Axiatel France AWS Lambda - Run Code in the Cloud We want to make it even easier for you to build applications that run in the Cloud. We want you to be able to focus on your code, and to work within a cloud-centric environment where scalability, reliability, and runtime efficiency are all high enough to be simply taken for granted! Today we are launching a preview of AWS Lambda, a brand-new way to build and run applications in the cloud, one that lets you take advantage of your existing programming skills and your knowledge of AWS. Lambda is a zero-administration compute platform. Let's dig in! Lambda Concepts The most important Lambda concept is the , or function for short. You upload your code and then specify context information to AWS Lambda to create a function. After uploading, you associate your function with specific AWS resources (a particular S3 bucket, DynamoDB table, or Kinesis stream). When a resource changes, Lambda will execute any functions that are associated with it. I simply click on Create Function to get started.

tuminoid/gitlab-installer Stackable Switches and Synology High Availability for Small Business Continuity Planning Overview This article, intended for IT Professionals, will discuss another enterprise level networking technology made accessible for small business, which is the ability of Stackable Switches. The ability of stacking switches can be found with the new “core aggregation” class of switch, where it features many 1GbE network ports, with a couple of 10GbE network ports which can be used for core aggregation of services, or can be used with another switch for increasing network redundancy. Coupling Stackable Switches with Quad-NIC Synology products, such as the recently released DS2015xs, can effectively create a redundant network layer and redundant storage layer. The Network Layer is made redundant with Stackable Switches, and Synology High Availability will make the storage layer redundant. This level of redundancy was typically wielded by large businesses with large budgets, where these businesses cannot afford downtime. What is a Stackable Switch? (Click to Enlarge) Conclusion

Cortex by Orange Orange Logic - The most well rounded and flexible digital asset management system (DAM) to organize, present and license large-scale media libraries Sourcegraph Wikitten Transformez un PC en serveur Synology (avec DSM 4.2) - Korben Si vous vous intéressez un peu au monde du NAS et que vous avez essayé de transformer un PC en NAS avec une distrib comme FreeNAS ou Open Media Vault, il vous reste une solution que je suis certain, vous n'avez pas encore testé. DSM ! Oui, peu de gens le savent, mais il est parfaitement possible d'installer la distrib présente sur les NAS Synology, sur un simple PC. Pour cela, il vous faut une clé USB sur laquelle vous booterez la distrib XPenology qui fera passer votre PC pour un serveur Synology. Total = 270 €. Autant dire que vous divisez le prix par 10 avec ce PC, même si la carte mère relevée par Denis permet uniquement de brancher 3 disque SATA en RAID. Pour installer XPenology, il suffit d'aller récupérer le repack ici puis de le décompresser et de mettre l'image sur une clé USB grâce à un soft comme Win32 Disk Imager. L'install se fera et voilà ! Je ne rentre pas plus dans les détails et je vous laisse aller consulter son excellent tuto ! Merci à Xavier pour le partage !

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