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Alert! Protesters READY To BURN It Down In November? What is Sentient World Simulation? - Rapture Ready. In 2008 Christopher Ketcham showed that Big Brother is not just eavesdropping and spying on the American people, he is also attempting to predict “what the target will do, where the target will go, who it will turn to for help.

What is Sentient World Simulation? - Rapture Ready

The Pentagon is running an artificial intelligence (AI) program to see how people will react to propaganda and to government-inflicted terror. The program is called Sentient World Simulation. Defense, intelligence and homeland security officials are constructing a parallel world, on a computer, which the agencies will use to test propaganda messages and military strategies. Called the Sentient World Simulation, the program uses AI routines based upon the psychological theories of Marty Seligman and others. (Seligman introduced the theory of “learned helplessness” in the 1960s, after shocking beagles until they cowered, urinating, on the bottom of their cages.) Has just verified that WE ARE THE MAJORITY! □ GATES CAUGHT ADMITTING VACCINE CHANGES YOUR DNA - PILOTS / CONTROLLERS WALK OUT IN VACCINE PROTEST. Source: Wil Paranormal.


More videos about vaccinated pilots and the planes falling out of the sky:A Cardiologist Was Behind The California Cessna Plane Crash, Did Vaccine Cause Him To Lose Control? EPIDEMIC OF SMALL PLANE CRASHES LINKED TO. 9 Ways to Discern Fake News from Real News. By Nanice Ellis Contributing Writer for Wake Up World No doubt, the world has never been more chaotic and confusing, and with contradicting data streaming from the internet, social media and MSM, it’s nearly impossible to know who and what to believe, especially with fake news masquerading as real news and real news being dismissed as fake news!

9 Ways to Discern Fake News from Real News

Consequently, if we can’t trust the information we’re receiving, how can we make good choices for ourselves and our families? Fortunately, by using a combination of logic and intuition, there are 9 ways to easily discern real news from fake news. 1 – Do Your Own Research. 5G Trials Being Conducted in India Despite Opposition, Warnings, and Lawsuit - Activist Post. By B.N.

5G Trials Being Conducted in India Despite Opposition, Warnings, and Lawsuit - Activist Post

Frank Definite biological, economic, environmental, privacy, public safety, and security risks have been identified with 5G technology (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15). Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums. JUST IN: Pentagon Admits US Drone Strike In Afghanistan Killed 10 Civilians And No Terrorist Targets. ​​​​​​​Get A First Look At 'The Giant' Statue Coming To 21 Cities Across The Globe. The most exciting visitor attraction concept of the 21st century has been launched.

​​​​​​​Get A First Look At 'The Giant' Statue Coming To 21 Cities Across The Globe

Entitled, The Giant, it features the world's tallest moving statue (35 metres/112 ft). They Found a Planet in Our Solar System & Called it Chaos, Really! Mark Lerner. HAITI DEMOLISHED. Brighteon. BlackRock and Vanguard: The Same Shady People Own Big Pharma and the Media What does The New York Times and a majority of other legacy media have in common with Big Pharma?


Answer: They’re largely owned by BlackRock and the Vanguard Group, the two largest asset management firms in the world. Moreover, it turns out these two companies form a secret monopoly that own just about everything else you can think of too. Keywords Current EventsNewsPolitics FREE email alerts of the most important BANNED videos in the world Get FREE email alerts of the most important BANNED videos in the world that are usually blacklisted by YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Vimeo. Your privacy is protected. Brighteon. I don't know where the vid came from but I'm banned on Youtube, I'm boycotting Facebook and Twitter are censoring the F*!


K outa me.. So I'm just gonna upload a shit load of vids and info I have in an attempt to disgruntle the criminal powers that be.. Alot of these videos I am uploading to show you are extreamly censored, hidden or out-right banned on mainstream platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Please consider joining the ''FLAT OUT TRUTH'' Facebook group, it covers pretty much any topic you can think of. Brighteon. ** Evidence of Self Spreading Vaccines Being Used For Depopulation- Video: InfoWars, Greg Reese – 12/May/2021-- Unvaccinated women reporting miscarriages and excessive bleeding after coming in contact with the vaccinated.Comments:• Another excellent video once more from Greg Reese.


People seem to regard the power and size of surgical nanobots as merely "conspiracy theory", but that is not so. They were actually being used to cure cancer around twenty years ago by altering the DNA of a subject by simply increasing human cell voltage by 10,000 times by inserting monoatomic gold into the dna, resulting in human cells repairing their own memory due to that increase in voltage. BOARDED UP AND READY - Marfoogle News. Advertisement If you want to see more from us and support our channel, you can donate via PayPal or consider the products available from our affiliates: EMP Shield, EDEC, Nord VPN, and do your shopping with our Amazon link!


