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Immersis VR : Make Room For A New Game. Open-Source Virtual Reality for Gaming - Mozilla FireFox for eBuro. OSVR Hacker Dev Kit. Open-Source Build Your Own In line with the OSVR vision, the entire hardware design is open source, so if you’re a techie and want to build your own, just download the 3D-Files and create your own set of VR-Glasses.

OSVR Hacker Dev Kit

Head over here to find out how. Accessible Experience VR Now The OSVR Hacker Development Kit has been designed to be the best balance of quality and system requirements and can be run on a mid-tier gaming PC and upwards, allowing you to experience the next generation of digital entertainment either with your existing gaming rig or with minimal upgrades. User Upgradable Keep up with industry standards The OSVR Hacker Development Kit is designed to be user upgradable allowing VR enthusiasts and developers to swap key components within the HDK like optics, displays and faceplates in order to get the experience they want.

Casque de réalité virtuelle - Mozilla FireFox for eBuro. ZEISS VR One - Mozilla FireFox for eBuro. Gallerie - Mozilla FireFox for eBuro. Casque de réalité virtuelle. Salutron LifeTrak Zone R415 - Watches and wrist devices - CNET Reviews - Mozilla FireFox for eBuro. January 7, 2014 9:04 PM PST / Updated: January 8, 2014 4:57 PM PST LAS VEGAS -- The line between smartwatches and fitness trackers is blurred even more with the introduction of the Zone R415.

Salutron LifeTrak Zone R415 - Watches and wrist devices - CNET Reviews - Mozilla FireFox for eBuro

Equipped with a heart rate monitor and pedometer, this sporty timepiece measures steps, sleep, and calories burned. The watch also notifies you when mobile phone alerts occur, a skill most activity trackers can’t make. Additional abilities in the Zone R415’s tool kit include automatic sleep tracking (no button-pressing required), calories negated through metabolic activity, and scheduling silent alarms. The R415 keeps seven days of hourly records of your stats too. More impressive is the that the Zone R415 is waterproof enough to survive laps in the pool. There are drawbacks to the Zone R415, however, specifically that it lacks a homegrown mobile app to communicate with smartphones. Sifteo Cubes - Mozilla FireFox for eBuro.

PowerUp 3.0 iPhone-Controlled Paper Airplane. DICE+, rocketships and a giveaway. I received my DICE+ developer kit a couple weeks ago and was excited to get to testing.

DICE+, rocketships and a giveaway.

What is DICE+? DICE+ is a bluetooth connected, smart, 6 sided die that is made out of materials safe to roll directly on your devices. It has a 20hr battery which powers a bunch of cool sensors like accelerometers, magnetic field sensor, touch sensitive faces, and a few more. The built in anti-cheat protection makes sure each roll is fair, and each face can display a wide range of colors due to the red, green and blue LEDs backlighting every side.

Balanced to match any standard 6 sided die performance, the DICE+ brings back some of the tactile fun of playing games on digital devices. In the following tutorial, I have designed a simple 2 player game in which you are trying to be the first player to get your ship into space. First lets create a new, single view, portrait oriented project for iPad called ‘RaceToSpace’ using ARC (Automatic Reference Counting). Add the following to the Player.h, Lunettes vidéo Fatshark Attitude SD 5.8Ghz+ tx 5.8Ghz 250 mW. Lunettes vidéo Fatshark Attitude SD V2 + émetteur 5.8 Ghz 250 mW Fatshark + caméra CMOS 600 lignes.

Lunettes vidéo Fatshark Attitude SD 5.8Ghz+ tx 5.8Ghz 250 mW.

Cette paire de lunettes vidéo du célèbre fabricant de matériel FPV "Fatshark" propose une qualité vidéo optimale et un confort de vision inégalé, notamment grâce aux écrans LCD de nouvelle génération et aux caches en silicone qui les entourent, épousant parfaitement la forme des yeux de l'utilisateur et assurant ainsi une parfaite obscurité même en plein soleil. Les Fatshark Attitude SD V2 disposent d'un nouveau champ de vision de 35 degrés offrant un équilibre parfait. Ces nouvelles lunettes vidéos sont équipées de glissières permettant de régler l'entraxe entre les écrans pour un meilleur ajustement au niveau des yeux.

Ces lunettes intègrent un récepteur 5,8 Ghz 40% plus sensible que les récepteurs d'ancienne génération et un capteur gyroscopiqueTrinity 3 axes faisant ainsi de ces lunettes les plus complètes de la gamme. Informations techniques: Compatibilté: Contenu du produit. Monleap - Toute l'actualité Leap Motion. Motoactv. Motoactv SmartWatch Motoactv (styled MOTOACTV) was a smartwatch sold by Motorola which contains a number of hardware features and software applications tailored to fitness training.


The watch contains apps for monitoring athletic activity using a built-in accelerometer to measure strides and GPS to measure distance. It can also be synced with a Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor or foot pod via ANT+ technology. The watch can communicate with external devices over Bluetooth 4.0 such as pulse sensor and Bluetooth stereo headphones for music. In addition, there is a DJ mode that will custom tailor the music dynamically to the workout. When connected to a phone, the watch will display caller ID, text messages and calendar alerts. The device reports that it is running Android 2.3.4 which according to Google is the same API as Android 2.3 with some minor patches and bug fixes. It was discovered by an owner named "CMW" (aka.

EyeFly 3DEyeFly 3D. Heider CF2 Super Torch.