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Generating Sales Leads: Why Questions need to be Open-Ended. One of the most basic tasks of professional telemarketers is to uncover information from prospective clients that may lead into business opportunities- in short, sales leads. But along with that task of lead generation is to also maintain an atmosphere of openness and trust, which deviates from the usual, transactional and heartless survey-esque style of telemarketing.

Leading them into a cyclone of inquiries and not letting them talk much may have them lose attention and eventually lose interest with the call. The opening spiels and introductions are usually harmless. What could be detrimental to the success of the telemarketing call are the questions that follow. Asking wrong (or too many) questions may force clients to end the conversation. So the goal is clear: Earn their trust. And how do surveys usually sound? Business-to-business (B2B) Outbound Telemarketing and Lead Generation require skills in questioning and extracting information. Best Practices. Case Studies.

The Callbox Multi-Channel Marketing Approach. Our strength does not reside in any single tool we use, but rather, in our multi-channel sales lead generation platform leveraging a unique combination of call center, email, online, mobile, social media and other services. Using these tools separately, the results we got were in the "OK" range. But since we know, and you know, that you can do much better than just OK, we decided do things quite differently from our competitors, and the results were much better. To us, there is no better example of a "whole greater than the sum of its parts". Here's what you can do using Callbox's integrated marketing strategy: Reach out to prospects with the right message at the right time. Ensure the deliverability of your message. Convey a more personalized customer experience. Proof of the strength of our approach is our growth over the years and that of our clients who keep coming back for our services.

Singapore B2B Marketing Leads Generation. I.T. Solutions for Shipping Business: Which Shipping Software Solution Is Right for You? It is well-documented: shipping software significantly improves the process of moving goods between ports and terminals. It automates admin-heavy tasks such as invoicing, demurrage, and detention billing, and speeds up work by eliminating the need for multi-entry of the same information on export forms. In container shipping, software applications like container management software increases profit by maximizing the use of container space. Other software modules can be purchased off-the-shelf and integrated into existing IT platforms to automate certain areas of the logistics process, increase productivity, and reduce expenses. But, how do you know which software solution is right for you?

With so many shipping software companies offering a variety of solutions, either in the form of a product or service, finding the one that best fits your unique business requirements should not be a problem. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. I.T. Solutions for Shipping Business: A Caveat on Implementing Shipping Software Solutions. As marine shipping requirement change, shipping companies are always on the lookout for best possible maritime logistics solutions. When marine software solutions were introduced to the maritime supply chain industry, shipping became a lot different for ship owners, operators, and logistics service providers. Since then, most processes involved in liner shipping have been automated, leaving only a few areas of business untouched, particularly those which required manual operation. Yet, it is no surprise that nowadays many logistics programs are powered entirely by integrated shipping software.

As it appears, full automation of the shipping process seems to be the ultimate goal of every shipping company. Additionally, there have been significant efforts by these companies to create something resembling an end-to-end or all-in-one solutions capable of managing all aspects of shipping process which includes: · Data Encoding · Documentation / Inventory · Load Management · Voyage Calculation. Liner Shipping Software Packages – Software for the Shipping Business – Softship Business Solutions. Liner Shipping Software Solutions -

The Basic Telemarketing Equation: Qualified Calling List = Qualified Prospects. The ‘profiting’ part of the lead generation and appointment setting scenario only starts when you and a prospect close the deal. But until that point, these ‘prospects’ are mere targets. You basically don’t know 100% what the outcome will be. In essence, that’s what you call a leap of faith. But you need to rely on chance – you can improve your probability of a sale if you start polishing from the beginning of the process. And where do you start? You start with the calling list. The list is the raw ingredient. The point is, plenty of time and effort could be saved if a list is already optimized to include only those which are relevant and qualified. How do you optimize a calling list? It would certainly involve an elaborate and time-consuming process to sanitize a list, especially if it’s a huge one involving several industries.

The functionality to categorize prospect information based on history and relevance is very important in any pipeline infrastructure. Why Do B2B Lead Generation Employees In Singapore Leave You? This is a question that a lot of business owners in Singapore are concerned about. Employee turnovers are a serious concern. And this can be made especially troublesome if the people leaving all work in a B2B lead generation company.

For your company to survive, you need generate qualified sales leads. The problem here is to get your B2B leads people to stay. There are some things that you do or provide in the office that can cause them to jump ship. 1. But if you let it up to your head, your employees will not be happy about it. 2. It may be possible that your employees leave due to the change of business structure. Small firms are nimbler, more willing to experiment. 3. The thing about advancements is that an employee can only go high so much. 4. For example, a B2B telemarketing specialist might feel stuck in their job because they just do the same thing all the time.

Related: The Qualities of Good B2B Lead Generation Hires 5. This can make them feel alienated, separated from you. 6. 3 Email Tips for the Struggling B2B Lead Generation Marketer. Not all marketers are successful at using email for lead generation. While many books, articles, and blog posts have been written on how to effectively use this strategy to achieve marketing goals, little attention has been paid to the importance of being better at receiving and processing email.

