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5 Full-Proof Ways To Boost Customer Engagement With An App. Technology holds a lot of capacity to bring the change in the system that we all are hoping for.

5 Full-Proof Ways To Boost Customer Engagement With An App

It would be very hard to measure the scope of technology by assessing a small part of it. To be honest, the transformation has become so detailed that we might miss to notice it sometimes. Different domains of technology are advancing at full speed to hit the nail right on target. Speaking of the domain, it is hard to not notice the boiling capabilities of mobile app development. The capability of app technology has stunned the entire world with its wide-ranging potential.

For businesses, it is acting as a new ray of hope, by driving the sales, status, services, and whatnot. For customers, app technology simply means convenience. How Devops Is Revolutionizing The Development Journey And Bringing Ease? We all know that DevOps is a unique and collaborative approach which lets the development and operations team to work in an organization together.

How Devops Is Revolutionizing The Development Journey And Bringing Ease?

Further, this collaboration helps two different teams to perform their operations in an organization. An Expert's Guide To An Immaculate Business Mobile App. An example of the success of technology behind app development can be witnessed during a day to day routine.

An Expert's Guide To An Immaculate Business Mobile App

Budding entrepreneurs are, therefore, choosing this platform to expand their horizons and jump on to this seamless digital platform. But one thing that cannot be neglected here is the fierce competition. The advent of this tech indeed brought a lot of development in a variety of sectors, but it also elevated the level of competition. Is React Native App Development Pocket Friendly? Isn’t it astonishing, how a budding technology like mobile app development expands within a decade to become an integral part of our day to day lives?

Is React Native App Development Pocket Friendly?

The pandora of opportunities that it has to offer is magnificent. It is influencing small to large-sized businesses all over the world to jump on a colossal platform. The wave of digitalization is helping businesses to shift their traditional brick and mortar processes on a seamless and digital world of the mobile application. The ability to remain connected with the user base is pushing entrepreneurs to integrate the process with a flawless app. But not all of the businessmen have access to a pool of funds. Uptrennd. The concept of digital transformation is taking a surge in the current spectrum due to pandemic.


Today every business around us looking forward to bring their operations and service management online, to reach out to a wider user base and enhance revenue stream. However, due to a strong uptick in the demand, there is a boost in customers’ expectations as well. It has pushed competition to the edge, where every company wants to prove its worth by making a significant change with technology and speed. To bring a change that can meet the demands of the users and bring the solution faster, there is one technology. Top Trends Of Social Media Marketing In 2020. When the world stepped into the brand new decade with 2020, the winds changed its direction and started moving towards a progressive future.

Top Trends Of Social Media Marketing In 2020

As we have completed half of this year's journey, it's not tough to notice the transformation. From waging a war against COVID-19 to tackling the unstable economy, 2020 is nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. But despite all the atrocities, together we are conquering one step at a time. It is true when one door shuts another one opens up, and if it doesn't you better push it open. When businesses all around the globe were forced to shut or operate from home, many were adversely affected.

Social media is a boon for the businesses that are dedicated to excel under any circumstances. Stories. Online Grocery Apps Are Thriving During The Covid-19 Crisis. Grocery app download number has swelled worldwide and has grown 218% from February to mid-March due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Online Grocery Apps Are Thriving During The Covid-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 has brought a sudden change in our life, and now the way we access services has transformed into a digital shift. And record demand for online grocery shopping has encouraged many physical stores to embrace the digital curve to deliver services. Checkout The Expansion Of IOT In Healthcare Industry - Absbuzz. 4 total views Before the advent of technologies like the Internet of Things, the communication between the medical staff and the patients was limited to physical visits or telephonic communication.

Checkout The Expansion Of IOT In Healthcare Industry - Absbuzz

But now this sector has the power to monitor the patients from remote locations as well. Isn’t it fabulous? The transformation is the result of the efforts by the healthcare industry. There has been a series of continuous and dedicated attempts to embrace the trending techs. How Has IoT Helped The Healthcare Industry? IoT-based devices have expanded the scope of remote monitoring in the healthcare industry. My Trending Stories. Everything Apple Announced At WWDC 2020. On Monday, June 22 at 10:00 a.m.

Everything Apple Announced At WWDC 2020

Pacific Time Apple started a fully digital WWDC. It streamed directly from Apple Park with some exciting announcements. If you missed watching the entire keynote. Don’t worry, we have condensed everything for you in this post. Let’s get a quick recap with us… The Rise of mHealth Apps; Bringing Value To Patients And Doctors. As per Statista, health care mobile app will be valued more than 175 billion U.S. dollars in 2023.

