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Daniela Panosetti. Apocalittico sarà lei. Intervista a Umberto Eco. Semantic Web. WEB SEMANTICA. Web 2.0. EMPRESA 2.0. HERRAMIENTAS ESCRITURA. VISUALIZACION INFORMACION. ANALISIS DE REDES SOCIALES. Semantic technologies. 12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets. Ann Smarty is a search marketer and full-time web entrepreneur.

12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

Ann blogs on search and social media tools. Her newest project, My Blog Guest, is a free platform for guest bloggers and blog owners. Social Media. Social & RSS Newspaper. Preventing social media fails. I rarely use all caps, so this should tell you the importance of this point.

Preventing social media fails

Find a way to keep posting updates, if something went wrong, instead of trying to say, bury it by deleting. Only in the rarest of the rare cases, should you resort to deleting a piece of content posted publicly. Even your fans would doubt you, if you delete something that was posted publicly. Feed Informer: Mix, convert, and republish feeds. : Le premier réseau social de proximité immédiate. Nouveau réseau social de proximité. Se faire connaître dans la rue, en public dans les endroits publics en montrant et diffusant son code et ainsi son message. Les Communautés Blupps pour écrir. How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest. Is Instagram part of your social media marketing?

How to Run a Successful Instagram Contest

Do you want to run contests on Instagram? Adding Instagram contests to your social media mix can quickly expand your reach. In this article I’ll explain the different types, as well as how to create and run a successful Instagram contest for your brand or business. How to Repurpose Blog Content for Social Media. Do you spend a lot of time writing blog posts and creating social media content?

How to Repurpose Blog Content for Social Media

Ever feel like you don’t have enough time to focus on both? The solution is simple: repurpose your blog content by using it in new ways on social media. In this article I’ll share how to repurpose blog content for social media platforms. Why Repurpose Content? Content repurposing can help you “be everywhere,” since it can be distributed in different forms on multiple social media sites.

Outils - Flux RSS/ATOM. La Social Newsroom. If You Call Yourself A Social Media Expert You’re Probably a Fraud. I hate people who call themselves a social media expert.

If You Call Yourself A Social Media Expert You’re Probably a Fraud

Or guru. Or ninja. Or any of those other terms. To me that sounds as stupid as someone calling themselves a Facebook expert or a Twitter expert or even an Internet expert. Collaboratif. Welcome to Route 21. Web 2.0. Outils Web 2. Outils Web 2.0. Strumenti web 2.0. 8 Apps Ipad incontournables pour un Community Manager. Web 2.0. Tools for innovation. Social Media. Social Media Link Building. We've been talking about social media for what seems like ages now.

Social Media Link Building

However, unless you've seen it grow from the ground up, it's not an immediately clear concept – you and your clients may not be on the same wavelength. One concept that can still confuse the heck out of clients is social media link building. So let's dig into why social media matters, which networks/platforms have value and which don't, and methods of using social for your own link efforts. Médias sociaux. Socialmedia.

Une carte conceptuelle du web social. Turnitin: 10 types of unoriginal work. How about this infographic from Turnitin to start the week?

Turnitin: 10 types of unoriginal work

From a survey of nearly 900 educators (Plagiarism Today) Turnitin are trying to “understand what kinds of plagiarism were the most common in academia and, equally importantly, which were viewed as being the most problematic”. The results showed, once classified, that the type of plagiarism can be identified as one of the following: Social Networks. Social Media. Social média. Social Media: Don't Put an Intern in Charge. What Makes Great Content? - 10 of the Best Decks for Marketing Folk. 10 Qualities of an Effective Community Manager. As more companies and more industries buy into the benefits of social media and community development, the number of job opportunities available for professionals with community-building skills also continue to grow.

10 Qualities of an Effective Community Manager

Companies are looking for professionals who can blend their skills to effectively deliver updates to a community, but also have the ability to tap into that community to collect feedback for a company to use for improving its product or delivering its message. While the job opportunities grow, so to do the number of professionals who include community skills on their resumes and profiles. On LinkedIn alone, the number of people who have added "Community Management" to their skills list is up 46% year-over-year. 12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement.

Engagement is one of the most talked about metrics for ROI.

12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement

Some argue that the raw number of "Likes", comments and retweets don't mean anything. Instead, they point to a fans' level of investment, loyalty and engagement to determine whether social media is "paying off. " Social Bookmarking Sharing Button Widget. Social Media Marketing and Blogging. Comment Les Marques Utilisent-Elles Leurs Pages Twitter ?

Le blog du Modérateur. Social. 10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using. Editor's note: A version of this article previously appeared at

10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

Social media is everywhere. It's in our homes, places of worship, schools and, of course, our businesses. Everywhere you look, people are using social media and are talking about it. Social media culture. Cross-posting tools: Be efficient — but be smart. Tweet 15 apps, plug-ins & dashboards to increase your social media productivity By Kim Bale Socialbrite staff Managing social media accounts can be a full-time job, especially with an extensive Web presence spanning sites from Twitter and Facebook to WordPress and YouTube. Posting the same link or update to each site can be time consuming and inefficient. An incomplete social media taxonomy: Creating 35 social media profiles and losing identity. I received some feedback on my driving the other night. I was driving home from the train station on a familiar stretch of road when I saw these two men energetically waving from the side… Read Post → How do we change our behaviour?

How do we stop doing one thing and start doing another? Real-Time & Social Media Search. Social Media Reference Link. Social Media Reference Link / curated by @JuliusDesign Facebook Logo & Brand Guidelines Buttons & Widget. Guía completa con todas las medidas de imágenes de la Social Media. Step-by-Step Guide to your Social Media Success. 100 parole per comunicare il sociale: un glossario condiviso. SOCIAL TOOLS. Ning – Create a Social Networking Site. 50 Free Social Media Tools You Can't Live Without. A couple years ago, Jay Baer wrote a great blog post called ‘The 39 social media tools I’ll use today’ which was an all-in-one toolkit for social media marketers (and still is). A lot has changed in the two years since that post was published so here is a ’2012 remix’ featuring 50 (mostly free) tools you can use on a daily basis.

Whether you are just starting out in the social media arena or have been at it for a few years, this will hopefully be a handy resource. 12 Free Social Media Tools. Social media is taking up more and more of our time, both at home and work. Many enterprises have even started to treat social media tools as mission-critical, meaning that if you don't start mastering them, your lack of knowledge could impede your career. However, since social media is so new, there really aren't established best practices built around it. It's hard to determine what works and what doesn't, and it's easy to be blind to social media risks. Here are 12 free tools that will help you better protect your privacy, attract more followers, and increase your reach and influence.

Do something, Learn something, Share something, Change something - Meetup. ShortForm. Viral Video. Broadcasts. How to Adopt a Social Media Lifestyle. 10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using. Hello World! How to Launch a Startup Using Social Media.

Infographics - Social Networks. Social Media Web Sites. Pimp your code! RSS Tools. Critizr : faîtes entendre votre voix !


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