Here are some tips to help you process email more competently, save precious marketing time, and lower the office hassle: 1. Don’t let email be in command of you The inherent instant gratification of clearing your inbox provides a brief feeling of accomplishment, but it’s really not productive. Doing email is just one part of work. Determine how much time you want to spend in your inbox on a given day, and don’t exceed it. When you first open your inbox in the morning, star/flag emails that must be dealt with today, but make sure to focus on your top priorities first before diving into your inbox. Dedicate 30-minute blocks every two hours to staying on top of email. 2. 3. Grow Your Calling List Better With These Lead Generation Tips. Singapore B2B Lead Generation Company. Singapore B2B Lead Generation Company. I.T. Solutions for Shipping Business: Integrated Shipping Software: Tips for Reducing Fuel Consumption. Fuel consumption accounts for between 50 t0 60 percent of the cost of running a container vessel.

By simple computation, a mere 1 percent drop in fuel consumption could result in an annual savings of up to $300,000 for a large container ship. Do the math for over 70,000 vessels that make up the current global maritime supply chain industry and you will see why vessel operators are placing fuel efficiency alongside automation and shipping software integration on top of their cost-cutting agenda. There are two ways vessel operators reduce fuel consumption. One is through use of technical or design based measures. These include installation of more efficient engines and propulsion systems, improvement of hull design to enhance hydrodynamic efficiency, and increasing vessel capacity. The other one is by implementing operational measures which can include vessel speed management, voyage calculation/optimization, and load management. I.T. Solutions for Shipping Business: How Liner Agency Software Helps in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission.

About 5% of the world’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from merchant vessels. As the volume of maritime trade continues to grow rapidly each year, this figure is expected to rise in the following years. It is not surprising therefore that the shipping industry is under a lot of pressure from governments and environmental groups to take steps to reduce carbon dioxide emission from their ports and vessels. One way the shipping industry responds to these pressures is by adopting the concept of green or clean shipping which involves improving energy efficiency through use of marine software solutions and other shipping technologies.

Efficiency in shipping can be achieved in many ways. For some it can be as simple as switching to a different power source such as biofuel and nuclear power. So, what is the role of shipping company software in carbon dioxide emission reduction? Softship in the press. People at Softship's. Liner Shipping Software Solutions - Circle of Life: Business Marketing Lessons from The Lion KingB2B Lead Generation Company in Malaysia. It’s been 20 years since this Disney animated classic hit the theaters in 1994, but The Lion King still feels as if it was only yesterday, especially whenever you hear Elton John sing. According to Wikipedia, The Lion King, with earnings of over US $987 million worldwide as of 2011, is the highest-grossing hand-drawn film in history, the highest-grossing 2D animated film in the United States and the 19th-highest-grossing feature film of all time. It’s the Hamlet of animated films, and its story offers timeless nuggets of gold, even in the world of – you guessed it – business lead generation and online marketing: Change is good but it may not be easy Simba had to transition from being a traumatized boy in exile to being a stranger in paradise.

It’s often difficult to go out of your comfort zones, but change is necessary – and sometimes even imperative – for a business to evolve. “Remember who you are” Respect the wise In the business world, there are influencers and thought leaders. Seven Common B2B Lead Generation Mistakes You Can Make | Australia B2B Marketing.

You know that there is a need to be your best in your B2B lead generation campaigns. After all, in the IT business, this is a necessity. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you might still end up making some mistakes along the way. In any case, you should be aware of these sales leads gaffes that could have a negative impact in your marketing campaign. Knowing what these are is an important first step. There are seven such mistakes you should take note of: Insufficient customer data collection – what use is your B2B appointment setting efforts if you do not collect enough data about your prospects. Please, avoid these errors, and your B2B lead generation operations might get a better shot at winning more B2B leads. Advertising Services. Finding lead generation solutions for both direct response and brand marketing services has never been easier. While parameters for qualified advertising sales leads are not always the same with every advertising company, we are always able to find a fitting solution for each of our clients.

We promote your advertising services to high profile decision makers such as Sales Managers, Chief Marketing Officers, Sales and Marketing Directors and VPs, CEOs, and Presidents of various corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Our solutions are designed to reach the following target clients: Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companiesRetail businesses with multiple locationsService businessesAutomotive businessesAdvertising agenciesSign makersHealthcare companiesCompanies that frequently advertise in catalogs or magazines Our telemarketing lead generation services provide leverage to online/offline advertising campaigns including: Content. To complete your array of online lead generation tools, Callbox provides content writing services customized to powerfully project your best selling points and bring in qualified sales leads to your pipeline.

We create smart, compelling content for blogs, brochures, and other marketing materials so you don’t have to cram when you’re running out of time or ideas to do it yourself. We understand that writing for an audience is no piece of cake. You have to have a great way with words, sharp focus, and the ability to think like your customers. Our professional content writers have these qualities, which allows us to communicate your message in a strong and simple fashion where ideas speak clearly for themselves. Contact us if you need quality content for the following: BrochuresPowerPoint PresentationsSEO CopywritingPress ReleasesBlog Posts Dial 03.2772.7370 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left.

