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Untitled. Children flock to Antwerp to catch a glimpse of Saint Nicholas. ESL Holiday History Lessons - Pumpkin Pie. Body tricks – Stop your hand from working. Xand, you're hopeless at this!

Body tricks – Stop your hand from working

Look, I may not be very good at this, but I've got a trick for you that will make even the best catcher find it very hard to hold the ball. It's Doctor Xand's world-famous 'How to stop your hand working' trick. Now, what this trick does is prevent one of your hands from working. Does anyone have any idea how we might do a trick like that? Aahil. Mr. Bean (Conjunctions) Fill the gap: Mr.

Mr. Bean (Conjunctions)

Bean cannot hear the woman knocking ________________________ he is sleeping. Jeopardy Jeopardy Template. Venice is flooded by the highest tides since 1960s. Venice flooding: Man swims in St Mark's Square as Italian city is hit by high tide. November 20th: Universal Children’s Day – Sustainable Language Teaching. Figurative Language: COLOR IDIOMS. Idioms: Color Idioms (With Pictures) Untitled design 5. BBC Learning English - Lingohack / The woman who swims inside icebergs. Fall/ Feel/ Fill (stage 1)-English. Learn English > English lessons and exercises > English test #114368: Fall/ Feel/ Fill (stage 1) FALL/ FEEL /FILL (step 1) Confusion, again, up to the advanced level, sometimes, between these three verbs.

Fall/ Feel/ Fill (stage 1)-English

This exercise: step 1 is meant for beginners. Going further using phrasal verbs, we'll be able to diversify the meaning of the words; the lesson will then be for intermediate learners. 1) To FALL=> TO FALL, I FELL, FALLEN. -- Tim fell on his knees and hurt himself when he was playing in the garden with Jana. How to make a Day of the Dead mask. Hi, I'm Jessica Parker and you're watching 'Own It'.

How to make a Day of the Dead mask

I'm an online special effects make-up artist and I taught myself these skills by watching a lot of really cool content on sites like YouTube and Instagram. Largest collection of video quotes from movies on the web. Eating insects. Presenter: Every resort town in the US has a candy store, but one store in Pismo Beach, California, goes beyond the usual taffy and caramel apples.

Eating insects

If Hotlix has its way, Americans will be snacking on everything from caterpillars and cockroaches to mealworm-covered apples. Larry Peterman is a candyman on a mission. For more than a decade he’s been promoting a valuable food source that most Americans find revolting. In a land of plenty, people resist. Larry knows why. Larry Peterman: In our culture, from the time that we’re really small, we’re taught to avoid insects. This has got a good cricket in it! Presenter: But kids aren’t the only ones munching on bugs. Advocates of insect-eating like to note that it’s environmentally sound. BBC Learning English - Lingohack / Meet Britain's first trainee guide pony. Hear or listen. Teenager goes blind after living on junk food. "My Amazing Day" ESL Story Creating Conversation and Writing Activity ~ Mrs. Baia's Classroom. Hey all, I just came up with this idea for a conversation class that I can do with just about any level.

"My Amazing Day" ESL Story Creating Conversation and Writing Activity ~ Mrs. Baia's Classroom

As some of you may know, the Korean school year is fast ending but some of us still have to teach but we have nothing left to teach (textbook wise) so lately I've tried doing some more laid back classes that are more about creativity and practicing speaking. This activity could be used for elementary grade 5-6 as well as all the way up to adult level, I think. It uses a bit of simple writing and then speaking, a lot depending on how creative. 1. First, give the students a blank paper, recyclable is fine as long as one side is blank. Song Pieces! Adding Novelty to ELT – Song Activity Factory. Image by Thomas Breher from Pixabay Introducing a new, fun and original ELT activity, SONG PIECES!

Song Pieces! Adding Novelty to ELT – Song Activity Factory

Containing short song extracts from which students have to listen to specific things in the song lyrics. Description:In this song-based activity lesson plan for English language teaching, students work in teams and listen to 10 different short song extracts and have to identify different grammar structures and vocabulary in each one. Language level: all levelsLearner type: All agesSkills: listening and writingTopic: variedLanguage and grammar: prepositions, clothes, adjectives, parts of the house, frequency adverbs, comparatives, superlatives, simple past verbs, colors, numbers, will futureMaterials: edited mp3 files for the songs used Duration: 20 - 30 minutes Downloadable materials: instructions; Song Extracts (mp3 files)

American Airlines passengers’ shock as traveller takes miniature HORSE onto flight. AMERICAN Airlines passengers were left stunned after noticing a miniature HORSE had joined their flight.

American Airlines passengers’ shock as traveller takes miniature HORSE onto flight

Evan Nowak said he noticed the animal, which had been brought onboard by a fellow traveller, while flying on an a service from Chicago to Omaha. He posted the footage to Twitter, which showed the horse calmly sitting near the front of the plane in an aisle seat. He added: "At this time we would like to begin boarding with any active duty military, families travelling with children under the age of 3, and horses... "