The Rise of mHealth Apps; Bringing Value To Patients And Doctors

This figure indicates how promising healthcare app industry is, and how far technology has become a part of this flourishing sector. If you look closely then you would realize that medical apps have hit the market, benefitting millions of patients enormously. With the help of healthcare apps, it becomes easier for the patient to get remote consultations, fast answers to their queries, and track the general health condition. Today the scope of this app sector is not limited to one specific category only, but it is used in different purposes as emergency care, specific disease care, general hospital purposes, online consultations, progress tracking, getting medical references, and much more.

Benefits QA Outsourcing Can Offer To Your App Product? There are many questions related to QA testing, and each of them matters to bring a successful process into practice. However, when it comes to building a product that is a success in every possible manner, it needs to be a PERFECT piece from every inch possible. But is it that easier to achieve? Of course, not, there are different steps involved in the process, and out of all, the QA process holds much significance. Let’s find out the ways which highlight the value of the QA process and the challenges it possesses with the in-house team.

Why do you need to have a full-fledged QA process? Well, you should know that QA- quality assurance is a systematic approach that is picked and implemented to ensure the product holds impeccable quality. React Native Is The Best Investment Option For Entrepreneurs! Every startup is looking forward to making a huge in its business domain, and to achieve this goal the integration of digital identity helps in abundance. However, it becomes a question to invest in a mobile app, as it can bring some challenges to their available funds, but the need for app also cannot be ignored.Then what can be done?

Well, to address these issues the best way is to use that technology that does not burn a hole in their pocket but still provides a robust platform to their businesses to grow further. Such technology is React Native, and below we have mentioned some of the benefits that really help, Let’s read ahead… No risk at allThe integration of a cross-platform development framework can bring the question of burning challenges. Now with React Native offers the ability to share 95% of the codebase between iOS and Android versions effortlessly. Why Your Business Can't Survive Without UX Consulting? “For a mobile app designer, it is very important to analyze all the concepts of user experience.

Take a look further if you want to know more perks of UX consulting.” The trends present in the market keep changing from time to time. But, one buzz that never seems to fade away is UX consulting. Nowaday from a budding business to an established one, everyone is talking about it. There is no doubt in the fact that a process must fulfill the needs of its user base. Apple WWDC 2020: Get A Whiff Of Upcoming Announcements. Apple’s WWDC is indeed going to be different from its previous versions, due to pandemic impact. However, despite having the gloomy effects from COVID-19, Apple has decided to brave the crisis and this year’s complete conference will be in a new, digital-only format.

And to keep you stay updated and well-informed we have brought you a quick look at some of the expected announcements at WWDC 2020. Online Learning Has Found Its Moment With Delima! The very concept of online learning has transformed into massive and engaging due to the pandemic effect. Now, online learning is the necessity that is being practiced by every possible educational institution in the world. There has been a significant shift every business is going through amid pandemic, and a massive shift like this has brought unprecedented changes in the education field. And it has led to an onslaught need for online learning across the globe. During the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers, parents, school districts, and communities are doing their best to replace in-person with online learning.

The concept of an online learning plan covers every required teaching strategy, communication rule, device, different solutions, and policies. Real-World Use Cases Of Blockchain Technology. Best Tools To Create AR Mobile Applications In 2020. “The world is witnessing the rise of augmented reality application. Let's know more about the tools that are required for its development. Why You Should Really Care About AI Ethical Issues? Pave Passage Beautifully Imperf - jamessmitha. Unleash What New Snapchat Has Brought For Android And Ios Users. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps among the users, and its filters are making the users worldwide going drooled over. How E-Commerce Mobile App Can Get Hold Of Colossal Popularity?

Trends That Will Revolutionize Mobile App Development In ... Why Mobile App Development Is An Essential Part Of Your Business During Covid-19? Apple Watch Will Witness Ecg App & Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification! The ever-expanding scope of iOS application development has brought a remarkable shift in the healthcare industry as well. Flutter vs React Native- Which framework best fits your app idea? -

The popularity scale of native mobile apps is not hidden from anyone. FreshOnTable App Boosts Sustainability In Agricultural Sector. Mobile app technology is the reason why different sectors are stepping up and fully adopting the digitalization. Today we will talk about one such invention in the food & agriculture sector. So without any further ado, let us begin. Apple’s Mhealth Market To Reach USD 311.98 Billion By 2027. How Blockchain Is Leading Businesses To A Progressive Change? Tabby- A Fintech Startup In UAE Nets $7m Funding For New Launch.