(2) Moving Black Strings On Masks & Swabs: Parasites? Morgellons? Worm-Like Micelles For Drug Delivery? Masks being withdrawn from school after causing illness. More than 1.5B masks will pollute oceans this year: report. More than 1.5 billion disposable face masks will wind up in the world’s oceans this year — polluting the water with tons of plastic and endangering marine wildlife, according to a Hong Kong-based environmental group.

More than 1.5B masks will pollute oceans this year: report

A report by OceansAsia cites a global market research report that estimates 52 billion masks were made this year to meet the demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It also says that a “conservative” calculation means at least 3 percent of them will be washed out to sea. “Single-use face masks are made from a variety of meltblown plastics and are difficult to recycle due to both composition and risk of contamination and infection,” the report says. “These masks enter our oceans when they are littered or otherwise improperly discarded, when waste management systems are inadequate or non-existent, or when these systems become overwhelmed due to increased volumes of waste.” WARNING: Scammer Tried to Get $15,000 Bitcoin On WhatsApp. 5th December Election Update 2020. (11) Bases News Sky Flashes Open Letter Divine Dec 4th 2020.

ΒREΑΚΙNG! ΕLECTΙΟN FRΑUD IN 4 STΑTΕS ΡRΟΟF & MORE! WHAT ΤHEΥ DΟN'Τ WANT ΥOU TO SΕΕ! (ALL REVEALED) Artificial Intelligence Detects Covid From Coughing in Cellphone, MIT News. Death spiral for cars. By 2030, you probably won’t own one. By 2030, you probably won’t own a car, but you may get a free trip with your morning coffee. Transport-As-A-Service will use only electric vehicles and will upend two trillion-dollar industries. It’s the death spiral for cars.

A major new report predicts that by 2030, the overwhelming majority of consumers will no longer own a car – instead they will use on-demand electric autonomous vehicles. Forced Vaccination Plan Unveiled – Off-Grid Healthcare. Our health overlords propose a dangerous infectious disease control plan that mandates indiscriminate immunization for all Americans, a plan that is far more dangerous than the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic itself. Writing in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, Stanford Law School and Health Policy departments propose priority vaccination for high-risk groups that comprise the population that are least likely to benefit and most likely to experience side effects and hospitalization from COVID-19 coronavirus immunization, or from any vaccine for that matter. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS What is IPR. "If You're Not Angry You Are Already Dead" ~ Caution: Swearing. (5) A Warning From Yugoslavia; Don't Let Socialism Come To America!

Beirut Explosion Caught on Camera! It Has Begun !!! Legal Eviction from Their Home for Not Wearing Mask ~ Sam & Amy's Terrifying Story. Putting a Laser Gun to the Head Destroys Your Pineal Gland. DO NOT Get Tested ~ Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine ~ Ms. Celeste Solum Validated...Again. Satellite Image of Three Gorges Dam Shows All Floodgates Opened, EQ's in Proximity, Latest.

NEW PNDMIK Level Flu Strain in China? They Die On The NHS. The Healthy American, Peggy Hall. Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why? The Answer May Shock You! 100% PROOF MASKS ARE BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH! Abby Normal Goes Shopping in Karen World 2020. Untitled. Untitled. Proof ~ Masks Are A Sick Joke On Humanity. Fox News. Trump's Pedo-Lawyer ~ "YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS YOU WILL/MUST GET SHOT"

Controlled Op Musky Musk Speaks On Falsifying of SeeV Death Documentation. No coincidence. BAM! It's On The Circuit Boards! I Told You! #OperationRadiation. (1) The Governments "Pandemic Response" Is A Crime Against Humanity. (10) I went shopping and this is what happened .... WHO and Queen announce children will be taken from homes. Will You Pass the Soul Test? (7) Message to the Dark Controllers. COVID - LOCKDOWN - GLOBAL BANKRUPTCY - the PLAN.

A Breakdown on Current Testing Procedures. Scamdemic - Dr Scott Jensen On Covid 19 Death Count Guidelines & Financial Incentives. May 23rd, Incoming Comet Atlas Half the Size of the Sun. Alexa Claims COVID-19 Was Released By Government. Coronavirus Turn Off Water Power If Rules Not Followed, Pension Funds Unemployment Checks Delayed. (1) The Illusion of Freedom is No Longer Profitable. Cough 19 ~ NOT a Virus!!! Rather A 5G/GE Electronic Battle for Your Soul Forever and Ever. Trump Declares War * Biometric Tracking ID's for "Essential Travel" in USA Inc. Why 5G Caused Oxygen Depletion is Causing Covid19 Illness' and the Biomag Remedies All Can Learn. Bill Gates Thinks a Coming Disease Could Kill 30 Million People Within 6 Months, And We're Not Ready. If there’s one thing that we know from history, it’s that a deadly new disease will arise and spread around the globe. That could happen easily within the next decade.

