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Travel agencies want to growth deals decrease costs and increase their customer service. Agencies can sell through the Software, web, etc. Travel Carma Develop these types of software that can be use easily for Travel Agencies.

Travel Technology in a Post-COVID World. 3 minute read The effects of the worldwide virus outbreak and widespread lockdown have plunged the global economy into a crisis.

Travel Technology in a Post-COVID World

The US economy was predicted to contract by 6.1% this year, while the worldwide economy was forecasted to shrink by 5.2%. This makes the current economic climate worse than that of the recession that occurred during World War II. Recessions are characterized by several key factors, such as a decline in personal income, massive unemployment, and a fall in wholesale and retail sales volume. These, in turn, have a rebounding effect on sectors like travel. The travel industry depends on other sectors, such as hospitality, retail, and food. Luckily, recent technological innovations have allowed the travel industry to bounce back and continue its operations. 5 Not Too Late Travel Agent Resolutions for 2021. 10 Most Popular Posts on the TravelCarma Blog in 2020.

2 minute read So 2020 is finally about to come to a close.

10 Most Popular Posts on the TravelCarma Blog in 2020

Phew! What a year it has been! Nobody even in their wildest dreams could have imagined this year would turn out the way that it did. How do I choose a top travel software development company in India? What’s the Best Back Office Software for Travel Agencies? - TravelCarma. 8 minute read As face-to-face interactions reduce and remote working becomes a norm, travel agencies need to have the right tools to manage their business remotely.

What’s the Best Back Office Software for Travel Agencies? - TravelCarma

To this end, agencies across the globe are increasingly turning to online solutions to get their business ready for this new reality. One of the biggest challenges with this new reality, if you are an agency owner, is streamlining your back-office operations and running your business as efficiently as possible. How do you manage reservations, cancellations, customers, sub-agents, accounting reconciliation, and other aspects of your agency as cost-effectively as possible? Spreadsheets? Using different software tools for different purposes? Not to mention that your data is scattered across all these systems, and you can’t get a consolidated view of your business unless you export and organize everything into a single spreadsheet – which means you’re back to square one!

So, what’s the best option? What are the Benefits of a Travel CRM Software for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators? - TravelCarma. 5 minute read Tourism is among the fastest-growing industries in the world, particularly in emerging economies.

What are the Benefits of a Travel CRM Software for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators? - TravelCarma

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put the brakes on travel, it’s only temporary and travel will restart once things get better. Travel providers need to get ready for the resurrection of travel demand with more efficient tools to keep up with customer expectations in the new normal. One tool that’s going to become essential tool for travel agencies and tour operators going forward is a Travel CRM. As remote working is expected to become a norm in the industry, you need to invest in the latest online tools to efficiently manage your back-office operations, bookings and customer relationships remotely. What are the Advantages of a Hotel Reservation System? - TravelCarma. 6 minute read The days of people walking into a hotel and asking – “Do you have a room available?”

What are the Advantages of a Hotel Reservation System? - TravelCarma

Are long gone. Now, everybody likes to book their hotel rooms on the internet in advance. That’s why, whether you are a hotel or a travel intermediary, you need an online hotel reservation system to keep up with the demands of the industry and scale your business. Moreover, without a reservation system, you would be handling all your bookings manually, which is just massively time-consuming, inefficient and prone to errors. What are the Benefits a Travel Technology Company can Provide? - TravelCarma. Essential Software Tools every Travel Agency should Use - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog.

8 minute read If you’re still relying on spreadsheets and outdated tools (or worse, pen-and-paper!)

Essential Software Tools every Travel Agency should Use - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

To manage your travel agency, it’s time to upgrade! There are a plethora of wonderful tech tools out there that can help you simplify operations, increase your productivity and elevate your customer experience. 8 Affiliate Programs that Offer Great Commissions to Travel Agents - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. 5 minute read Whether you are a budding travel agent or have an established agency, the most basic requisite for your business is a competitive inventory of flights, hotels, rental cars, cruise and vacation packages that you can sell to your customers.

8 Affiliate Programs that Offer Great Commissions to Travel Agents - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

Joining affiliate programs of reputed travel companies not only helps you provide your customers with a wide range of inventory but also helps you earn money at a very low cost to your business. Here are some of the most well-paying travel affiliate programs in the world. 1) Expedia When it comes to Affiliate programs, Expedia is probably the biggest name out there today.

As an affiliate partner you have access to the Affiliate center of Expedia and you can view the details of payments in the stats section of the Affiliate center. 2) Proven Tips to help Travel Agencies master Instagram marketing - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. 5 minute read Whether it’s a family holiday, romantic getaway, solo trip, business travel or just a random unplanned trip with friends, travelers are more than happy to share the highlights of their holiday on social media.

Proven Tips to help Travel Agencies master Instagram marketing - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

And Instagram is hands down the most popular social media tool to share vacation pictures. This photo-sharing app, which has revolutionized travel marketing, has more than 300 million active users. A Travel Agent's Guide to IATA Certification and becoming an IATA Agency - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. 5 minute read What is IATA?

A Travel Agent's Guide to IATA Certification and becoming an IATA Agency - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog

Founded in Havana, Cuba in April 1945, IATA(International Air Transport Association) is the leading body of the aviation industry. IATA now represents 265 member airlines and over 80,000 travel agents in over 120 countries. The international scheduled air transport industry has grown manifold since inception. Keeping up with the dynamic growth standards of the industry, IATA is now handling over 95 percent of the world’s scheduled air traffic. How an Itinerary Builder makes life easy for Travel Agents and Tour Operators. 7 minute read If you are a travel agency or a tour operator, particularly one dealing in FIT tours and boutique vacations, a big part of your job is building highly personalized itineraries and proposals for clients, typically spreading over several days, sometimes covering multiple destinations.

