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Visual Dictionary, Visual Thesaurus. How to Grow a Classroom Culture That Supports Blended Learning. The excerpt below is from the book “Moonshots in Education: Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom,” by Esther Wojcicki, Lance Izumi and Alicia Chang.

How to Grow a Classroom Culture That Supports Blended Learning

This excerpt is from the chapter entitled “Trick in the Blended Classroom,” written by Wojcicki. It all started in 1987, when I got a grant from the State of California. The state sent me eight Macintosh computers, never asking if I knew how to use them, and when they arrived I had no idea how to even turn them on. I realized then that I was going to fail if I didn’t get some help quickly. I looked around for colleagues who could help, but none of them had any idea. The students were absolutely thrilled to help me (can you imagine being asked to help a teacher?!) I was soon sold on the idea of collaboration, respect, and trust in the classroom.

5 Online Tools for Creating Picture Books. My recent about Jellybean Writer, an online picture book maker, was one last week's most popular posts.

5 Online Tools for Creating Picture Books

If you missed it, I have a description of it below along with four other good tools for creating picture books. 15 Things 1980s College Students Did That Would Baffle Kids Today. Tips to Engage 21st Century Students. Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds. PDFMerge! - Merge PDF files online for free. Using the text chat feature to teach English online - EnglishUp. There are so many tools available to us in virtual learning environments and online teaching platforms these days that we can easily overlook the value of some of the less glamorous features such as synchronous text communication.

Using the text chat feature to teach English online - EnglishUp

Text chat In this article I’ll look at some of the ways we can use the text chat feature in the Wiziq online classroom to help develop our students’ linguistic and communicative abilities. Are you there? One of the first and most immediate uses for the text chat feature on any virtual classroom is just to establish that you are present and that the student can hear you. When we first start using video chat or VOIP, the most natural thing to do is to ask the person if they can hear you. Centre/country-policies.pdf. 這些有效又免費的學習外語方法,大概沒有人告訴你吧?(詞匯篇) 這些有效又免費的學習外語方法,大概沒有人告訴你吧?


(詞匯篇) Language is the road map of a culture. Jalarm. 我如何寫出一篇文章?每日必用的寫作相關軟體彙整(Windows、Mac) 因為很常被問到「你都是用什麼軟體寫文章要怎麼從螢幕擷取畫面,在加上箭頭或文字等等…」之類的問題,我想很多人都好奇要用那些軟體才能寫出一篇文章,所以我這幾天就稍作整理,將自己要產出文章的過程會使用到的軟體或網路服務介紹一下,提供給有需要的讀者作為參考,這之中可能不一定是最好的組合,但卻是我很熟悉且幾乎每天都會用到的工具。


Social Media Marketing, Statistics & Monitoring Tools. 11 Free Mind Mapping Tools Compared In One Chart. Padlet. Using Multimedia in the Classroom – Macmillan Online Conference 2014. Watch the webinar recording Webinar details Using Multimedia in the Classroom with Robert Campbell Wednesday 12th November 2014: 11.00-11.45 (GMT)

Using Multimedia in the Classroom – Macmillan Online Conference 2014

The Macmillan Education Online Conference. Premier Skills English. Word Banks: Keeping track of vocabulary. This week I wanted to produce something useful for both teachers and students, and after writing about Google Ngrams last week, I thought it would be a good idea to discuss word banks.

Word Banks: Keeping track of vocabulary

Word Banks are a great way to manage new vocabulary, but rather than using paper-based resources, have you tried using Microsoft Excel to keep track of your vocabulary? Using flashcards, or a box full of index cards is a great resource for the whole class, but it is not as useful for self-study. Writing notes on loose leaf paper or in a notebook is great for self-study but it may become more difficult to keep track of words when there are hundreds of entries in your word bank.

Are there any advantages to keeping a word bank in Excel? Yes, there are. Generation Jobless: Thomas Frey: The Future of Jobs - Doc Zone. The Topic and the Stated Main Idea. Free Online YouTube Downloader: Download YouTube Videos, Facebook and many others! Using The SAMR Model To Frame How To Teach With Apps.

Using The SAMR Model To Frame How To Teach With Apps by TeachThought Staff Not all apps are created equal.

Using The SAMR Model To Frame How To Teach With Apps

Not all teacher planning and instructional design are created equal. Mash the two, and we’re beginning to see the opportunity for some real disparity. In response, we’ve taken the popular SAMR model and use it as a framework to understand how to better teach with apps. This post started as a look at “app workflow”–the patterns of student and teacher interaction, the movement of learning artifacts, the visibility of quality criteria, assessment results, and so on, but we thought it might be better to start with some concrete examples of the movement from basic technology integration–in this case, apps–to that which redefines the learning process entirely.

Below, then, are 21 ways apps can be used to teach–and learn–with varying degrees of ambition, from mere substitution of existing teaching practices, all the way to full-on redefinition of what’s possible. Use apps to… Free Online YouTube Downloader: Download YouTube Videos, Facebook and many others! YouTube Video Converter and Download -

Human Clock™: 11:34am. 【必加書籤懶人包】30 個你從沒體驗過的超酷網站. Teach: The Social Construction of Gender. Crossword Puzzle Maker. Instructions: Complete the crossword below We have premade word/clue sets.

