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Politics in Canada

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Please Advise! What’s the Status of Canada’s Own Loony Mobs? [Editor’s note: Steve Burgess is an accredited spin doctor with a PhD in Centrifugal Rhetoric from the University of SASE, situated on the lovely campus of PO Box 7650, Cayman Islands.

Please Advise! What’s the Status of Canada’s Own Loony Mobs?

In this space he dispenses PR advice to politicians, the rich and famous, the troubled and well-heeled, the wealthy and gullible.] Dear Dr. Steve, Many of us watched with horror as a mob attacked the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 6. Signed, Conrad Black: Trump is nailing it (but the mainstream media would never tell you that) It is an astounding feature of the contemporary international political scene that almost no coverage of American affairs, including in most of the President Donald Trump-hating American media, reports or comments in a way that is even slightly relevant to the unfolding facts in that country.

Conrad Black: Trump is nailing it (but the mainstream media would never tell you that)

Unlike all other important countries except Britain and Canada, the United Stares has had the same political institutions for over 150 years. For over a century it has operated on a scale that the world had never imagined to be possible. It is a fantastic success, but it is not at all the shining “city on a hill” derived from the Sermon on the Mount and much bandied about by President Ronald Reagan. It is not at all like Canada and Britain only more populous, and its culture and institutions are only superficially similar. Diane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump’s medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses home. I predicted in December that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s immature diplomatic blunder — the “hot mike” recording of him ridiculing U.S.

Diane Francis: Canada should reciprocate Trump’s medical export ban and bring our doctors and nurses home

President Donald Trump at the last NATO conference — would cost Canada dearly. Now, we know the price. David Wright (journalist) Value-added tax. A value-added tax (VAT) or also goods and services tax (GST) is a form of consumption tax.

Value-added tax

Posthaste: Canada’s top 10% of earners pay 54% of taxes — but here’s the kicker, many are just middle-class. Good Morning!

Posthaste: Canada’s top 10% of earners pay 54% of taxes — but here’s the kicker, many are just middle-class

The top 10% of Canada’s earners make 34% of the country’s income, but are paying 54% of income taxes, says a new essay that questions the premise that the “rich” don’t pay enough tax. “Despite common misperceptions and misleading rhetoric, our top 10 per cent of income-earners pay more than half of Canada’s income taxes — and this group includes people that few would consider wealthy,” said Philip Cross, a former chief economic analyst at Statistics Canada, in the essay released by the Fraser Institute. Subscribe to read. Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador. Role and presence[edit]

Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador

John Crosbie. Canadian politician John Carnell Crosbie, PC OC ONL QC (January 30, 1931 – January 10, 2020) was a provincial and federal politician who served as the 12th Lieutenant Governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

John Crosbie

Senate of Canada. Federal Accountability Act. The bill aimed to increase transparency of government spending, and establish clearer links between approved expenditures and their outcomes.

Federal Accountability Act

The bill was passed by the House of Commons on June 22, 2006, by the Senate on November 9, 2006, and was granted royal assent on December 12, 2006. Provisions[edit] Pierre Poilievre. Background[edit] Poilievre was adopted at birth by schoolteachers of Franco-Albertan heritage.[2] His biological grandfather was of Irish descent.[3] He studied international relations at the University of Calgary,[4] following a period of study in commerce at the same institution.

Pierre Poilievre

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Calgary.[5][6] Poilievre has done policy work for Canadian Alliance MPs Stockwell Day and Jason Kenney, and prior to running for office himself; worked as a full-time assistant to Day. He also worked for Magna International, focusing on communications, and has done public relations work. In 1999, writing as Pierre Marcel Poilievre, he contributed an essay, "Building Canada Through Freedom" to the book @Stake—"As Prime Minister, I Would Politics[edit] Trudeau condemns Iranian missile strikes, says Iraq stabilization must continue. Canada would like a government now, please. Events, dear boy, events.

Canada would like a government now, please

We are promised a news conference later today with the prime minister, and it’s a good thing too, because the questions are starting to pile up. Statesman, ‘daddy’ or dud: Justin Trudeau’s new beard ignites social media. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be spicing up his look for 2020 with a new salt-and-pepper beard that has riled up his fans and critics in Canada. The PM’s official photographer Adam Scotti unveiled Trudeau’s new look in a social media post on Monday afternoon.

The photo shows a newly-bearded Trudeau with his fingers tented in front of his lips as he gazes thoughtfully into the distance. Another photo posted on the PM’s Twitter account offers a second glimpse of Trudeau’s new beard. Many Trudeau critics were quick to dismiss the new beard with a simple “Who cares?” And a shrug. Story continues below advertisement. Federal spending hits record high as demographic time bomb set to explode. OTTAWA — Federal spending under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reached record highs, just as a new report warns that Canada is sitting on a “demographic time bomb” that will see spending on a rapidly aging population rocket.

Liberal spending on public programs reached $9,066 per person in 2019, the highest in Canadian history when adjusted for inflation, according to a report by the Fraser Institute. The spending increase comes as the Trudeau government continues to expand various social programs through increased childcare benefits and higher pension plan contributions, among other things. Jason Clemens, executive vice-president of the Fraser Institute, said higher spending risks putting Canada into a difficult fiscal position that could take years to climb out of, particularly considering an aging demographic and projections of slower economic growth. The Fraser Institute report did not account for interest costs on government debt. Trump trolls Trudeau after CBC cuts U.S. president’s Home Alone 2 cameo. Eagle-eyed viewers are taking the CBC to task after it emerged that the broadcaster’s recent screening of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was missing one significant cameo: that of Donald J.

Trump. Hours after Twitter blew up over the CBC’s controversial removal of Trump’s appearance, the president of the United States threw in his two cents. “I guess Justin T doesn’t much like my making him pay up on NATO or Trade!” The U.S. president said of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Swann: Stop the blame game; Alberta’s plight is our own doing. After 11 years as an MLA in the Alberta legislature under the Progressive Conservative government I feel compelled to challenge the blame now levelled at Ottawa for our difficult economic state. The current Alberta Conservatives have ramped up the tiresome strategy as old as Alberta; when in distress — blame the feds for our economic woes. And denounce the efforts for the TMX pipeline and policies for a new energy future, beyond carbon. The blame game by the UCP government also feeds climate change denial in spite of the overwhelming science and the growing global human suffering.

How many booms and busts does it take for a Conservative government, in power for 44 years, to acknowledge they have failed to both recognize the need for alternate markets for our oil, more economic diversity and a science-based response to climate warming with stimulus for clean energy, energy conservation and efficiency programs? Chris Selley: Donald Trump is right about deadbeat Canada, but no one here cares. Father of medicare. The Ford government removed rent control on new units. A year later tenants are reporting double-digit increases.

Trump Overheard Calling Trudeau 'Leader Of The Igloo People' WASHINGTON, DC—After blanking on the name “Canada”, U.S. William Watson: I’ll pay my taxes the way Trudeau funds the military. Donald Trump Calls Justin Trudeau "Canada's Worst President Yet" Trump Claims America Should Never Have Given Canada Its Independence. NEW YORK, NY—Donald J. Trump has told Fox and Friends that he believes the U.S. 9 highlights from PM Trudeau's year-end interview with Lisa LaFlamme. OTTAWA -- CTV News' Chief Anchor and Senior Editor Lisa LaFlamme sat down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a year-end interview that touched on a range of topics. Erik Nielsen. Canadian politician Life and career[edit] Justin Trudeau says he will be lower profile, more business-like in second mandate.