How an Itinerary Builder makes life easy for Travel Agents and Tour Operators

For this you need to put together a plan for the client comprising of multiple travel services, i.e. Flights, accommodation, sightseeing, ground transportation, meals etc. The longer the trip, the more complex the plan, the more time and effort you need to spend. Creating itineraries is time-consuming, right? Imagine this scenario: You get an inquiry from one of your clients, looking for a 10-day vacation in Western Europe. So, you email your vendors for availability and pricing, or log into supplier systems. The client asks for changes(as they often do), along with additional details and photos of the hotel room(s) or any attractions or activities that you have added in the itinerary.

TravelCarma Introduces ‘Resilience Package’ to help Travel Agencies Bounce Back from COVID - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. 4 minute read The State of the Industry The coronavirus pandemic has easily been the worst crisis the tourism industry has ever faced. Within 2-3 months of the outbreak, it created a chain of events that brought the entire industry to a grinding halt. Worldwide lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus meant all non-essential movement of people completely stopped, causing revenues of almost everybody in the travel trade to plummet. Thankfully, the spread of the virus seems to be slowing down in many parts of the world, recovery rates are increasing, and countries in certain parts such as the EU, Australia & New Zealand, and parts of South East Asia are gradually reopening their borders, albeit with stringent health and safety measures and post arrival self-isolation.

How OTAs can Integrate Post-COVID Airline Policy Changes and New Flight API Schemas with TravelCarma TDX - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. 4 minute read Post-COVID Challenges for OTAs with Air APIs The airline industry is likely to undergo drastic changes post-COVID, which will impact both airlines and OTAs. Country specific quarantine, airline policy changes, seating allocations etc. are some of the challenges that OTAs will have to work with. In addition, after a prolonged period of hiatus in business Travel companies are most likely to focus on maximizing revenue and thus change to whichever supplier can provide the best net rates/lowest commission. We have looked into some of the likely scenarios related to Airline API and seating policy changes.

How a Travel iPaaS helps Travel Companies solve their Data Integration Challenges - TravelCarma. 4 minute read As travel businesses grow bigger, they invest in multiple software solutions for various business functions. These include CRM software, Accounting, ERP, Email Marketing, HRMS, Expense Management etc. They may even use multiple systems for each function. These systems could be cloud-based or built in-house. Connecting all these disparate systems and having them talk to each other poses a real challenge for businesses, particularly large enterprises.

Online Travel Marketplaces – Fad or Future? - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. Move over Flights and Hotels: Experiences and Ground Services are the next Frontier in Online Travel - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. Why is B2B Booking Engine a Perfect Choice for Travel Agencies? B2B travel booking engines are a diligent way of expanding your marketing efficiency.

With the help of these engines, any travel firm can connect to service providers from across the map. Sports Tourism – Insights into the 8 Billion Dollar Market - TravelCarma. Applications of Data Science & Machine Learning in Travel - TravelCarma. Why Cloud Computing is the Future of the Travel Industry - TravelCarma. 5 minute read That’s the thing about technology. It benefits everyone! How Tour Operators can Generate More Bookings through Digital Channels in 2020. 5 minute read Atop the mountain, as the cool breeze tickles your neck, you sigh in pure bliss. Amidst the lush greenery, as the birds chirp, you marvel at nature.Surrounded by historical monuments, as you go back in time, you awe at the architecture. Top Features a Travel Agency Software Must Have. Considering that over 40% of travel is booking online today, it’s imperative for travel agencies to invest in good travel agency software to stay relevant in the times to come.

Whether it’s booking flights, hotels, ground transportation or sightseeing, a travel agency software can help travel agencies keep their customers happy by providing them everything they need under one roof. Travel Agency Software - Benefits to a Travel Agency. The advent of digital travel companies has enabled people from every corner of the world to take advantage of the easily accessible programs and travel the world. The coming of online travel agency software has centralized and automated the process of travelling. From reservation to reviews, the system is constricted to the website or the mobile application to make it easier.

The major benefit of travel agency software is the immediate availability of all the facilities necessary, to complete a travel, at one place and one go. The Connected Trip – An Unrealistic Dream or an Imminent Reality? - Travelcarma. How the Internet is Changing the Face of Destination Marketing - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. Top Features a Travel Agency Software Must Have. How Travel Agencies can Meet Customer Expectations in 2020. Benefits of TravelCarma's B2B Booking Platform for Travel Agencies and DMCs. Top Online Travel Trends that will Rule in 2020 - TravelCarma. Top Travel and Tourism Trade Shows & Conferences to Attend in 2020 - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. 10 Most Popular Posts on the TravelCarma Blog in 2019 - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. Business Corporate Travel Statistics 2020. Facebook vs Google – Where should Travel Marketers spend their Advertising Dollars? - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. Why Tourism Firms should Invest in Travel APIs - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog.

How AI & Machine Learning are enhancing Customer Experience in Travel. Trends & Opportunities - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. TravelCarma to Showcase its Travel Technology Solutions at ITB Asia 2019 - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. How Technology Can Redefine Travel Concierge Services. How Travel Firms can leverage Ancillaries to Boost Revenue & Customer Loyalty - TravelCarma Travel Technology Blog. TravelCarma Travel Technology Solution. How small to mid-sized travel agencies can increase their sales. Why you should optimize your website for mobile devices..Right now! Software Solutions for Travel Businesses – Announcing New Features.

3 things a small travel business needs to start selling packages online. Benefits of a Quotation Builder for a Travel Business. How Travel Agents can use Facebook integration to drive website traffic and maximize revenue.