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5 typos qui imitent l’écriture manuscrite – Les Outils Tice

5 typos qui imitent l’écriture manuscrite – Les Outils Tice

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New- Portfoliogen Allows You to Create and Download Your Portfolios in PDF Format October, 2014Portfoliogen is a great web tool for teachers. It allows teachers to create their own customized portfolio webpage. This means that you have a user friendly platform designed specifically to host and organize all your materials into one place. You can also share your portfolio with your colleagues and peers using the generated URL. Some of features of PortfoliogenHere is a list of the main features that Portfoliogen offers to its users :It is freeIt is easy and simple to useIt lets users create Portfolio onlineIt generates a personal URL for each portfolio createdIt lets users post information, certifications, work related photos and many moreIt allows users to upload documents and add work related links to use useful websitesUsers can customize the design and layout of their webpageToday, has launched a new feature allowing members to download their content and show their artifacts locally in a variety of formats including PDF, PowerPoint, and Flash.

The Best Web Tools for Students to Create Visually Powerful Digital Resumes and Portfolios April 9, 2014 I am sharing with you some wonderful web tools that you and your students can use to showcase your work and create great digital portfolios. 1- is a great web tool that allows you to create a digital page where you can highlight your achievements and assets and show people and potential job recruiters your strengths and academic accomplishments. provides you with a variety of templates and backgrounds to customize and use for your resume.

5 Terrific Web Tools to Create Academic Digital Portfolios January 5 , 2014 Digital portfolios are great ways for students to showcase their work and keep track of their learning. There are now a wide variety of web tools that allow users to easily create digital portfolios and share them with others. In a previous post here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning I featured a few of these tools and today I am adding more to this list. 1- Pathbrite Pathbrite is a wonderful platform that allows users to create academic digital portfolios using different media. Pathbrite offers different templates for users to choose from and each portfolio can include things like : Google Docs, letters, Youtube and Vimeo videos, transcripts, popular social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn.

10 tricks for innovative student/teacher presentations We’ve all seen presentations — from students and from colleagues — that leave a lot to be desired. There’s the one where the presenter wants to play with all the bells and whistles in the presentation, so we get different transitions, different fonts, different sound effects. There’s the one with too much information on the slide. These are the ones where it would take you longer to read the slides than time allotted for the presentation. Then there are the great ones. The ones that cause you to think and react more than they cause you to work to gather content. Plant a Question, Grow Answers! Generate a live word cloud with your audience. Topic (required) Type the topic of your new AnswerGarden. This can be a question or a topic, such as: "What do you think of my website?"

6 Great Digital Storytelling Apps to Use with Your Students Here are some excellent iPad apps to enhance students creativity through digital storytelling. These are among the best apps teachers have been using with their students to create, narrate, and share stories. Using these apps students will be able to tell their own stories using a variety of multimedia materials that include: images, characters, avatars, photos, audio recordings, video clips and many more. The editing and creation functionalities differ from one app to the other but overall, the process is fairly simple and student friendly:

3 Handy Resources of Clip Arts to Use for End of School Year Activities April 30 , 2016 Upon the request of some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning, we went ahead and curated for you these three excellent resources that provide clip arts to use in end of school year activities. As a teacher, you can use these websites to search for and find printable clip arts to use for a variety of activities and projects related to end of school year. These include visuals, cheat sheets, images, and many more. 1- Scholastic Printables We conducted a quick search in Scholastic Printables and found out this excellent page packed full of printable clip arts and images ideal for end of school activities.

8 Great Android Apps to Unleash Kids Creativity September 1, 2015 Below is a collection of some excellent Android apps to unleash kids creativity and expand their imaginative powers. These apps are all featured in Google Play’s top free and paid creativity apps. They range from drawing apps to game editors where kids can build their own games and explore 3D simulations. An Awesome Tool for Creating Cartoon Style Stories with Students April 4, 2016 StoryTop is an excellent web tool students can use for digital storytelling projects. It is easy to use, free, does not require any software download, and login is not required in order to save or share stories. StoryTop provides a number of key elements for creating stories including: pre-made backgrounds, pictures of people and things, anime, text, speech bubbles and many more.