How Fraud Analytics Help In Evading Gambling Abuse Worldwide? Dubai Future Foundation On FinTech- Gets Powerful Post Pandemic. Users Can Now Track Build Of Their New Sportscar With Porsche App. A Complete Guide To Hamburger Menu & Some Other Menu Alternatives. Why Developers Are Not Using the Latest CSS Features In 2020. What To Choose For Cross-Platform Development; React Native Or Ionic? Technewsky - Top Leading Technology News or Tech News Sites. Why Use Of Drones Is Gaining Popularity In Real Estate? Unleash Biggest Stories Macos Catalina 10.15.5 And Ios 13.5 Jailbreak. A Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs To Build An App In 2020. First Dollar- healthcare savings startup closed $5 million seed funding for HSAs - DEV. Now Send Food To Your Loved Ones With Uber’s New Sharing Feature. Taiwan Based Live Streaming Company M-17 Raises $26.5 M Funding. Is Python A Good Choice For Mobile App Development? Artificial Intelligence Trends That Will Change The Decade. Facebook Made React Native Framework Accessible.

Sleeper Closes $20 M Funding And Expanding To Esports Amid Pandemic. EdTech startup Knowledgehook has launched a remote learning platform in Ontario - Covid-19 Transmission Fear Has Boosted Wayfair Sales 20% Ayogo Health Has Got $7.5 M Series B Funding To Combat Social Isolation. ApplyBoard- Edtech Startup Nets C$100M In Series C Funding. Tech Startup BrainBox AI Raises $12M CAD For Expansion. Digital learning. Healthcare Stepping Towards Better Future With AI Technology. Save Money, Time, And Effort While Paying Rent With Ajar.

Survive The Pandemic Chaos With iOS App Development. Android Introduces Its First-Ever Built-In Braille Keyboard. Esselunga Cuts Down The Woes Of Shopping Queues With The Ufirst App. European Payment Industry Nets Acquires Polskie ePłatności. Cheatcodes To Control Mobile App Development Cost! Relish Snuggles And Cuddles Of Fur Babies With Pawzy. Increase Your Loyal Userbase With Android App Development. Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Oil and Gas Industry. Lyft Has Launched A Meal & Grocery Delivery Service In U.S. Cities. How Mobile App Development Can Give You An Edge Over Competitors? Experience high-speed development with PhoneGap. How to write a description that can sell your blockchain app? How Content Makes Online Education App Successful? Myths That Can Kill Your Fitness Mobile App.

Digital Future Will Be Accentuated Further By Blockchain Technology. Global Impact Of AI On The Education Market 2025. Quiet Mode For Facebook’s iOS And Android App. Live-chat feature opens a doorway of sales opportunities. APP LAUNCH STRATEGIES FOR YOUR GROCERY MOBILE APP. How AI Technology Will Affect Business Operations In 2020?

Stay Fit During Lockdown With Wearable Devices. Uptrennd. React Native Mobile App Development Company in India & USA. COVID-19’S Impact On The Mobile App's Success. IOT Is Building A New Future Amid Covid-19. Covid19- AR & VR Master The Subtle Art Of Social Distancing. How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing the Travel Apps Exponentially. Quality Assurance; An Inevitable Aspect For App's Success Plan. Technology Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry! Collaboration tools to sail work from home during covid - 19. Trace, Test And Treat With Apple & Google. Top Predictions And Trends For The App Development In 2020!

Create Your Own Mini App Within The Budget! Artificial Intelligence Is Breaking The Chain Of COVID-19- 900. Experience Incredible App Performance With React Native. How Your App Can Reign In Mobile App Store? Secret Unleashed; Mobile App Developers Can Transform Your Business. How An iOS App Developer Can Help Your Business To Grow?

iOS 13.1.2: Apple Has Released Bugfix Updates. What Provokes Your On-Demand Food Delivery App To Flunk? Online Dating Application- Looking Forward To Woo Your App Users? Why Enhancing Real-Life Experience With Mobile App Is Critical In 2019? Android 9 Vs Android 10; Which One Is Best To Pick? Picking A Reliable Iphone App Development Company Isn’t Daunting. 5 Essential Elements For A Comprehensive Brand Identity.