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Classroom Management Ideas

Classroom Management Ideas
General Classroom Management Ideas: Classroom Rules - A set of posters to encourage positive behaviour from the children in your classroom. Contributed by M V. Class Rules Posters - A number of posters that remind children about the expected standard of behaviour in your classroom. Contributed by Jinky Dabon. Neat Work Prompt - A prompt for pupils who are capable of neat work, but might need a reminder. Contributed by Chris Thomas. Celebrating Birthdays: Birthday Cake - Celebrate a child's birthday with this fun idea.

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Discipline by Design Here are eleven techniques that you can use in your classroom that will help you achieve effective group management and control. They have been adapted from an article called: "A Primer on Classroom Discipline: Principles Old and New" by Thomas R. McDaniel, Phi Delta Kappan, September 1986. 1. ClassFlow™ — Do More with Your Flipcharts ClassFlow is the all-in-one teaching tool for creating & orchestrating interactive multi-media lessons across a connected learning environment. ClassFlow won the Tech & Learning ISTE Best of Show Award this year and received 2014 commendations from prestigious organizations such as the SIIA and The ComputED Gazette. With ClassFlow You Can... Bring Your Classroom Devices to Life Deliver interactive multi-media lessons throughout your connected classroom. Gain Real-Time Insight and Feedback

10 Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Management By Jennifer Gonzalez You know the basics: Establish clear rules and consequences, be consistent, keep students engaged. But even with all that in place, the small things you do could be wreaking havoc on your whole system. Here are some habits you might have developed that are messing with your classroom management, along with more effective alternatives. 1. Classroom Management Standard Posted by Mia Posted on Student Apps for Winter Reading For families traveling this winter or teachers simply looking for an alternative to tablet games, there are lots of great apps for winter reading. Android devices, iPhones and iPads can be turned into ebook readers with a quick tap or swipe. Portable and kid-friendly, these interactive storybooks will support and engage young readers.

Teaching English to Young Learners Details Hits: 8,575 TEYL or Teaching English to Young Learners refers to a more specialized area of teaching English‏‎ which deals with younger students. Aside from the usual considerations which you should give to any TEFL class, there are certain extra considerations to take into account. This page offers general tips and ideas for the young learners classroom. Note, young learners here are assumed to be about 3 - 12 years old. Why Becoming An Expert In Classroom Management Equals Higher Test Scores Misbehavior, disrespect, inattentiveness, low motivation, slow academic progress. The things most teachers stress over aren’t a concern for experts in classroom management. It’s true.

The ultimate web presentation tool Drop in great online & offline content Add Age-Related Variations Between Young and Adult Learners: A Theoretical Review of Different Perspectives Student: 110014 Second Language Learning and Teaching Module code: EDU5134 A: The biological factor: Warning: Most Teachers Make This Classroom Management Mistake; Do You? If you can eliminate this one mistake when responding to misbehavior, you will lower your stress level, save time, and have a more influential relationship with your students. What is it? The mistake most teachers make is asking students why they misbehaved. Example: An Annotated List of Flipped Class Tools and Resources Flipped Class Tool and Resource List from Turn to Your Neighbor We will keep a (clearly very incomplete) list of tools and resources we use and/or discover relative to flipped teaching here. Help us grow this list using the form at the bottom of the page. We try to emphasize free tools on this page. There are many paid, inexpensive tools that we are big fans of including Screenflow (screencasting software) and Learning Catalytics (classroom response and assessment system). Hundreds of Tips on Flipped Teaching and Peer Instruction

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The 33 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have By EdTech Team Updated on march 2, 2015 : The original list that was created in 2011 comprised 33 skills , after reviewing it we decided to do some merging and finally ended up with the 20 skills below. The 21st century teacher should be able to : 1- Create and edit digital audio Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill :Free Audio Tools for Teachers 2- Use Social bookmarking to share resources with and between learners Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill : A List of Best Bookmarking Websites for Teachers 3- Use blogs and wikis to create online platforms for students Here are some tools for teachers to develop this skill : Great Tools to Create Protected Blogs and Webpages for your Class

This is a great page that has a lot of sub-pages focused on many classroom management topics that give helpful tips and advice to ease the new teacher into the classroom. by laurak95 Mar 18