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Moodle - the world's open source learning platform

Moodle - the world's open source learning platform

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The 5 Decisive Components of Outstanding Learning Games The 5 Decisive Components of Outstanding Learning Games It's a common phrase to say "learn by playing." Different communication theories confirm this. Games make us produce dopamine, a brain chemical that increases learning and stimulates our state of attention. eLearning experts believe that games and playing need to be part of a course for adults to learn effectively. Database Error WordPress introduced their multisite feature back in 2010 in WordPress 3.0. It replaced the older WordPress MU system. Once the feature is activated on your website, multiple websites can be created from the same WordPress installation. Essentially, one set of WordPress core files powers many websites. Plugins and themes are also shared, however each website has unique directories for media uploads. The same database is also used for all websites, however separate tables are created for each website.

6 Great Note-Taking Tools for Students and Teachers One of the best things about education technology is that it has allowed students and teachers alike to turn to online annotation and records, making hastily scrawled, illegible scribbles and coffee-stained pages a thing of the past. From university students keeping track of lectures to young students making plans and mind maps, there is an online note-taking tool to suit everyone… 1. Study Blue A great site that allows students to create online flash cards, study guides and quizzes. 37 Blended Learning Resources You Can Use Tomorrow 37 Blended Learning Resources You Can Use Tomorrow by Dr. Justin Marquis

Social Intranet Software Get your hands on the world’s leading modern communication and collaboration product. Try Jive-n today and start working better together. Start your free 30-day trial today. We'll create a secure, private business network for you and your team. 50 resources for iPad use in the classroom The transition to the more extensive use of technology in classrooms across the West has resulted in the integration of bring your own device (BYOD) schemes, equipping students with netbooks and tablet computers, and lessons that use social media & online services. Gesture-based technology is on the rise; according to the latest NMC Horizon Report, gesture-based technological models will become more readily integrated as a method of learning within the next few years. The iPhone, iPad, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect technology are examples of these kinds of developments, and in particular, resources for Apple products in education are becoming widely available online. For teachers, some of which are just beginning to use tablets and mobile devices in class, these resources can be invaluable in promoting more interactive classrooms and understanding how best to use and control such products.

Learning Theories Every Teacher should Know about Have you ever asked yourself what learning theories you know about and which ones you feel more connected to and apply in your teaching ? Generally speaking, theories inform and guide practice in any content area and a learning theory is a set of concepts on how people learn. It is more or less an investigation of the strategies and the underlying cognitive processes involved in learning. The educational field abounds in learning theories to the extent that it becomes hard to draw clear boundaries between some of them.

IBM Connections Creating a new world of possibilities IDC ranked IBM number one in worldwide market share for enterprise social software for the third consecutive year. IBM® Connections is a leading social software platform that can help your organization engage the right people, accelerate innovation and deliver results. This integrated, security-rich platform helps people engage with networks of experts in the context of critical business processes. Now everyone can act with confidence and anticipate and respond to emerging opportunities. IBM Connections deployment options include on premises, hybrid and in the cloud. Bloom’s Taxonomy and iPad Apps  LearningToday shares with everyone two beautiful posters, that help us remember Bloom’s Taxonomy: the Blooming Butterfly and the Blooming Orange. How do we connect the Bloom’s Taxonomy with the iPad? Following inDave Mileham and Kelly Tenkeley’s footsteps of assigning iPad apps to the different levels of the Bloom’s Taxonomy, I created the following table with apps that I have tested out and am recommending. (Click to see a larger version of the image) In order to make the cut, the app had to fulfill the criteria (from Wikipedia and according to the Blooming Orange’s verbs) set out for each level.

Ce serait possible de l'utiliser en mathématique, mais je crois qu'il faut que ce soit hébergé sur les serveurs de l'école, donc ça ne peut pas être une décision individuelle d'utiliser cet outil contrairement à d'autres. by sportymimi3 Mar 22

Il est possible de cacher des éléments et de les montrer aux étudiants seulement au moment voulu. Il est également possible de placer les différents éléments en ordre. by sportymimi3 Mar 22

C'est une plateforme très complète qui combine plusieurs outils qui sont intéressants à utiliser dans l'enseignement. by sportymimi3 Mar 22

Cette plateforme permet une foule de choses : messagerie, forum de discussion, forums privés pour travail d'équipe, quiz, déposer des documents et autre. by sportymimi3 Mar 22

avantages: beaucoup d'outils pouvant être utilisés désavantages: plus compliqué à utiliser car il y a beaucoup d'outils à apprendre, seulement contrôlé par le formateur by melgag Nov 12

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