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Original Kids Activity Pages, Free Coloring Sheets and Free Kids Printables shrink plastic ring tutorial Thank you to everyone who requested a shrinkydinks ring tutorial! This tutorial is an experimental method, not an exact science – you should have fun playing with it… UPDATE: Since posting this very popular tutorial in 2008, I’ve answered every question imaginable in the comments of this post. If you have questions, you’re welcome to trawl back through the hundreds of comments to find my answers, or, to make things easier, I’ve compiled a 3-page shrinky rings FAQ, which is available exclusively when you donate $1 or more towards my tutorial (this also entitles you to further help from me by email, should you need it). Please see the end of this post for more details about this policy Please note: if you’ve come here via the lovely bird ‘ring’ picture on Pinterest, read this post to answer your questions. This tutorial is Donationware – the instructions are available for free, but if you like it please consider sending me a donation to show your appreciation: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. That’s it!

15 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs Colored eggs is the universal symbol of Easter, and the tradition dates back way to Mesopotamia. Some cultures today are more keen on buying colored or even chocolate eggs, but let’s be honest, decorating them yourself is always much more fun! Luckily, there are endless ways and tons of different materials you can use to make a gorgeous custom egg. Flowers, threads, tape, even an old tie – everything can be used to make your eggs exceptional. Don’t be afraid to experiment, in the worst case scenario, we can add your egg to this list. To get your creative juices flowing, here’s a list of 15 creative DIY Easter ideas – some of them are so pretty that it’s gonna be hard to crack and eat the eggs later! 1. more info: 2. more info: 3. more info: 4. more info: 5. more info: 6. more info: 7. more info: 8. more info: 9. 10. 11. more info: joana hard

not martha Futuristic Construction with The Boy I'll get directly to it today. Visitors are on their way and my abode needs an overhaul NOW-ish. I'm going for the "illusion" of clean. Wish me luck. Here's what the boy and I got up to yesterday! Tutorial: Kids' Futuristic Construction Set You will need: Cereal boxFoam meat trayEgg cartonPaper bag (or whatever paper you have on hand)Wooden skewersPair of scissorsWax crayonsPencilSharpieHole punchAssortment of round things to use as templatesPVA glue Take your cereal box, open it up and draw out a goodly amount of circles and rings using round things (bowls, cups) as templates. Cut out all the circles. With a paper bag (or whatever paper you happen to have around) and PVA glue, make paper beads by rolling your paper up into long tubes and cutting the resulting tubes into sections like so. Cut the cups out of an egg carton. Using a foam tray as your base, poke the wooden skewers down into it, pointy end down. Go ahead my little one, build to your heart's content. Look at him.

Free coloring pages | Coloring pages to print | Printable colouring sheets from The Coloring Spot Polymer Clay Tutorial: Faux Pewter Pendants Today I want to share a fun polymer clay tutorial with you, that is great for all ages! Premo Sculpey Clay Pendants. Your kids are going to love this one- and I guarantee it will take you back to your own childhood! Who didn’t love rolling “snakes” out of play-doh? The end result of your “playing” are these wonderfully rustic pendants that look like they are forged out of hammered pewter. Are you ready to get busy? Here is what you will need to make your own custom pendants: The first thing you will need to do is condition your clay. I used white clay for my projects, but really any color will work, we will be painting them completely later. When you get the clay to a workable consistency, use a brayer, or rolling pin to roll the clay out into your desired thickness, and size. This will be your pendant base. Then, you have a million options! I am going to walk you through a stamped pendant to show you the process. Make sure your clay base is the right size for your stamp. Start with a base.

DIY : Bracelets brésiliens tresse en épi de blé (fishtail bracelet) Pour réaliser un style de bracelet brésilien HYPER facilement, il suffit juste de tresser en épi de blé pour donner cette forme chevron. Cela permet de créer ces bijoux aisément sans se prendre la tête en 10 minutes top chrono. Dans ce tutoriel je vous propose deux versions, à vous de les découvrir : Liste du materiel MètreFil de broderie : lienScotchCiseauxBreloque : lien ; Anneau : lienChaine en strass : lien VERSION 2 : Kit à petit prix By Isnata disponible ici :lien J'espère que ce tutoriel vous a plu, si vous avez des questions n'hésitez pas à me les poseren commentaire ou via les réseaux sociaux (liens sur les onglets du haut) A bientôt

All for the Boys - All for the Boys - MOVE OVER PAPER&AIRPLANES - StumbleUpon because the straw plane is in town! I don't know what you call this thing but we referred to it as a strawplane. Whatever you want to call it, it's pretty cool! You'll need some heavier paper (we used 3x5 index cards), a straw, scissors or something to cut the paper with, and tape. You will need to cut 3 pieces of paper about 1" wide and 5" long. Tape two of the pieces together "long ways" and then tape to form a circle. Use the remaining piece to form a small circle and tape the ends together. Now you have a large circle and a small circle. Tape the straw to the inside of the circles placing the small circle at one end and the large circle at the other end. And you're done! Now is the fun part! The boys had to try and fly a straw without the circles to make sure that it wasn't just the straw that was the good flier. Have fun fllying! P.S.

Animal Coloring Pages, Teacher Worksheets, Birthday Party Ideas, Games & Downloads | Animal Jr. "Moules en silicone, Mold Putty Silicone 2 parts Salubrité des aliments est une création orginale de miniaturesweet sur DaWanda Moule en silicone est un moule flexible qui vous permet de faire apparaître votre travail hors du moule facilement! Aucun agent de démoulage est nécessaire! Maintenant vous pouvez faire les vôtres facilement avec ce moule en silicone jeu de mastic! Poids: 120gram total / 4,23 oz (Vous obtenez 60gram de la partie bleu et 60gram de la partie blanche) (Les 3e et 4e photos ci-dessus montrent la quantité de moules que nous avons fait avec 120gram de mastic de moule) ♥ ♥ COMMENT UTILISER 1. ♥TEMPERATURE♥ Nos moules peuvent supporter des températures aussi élevées que 450 degrés F. Conseils d'utilisation sur ARGILE Depuis argiles différentes ont des caractéristiques différentes, il ya des argiles qui sont collants que les autres et ainsi affecter la pop à effet, dans le cas, nous recommandons: - Pour l'argile de polymère, faites cuire votre droit d'argile dans le moule sans se préoccuper de la distorsion de l'argile de moulage. - Mettez la pâte dans le réfrigérateur pendant environ 5-10 minutes.

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