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Or use our Copy-n-Paste Quick Add Feature *NEW* Word List Saving Options. HomeMeeting MMC. Blended Learning Strategies for 2012-2013. This policy is valid from 01 September 2013 This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Maureen Devlin.

Blended Learning Strategies for 2012-2013

For questions about this blog, please contact me at This blog does not accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, or paid topic insertions. However, I will and do accept and keep free products, services, travel, event tickets, and other forms of compensation from companies and organizations. The owner of this blog is is not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Miami Technology Outsourcing Services : Carvechi Technology.

Carvechi Launches Online Collaboration Platform. Collaboration | Brief Carvechi Launches Online Collaboration Platform By Staff05/15/14 Carvechi Technology has launched a cloud-based collaboration platform, Collaboratory, featuring content sharing, digital whiteboards and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP). Intended for use by both educational and corporate customers, Collaboratory is designed to help "instructors, students and employees collaborate and seamlessly share content inside and outside the classroom or office," according to information released by the company. TESOL English Language Bulletin Archive.

"Flipping" the Classroom For Meetings. December 31, 2013By: Convene Magazine By Barbara Palmer In 2007, education consultant Jon Bergmann was teaching chemistry in Room 313 at Woodland Park High School in Colorado, and fellow teacher Aaron Sams was next door, in Room 314. The high school is in a rural district, and students who are involved in sports and other extracurricular activities, like chess tournaments, often have to travel long distances to events. One day Bergmann and Sams were discussing how much time they spent catching students up on classwork. 'Our dream school' - video. 親子天下雜誌-51期-柯華葳:上海語文課如何翻轉? BEIS Newsletter - August 2013. A promising instructional approach that has generated a great deal of interest in recent years is flipped learning. In this approach, students access course content on their own outside of class and then interact in class with their instructor and peers as they engage in activities directly related to what they have viewed.

There are many ways to implement flipped learning, but all include this basic principle: Direct instruction takes place out of class while practice and application take place in class (Bergmann & Sams, 2012). The student population English language educators serve, for whom the language of instruction itself is a major challenge, may stand to benefit the most from this type of instruction. When does technology aid language acquisition? Christina Cavage If you are like me, you are probably willing to try anything to engage your students and help them make significant gains in their language learning. Maybe you have jumped on some bandwagons like myself—early CALL trends. English language courses delivered virtually online / Immerse classesImmerse. Since then we have taught thousands of learners in over 80 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, honing our teaching techniques and recruiting the best instructors.

Immerse Learning’s English courses offer an engaging, multi-sensory approach to written and spoken English language learning, supporting the development of confident and clear communication. Classes are taught in realistic 3D environments where students learn the language of everyday life, giving learners both tutor-guided instruction and the opportunity to practise speaking and listening skills with other learners. Our courses offer unrivalled learning outcomes, with learners improving +1 English level after only 100 hours of live tuition.

How Games Lead Kids to the Good Stuff: Understanding Context. Getty Part 2 of MindShift’s Guide to Games and Learning. Those who still think of content as the driving force of education may not be ready for game-based learning. What do we mean by “content”? In this age of digital media, “content” is what web designers, TV producers, and media moguls talk about. Articles, TV shows, YouTube videos, photos — that’s all content. Bilingualism vs. Biculturalism? The Curious Case of the Japanese Brazilians. Mama, am I bilingual or bicultural? Or am I both? Bilingualism and biculturalism are related, but they are not the same thing. Motivation Matters: 40% Of High School Students Chronically Disengaged From School. Sahapab's TOK journal » Blog Archive » Term 2, Week 7 – TOK Key Terminology/Concepts (Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis.

What is Culture? - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint format, Free Interactives and Games. Excel表格公式大全~~這太有用了~大推. Educational Technology. Affordances, technical agency, and the politics of technologies of cultural production. A dialogue between Gina Neff, Tim Jordan, and Joshua McVeigh-Schulz. - Visual Collaboration for Creative People. Kid media lab. What about the social side of language learning? (In response to David Petrie’s “The Future of Language Teaching”) In his post for the British Council Teaching English website, David gives us a futuristic language teaching case from 2034, study drawing on currently existent technologies and their potential uses.

Start building a jeopardy template. Vol 2, No 1 (2014) Seven TED 2013 videos you don’t want to miss. Flipped learning: A response to five common criticisms. One of the reasons this debate exists is because there is no true definition of what “flipped learning” is. Over the past few years, the Flipped Learning method has created quite a stir. Some argue that this teaching method will completely transform education, while others say it is simply an opportunity for boring lectures to be viewed in new locations. Transforming Schools for the 21st Century. Students working with technology in a blended learning environment. Transforming Schools for the 21st CenturyBy Dr. A Critique of the Community of Inquiry Framework.

Review: Minding the Achievement Gap One Classroom at a Time. MY EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS - Irina's Portfolio. Global Cognisphere, Cyborg Pedagogy and Connectivism « Henry's E-learning and Digital Cultures Blog. New PowerPoint Templates - Dec08_article02. 10 Inspirational Quotes for Language Learners. User Generated Education. Is digital technology a boon to learner autonomy?

Tiger Mother Conversation Topic. Duolingo: Home. Technology in 10 quotations : Tech ELT Blog. Danah boyd and Social Media in the Classroom. Zuvio 雲端即時互動系統. Twinsters. Twinsters.