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If You Call Yourself A Social Media Expert You’re Probably a Fraud I hate people who call themselves a social media expert. Or guru. Or ninja. Or any of those other terms. To me that sounds as stupid as someone calling themselves a Facebook expert or a Twitter expert or even an Internet expert. If You Call Yourself A Social Media Expert You’re Probably a Fraud

Je suis persuadé que cette question, vous vous l’êtes souvent posée. Ou pas. L’idée, si vous le souhaitez est que vous puissiez prendre une copie d’écran d’un site web entier, scrolling compris, en un seul clic.

Copie d'écran d'un site web entier

Copie d'écran d'un site web entier
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8 Apps Ipad incontournables pour un Community Manager Si vous possédez un Ipad, vous vous rendez certainement compte qu’il ne remplacera jamais votre bon vieux PC ou votre MacBook. C’est un fait. Les Apps Ipad Social Media sont bien souvent très limitées par rapport aux versions Web lorsqu’il s’agit de les utiliser professionnellement en tant que Community Manager . Il suffit de regarder la dernière application Facebook qui ne permet pas d’utiliser le réseau en tant que page voire de sélectionner les paramètres de langue lors de la publication pour s’en rendre compte. Cependant, il existe quelques Apps Ipad pour Community Manager qui valent le détour et qui permettent d’imposer l’Ipad comme un superbe outil d’appoint que vous tenez dans une main, tout près de votre machine de bureau. Petite sélection… 8 Apps Ipad incontournables pour un Community Manager
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Turnitin: 10 types of unoriginal work How about this infographic from Turnitin to start the week? From a survey of nearly 900 educators (Plagiarism Today) Turnitin are trying to “understand what kinds of plagiarism were the most common in academia and, equally importantly, which were viewed as being the most problematic”. The results showed, once classified, that the type of plagiarism can be identified as one of the following: Turnitin: 10 types of unoriginal work
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Social Media: Don't Put an Intern in Charge Social Media: Don't Put an Intern in Charge Pardon the generalization: I don't mean to attack 23-year-olds specifically. Nor do I believe there are no young people capable of managing a business's social-media responsibilities. I am, however, trying to make a point: Just because you don't understand social media doesn't mean you should forfeit all common sense and hire your niece, nephew, or any other recent college grad (say, your best friend's sister-in-law's kid) because "they're really good on Facebook." If your business targets the young and hip, most definitely look to a recent grad or young social-media nerd to help your business. But don't assume, either, that you need to hire someone young to manage your social media "just because." Frankly, this kind of logic makes me crazy--and yet I'm seeing it more and more these days.
As more companies and more industries buy into the benefits of social media and community development, the number of job opportunities available for professionals with community-building skills also continue to grow. Companies are looking for professionals who can blend their skills to effectively deliver updates to a community, but also have the ability to tap into that community to collect feedback for a company to use for improving its product or delivering its message. While the job opportunities grow, so to do the number of professionals who include community skills on their resumes and profiles. On LinkedIn alone, the number of people who have added "Community Management" to their skills list is up 46% year-over-year.

10 Qualities of an Effective Community Manager

10 Qualities of an Effective Community Manager
Engagement is one of the most talked about metrics for ROI. Some argue that the raw number of "Likes", comments and retweets don't mean anything. Instead, they point to a fans' level of investment, loyalty and engagement to determine whether social media is "paying off." 12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement

12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement


10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using -- Now

10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using -- Now Editor's note: A version of this article previously appeared at Social media is everywhere. It's in our homes, places of worship, schools and, of course, our businesses. Everywhere you look, people are using social media and are talking about it.
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Cross-posting tools: Be efficient — but be smart Cross-posting tools: Be efficient — but be smart Tweet 15 apps, plug-ins & dashboards to increase your social media productivity By Kim Bale Socialbrite staff Managing social media accounts can be a full-time job, especially with an extensive Web presence spanning sites from Twitter and Facebook to WordPress and YouTube. Posting the same link or update to each site can be time consuming and inefficient.
An incomplete social media taxonomy: Creating 35 social media profiles and losing identity | Sideways Thoughts I received some feedback on my driving the other night. I was driving home from the train station on a familiar stretch of road when I saw these two men energetically waving from the side… Read Post → How do we change our behaviour? How do we stop doing one thing and start doing another? An incomplete social media taxonomy: Creating 35 social media profiles and losing identity | Sideways Thoughts
Social Media Reference Link / curated by @JuliusDesign Facebook Logo & Brand Guidelines Buttons & Widget Social Media Reference Link
No hace mucho tiempo atrás les mostré una hoja de atajos en donde podían ver algunas medidas de imágenes permitidas en redes sociales . No es algo que necesitamos todos los días, pero no viene mal tenerlas a mano. Igualmente esa hoja de atajos no ofrecía información de todas las medidas de las redes que mostraba. Guía completa con todas las medidas de imágenes de la Social Media
100 parole per comunicare il sociale: un glossario condiviso di Rossella Sobrero Migliorare la conoscenza tra i comunicatori (in particolare coloro che operano nelle imprese e nella PA) e le organizzazioni del Terzo Settore (associazioni di volontariato, di promozione sociale, Fondazioni, Organizzazioni Non Governative, etc.): questo l’obiettivo che si è dato il Gruppo di lavoro Ferpi Sociale nei suoi primi mesi di attività. Anche per questo è stato creato un Tavolo di confronto con il Terzo Settore che si è dato alcuni compiti: trovare un linguaggio condiviso, avviare partnership utili a portare a una contaminazione positiva tra comunicatori e operatori sociali, avviare lo studio di indicatori di efficacia e efficienza. Un percorso per consentire alle organizzazioni non profit di capire meglio il valore della comunicazione e l’importanza strategica della gestione delle relazioni e per permettere a chi opera in imprese for profit e PA di conoscere meglio ruolo sociale e valore economico del Terzo Settore.

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Un réseau social libre : Le premier réseau social de proximité immédiate. Nouveau réseau social de proximité. Se faire connaître dans la rue, en public dans les endroits publics en montrant et diffusant son code et ainsi son message. Les Communautés Blupps pour écrir
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