Client Profiling Services - CallboxB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing. Selling to people you don’t know is like shooting in the dark. While a few pitches actually hit the target, most are not even near-misses. Client profiling can quickly solve this problem. Unlike your typical company profiling technique, we don’t simply split business leads by differences in income, status, or age bracket. We perform rigorous data mining to create detailed client profiles you can use to effectively package and position your message to match your market’s interests. Could your lead generation campaign be more targeted if your client profile had the following additional information? Employment HistoryInterests and hobbiesProduct or service preferencesPurchase historyAverage spendingCredit worthiness, etc. Put more life into your customer prospecting campaign.

Dial 03.2772.7370 to speak with a Callbox representative or fill out that form on the left. Call-to-Invite Telemarketing - CallboxB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing. Giant Software Solutions Provider Improves Lead Capture and Conversion with Callbox. The Client The Client is a world-leading provider of 3D and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions with more than 130,000 customers in 80 countries. It offers a wide range of 3D virtual solutions enabling businesses of every size to digitize innovative ideas and enjoy lifelike experiences with future products and environments. The global company has offices in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific, with partners from leading industries and sectors including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Construction, Agriculture, Education, Healthcare, and others.

The Challenge Prior to engaging Callbox, the Client hired a prominent direct marketing solutions provider to handle its lead generation program. Not satisfied with the results, it sought better marketing. The Client’s main objectives were: The client judged Callbox’s strategies to be more cost-effective and efficient and signed up for a three-month pilot project. The Callbox Solution. Callbox Cleans Up Expansion Clutter. IT Products and Services Lead Generation Appointment SettingB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing. Software Products Lead Generation - CallboxB2B Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing.

Softship CMC-carriers.pdf. Contact. Telecom Leads | Just another WordPress site. B2B Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Face-to-Face Appointments | Callbox. How to do SEO for your Business in 2014. Software Company Favors Callbox Sales Leads Over Own Contact List. Attention Small Businesses: Here’s Your Online Marketing Checklist this Year. Financial Services Lead Generation and Appointment Setting.

Slide Presentations. Callbox Telemarketing | Generate b2b leads through b2b telemarketing. A thing or two about running a business from Boardwalk Empire. Mind Blowing Predictions in Technology and Innovation. Callbox-Social-Media-Marketing.pdf. Lovely Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on Valentine’s Day. B2B Sales Leads. Softship LINE-carriers.pdf. What are the Benefits of Telemarketing? Appointment Setting | Appointment Setting-Singapore. One Great Tip To Improve The Quality Of Your Lead Generation Campaigns. Singapore Event Telemarketing.

Appointment Setting/Lead Generation. Industries We Serve - Callbox Sales and Marketing. Telemarketing and Internet Marketing: A One-Two Punch Combo? Events Archives. Can Singapore’s SEO Providers Innovate Better With Lead Generation? Giant Software Solutions Provider Improves Lead Capture and Conversion with Callbox. Client Testimonials - Callbox Sales and Marketing. Events Archives. B2B Outbound Telemarketing - Callbox. 7 Elements of B2B Marketing Success in the IT Industry. Ten B2B Lead Generation Tips For IT Managed Services.

Sales And Marketing Coordination Improves B2B Sales Leads Conversion. by Dara Lin - National Association of Sales Professionals. Increase Your Sales Leads Productivity, Without Breaking Down. Singapore B2B Lead Generation Company. Client Testimonials - Callbox Sales and Marketing. Softship AIDA-carriers.pdf. Sales and Marketing Through The Words Of An Innovator: A Tribute To Steve Jobs. B2B Lead Generation Methods: Which one is the most effective? Shiena Chin. Callbox Telephone Survey “Primes the Pump” for Market Expansion. Finding the right Telemarketer: Are “people skills” really important? 5 Reasons Why Forum Participation is Beneficial for Lead Generation.

The Business Leads: Don’t believe these 6 Superstitions about B2B Lead Generation. Why are Marketing Infographics cool? Is your Slow Lead Generation Website Losing you Money? Follow these tips. 6 Surefire Ways to Increase your Online Lead Generation Numbers. 3 Common B2B Appointment Setting Objections (and how to conquer them) Singapore B2B Lead Generation Company. Want More Quality Singapore Business Leads? You Only Need These Two Things. Advertising Services. Financial Services Lead Generation and Appointment Setting. B2B Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, Face-to-Face Appointments | Callbox. Callbox Telemarketing | Generate b2b leads through b2b telemarketing. B2B Lead Generation Services, Telemarketing | Callbox.

Happy Mother’s Day! Still remember what Mom taught you about Marketing? ROI of Social Media Marketing: Knowing What to Measure. Callbox the largest commercial cleaning prospector. Callbox-Call-To-Invite.pdf. Improve Your Appointment Setting Call Handling | IT Products and Services Lead Generation Appointment Setting. Appointment Setting | Appointment Setting-Singapore. Software Products Lead Generation - Callbox. Software Leads Generation | Appointment Setting, Telemarketing. Lead Generation for Online Marketing Services Providers. Inside Sales Outsourcing | Lead Qualification. B2B Lead Generation Company | Appointment Setting, Telemarketing.