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An App Store For Bots;

An App Store For Bots;

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Siri-creator shows off first public demo of Viv, ‘the intelligent interface for everything’ Voice-controlled assistance is seeing another evolution as it looks to prove its worth as the next shift in human-computer interaction. Today, onstage at TechCrunch Disrupt NY, Siri creator Dag Kittlaus showed off the first public demo of Viv, an AI virtual system that aims to be “the intelligent interface for everything.” In a live presentation that mentioned the word “paradigm” at least a dozen times, Kittlaus talked a bit about the next wave of computer interaction methods and how Viv would come to “breathe life into the inanimate objects of our life through conversation.” The live demo went off without any major glitches despite the laser-focused specificity of the queries all uttered onstage in front of an audience of hundreds. Kittlaus began with a broad and oft-uttered question regarding what the weather was like today, but then quickly evolved his demands of Viv into ludicrously complex pointed inquiries.

Facebook’s Secret Chat SDK Lets Developers Build Messenger Bots M won’t be the only artificial intelligence on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has given some developers access to an unannounced Chat SDK that allows them to build interactive experiences and “bots” in Messenger for shopping, booking travel, and more, sources with direct knowledge of the SDK confirm. The Chat SDK allows developers to create bots that users can send text messages to directly and that automatically respond with information, images, location services, product prices, Buy buttons, and more. The Chat SDK can also tap into Messenger built-in payments system to let users make purchases via bots. Facebook hasn’t publicized any of the documentation for the Chat SDK, which is currently being shared with developers through PDF documents.

How chatbots are colonizing politics Chatbots, one of the hottest trends in consumer technology, are invading the 2016 election, with Democrats and progressives deploying the artificial intelligence-powered software to do things like register voters and keep supporters engaged with Hillary Clinton's campaign. Type a question or statement to an online chatbot, and it will attempt to respond like a human would. They can be pulled up with a few key strokes on popular services like Facebook Messenger or via SMS text.

Les chatbots débarquent ! Et ils vont changer votre vie ! - Go Mobile BASE Parler avec un robot ? C’est bon pour les films de science-fiction ! Hé bien, non, les amis ! Figurez-vous que c’est désormais tout à fait possible. On les appelle des « chatbots ». Alors que nous cherchions des informations pour cet article, nous sommes allés de surprises en surprises. Dialog system - Wikipedia A dialog system or conversational agent (CA) is a computer system intended to converse with a human, with a coherent structure. Dialog systems have employed text, speech, graphics, haptics, gestures and other modes for communication on both the input and output channel. Components[edit] There are many different architectures for dialog systems. What sets of components are included in a dialog system, and how those components divide up responsibilities differs from system to system. Principal to any dialog system is the dialog manager, which is a component that manages the state of the dialog, and dialog strategy.

L’incroyable résurrection de La Redoute Tempête dans le Marais ! En ce dimanche d'avril, les Parisiens se pressent rue du Trésor pour visiter une nouvelle enseigne de déco, qui détonne en plein boboland : La Redoute Intérieurs. Dans l'impeccable décor blanc et boisé de cette ancienne galerie d'art, on trouve ici un lampadaire design pour 189 euros, là un canapé de velours bleu à 839 euros, et dans l'entrée, une table basse scandinave à 99 euros. «On a fait un excellent chiffre à l'ouverture, un monde fou !», s'emballe Sandrine Guichard, qui dirige l'activité maison de l'enseigne.

Automating your Facebook presence using a Facebook bot - BOT libre! Keeping up with social media and keeping your online community engaged can be a time consuming task. Through Bot Libre you can now automate your Facebook presence with your own Facebook bot. Any Bot Libre bot can be connected to a Facebook account or Facebook page. The bot will manage the Facebook account or page, checking timeline status updates, replying to page posts, auto posting your blog posts or RSS feed, and auto posting timed or generated posts. How the Bot-y Politic Influenced This Election If your political conversations on social media seem mechanical and predictable, it might be because you are debating with a robot. A study published the day before the election found an estimated 400,000 bots operating on Twitter that were tweeting—and being retweeted—at a remarkable pace, generating nearly 20 percent of all election-related messages. Besides being numerous, these bots are also quite influential, and capable of distorting the online debate, according to authors Alessandro Bessi and Emilio Ferrara of the University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute.

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