And as Bill Gates told listeners on Friday at a discussion about epidemics hosted by the Massachusetts Medical Society and the New England Journal of Medicine, we’re not ready. Elon Musk Reveals His Plan for Colonizing Mars. Drought by Design - The Genociding of Australia. COPPA Will End YouTube As We Know It & Protect Pedophiles *LANGUAGE WARNING* Massive Radioactive Dome Cracking & Updates Tonight's Shows. The fight to stop Nestlé from taking America's water to sell in plastic bottles. The network of clear streams comprising California’s Strawberry Creek run down the side of a steep, rocky mountain in a national forest two hours east of Los Angeles.

Last year Nestlé siphoned 45m gallons of pristine spring water from the creek and bottled it under the Arrowhead Water label. Though it’s on federal land, the Swiss bottled water giant paid the US Forest Service and state practically nothing, and it profited handsomely: Nestlé Waters’ 2018 worldwide sales exceeded $7.8bn. Saudi Arabia Accuses Iran of Sponsoring Oil Plant Attack. (1) 2019 IS STRANGE Part 13 // SEPT - OCT. Stormy Weather In Solarville: Amazon Joins Walmart In Saying Its Tesla Solar Panels Spontaneously Ignited. From Zerohedge Many people theorized that the bail out “buy out” of Solar City, advocated for and led by Elon Musk, would eventually come back to bite Tesla.

Gulf Coast in Big Trouble, Brain Eating Amoebas in Water, Toxic Algae Blooms, Hurricane on Way. RARE sighting of "Doomsday Plane" in the SKY. The Answer To YouTube Censorship Is Right In front Of Our Face! Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change. RECORD FLOODING WORLDWIDE!!!! NEW 37 MI WIDE RIVER IN AUSTRALIA!!!! DE-FOREST MANAGEMENT!!! How ducting a propeller increases efficiency and thrust. China Behavior Rating System V/S Sweden Microchip implants.

Behind Vale’s Deadly Dam Collapse: Multiple Warnings That Went Unheeded. CERN going BIGGER - "Colossal Collider" coming to Earth! ELECTROMAGNETIC PLASMA CHAOS 2019 - Something is Happening!!! Synthetic "Super Meat" Is Here !...You are What Ewe Eat. Why are 10,000 migrant children missing in Europe? The State of the World Today & What We Are Heading Into. Sun Simulator predictive programming Sun Simulator fake sun dahboo77 news 24 planet x.

USA issues

California. There's Mounting Evidence The Continent of Africa Is Splitting in Two. China May Soon Have a Second (Artificial) Moon. Moonlit skies over the Chinese city of Chengdu may soon get a boost from a second moon. City officials recently announced plans to build an artificial moon, launching it to hang over Sichuan province's capital city by 2020, Chinese news site People's Daily Online (PDO) reported. The illuminated orb is intended to complement the light of Earth's existing moon, and will be eight times brighter than the natural satellite, Wu Chunfeng, chairman of Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co.

Sunspot Observatory Closure & 5 Other Obervatories Closed Too? Radiation from Both Hemispheres. Inky Black, Polluted Rivers Seep into Ocean After Hurricane Florence in NASA Image. Over 8 trillion gallons of rain fell on North Carolina during Hurricane Florence, according to an unofficial estimate reported by the National Weather Service in Raleigh. As the floodwaters rose, they churned up pollution and debris, which then was fed into the swollen rivers of North Carolina, a new NASA image reveals. The Zionist Network, The Talpiot Program, & Kill Switch Diplomacy. Fire Proof Evidence of Directed Energy Used in CA Fires. What These Past Films Said Would Happen in 2019. Grand Solar Minimum: Billion € Crop Losses, Grow Zones Shifting. Something HUGE Just Happened on Earth 2018. Globalists Are Telling Us Exactly What Disasters They’re Planning For The Economy.

"If Crisis or War Comes" Government Issued Brochure being sent to all households in Sweden. Smart train: World's first trackless 'smart train' begins test run in China - TomoNews. Apple's 'Spaceship' Campus in California Nearly Ready for Employees. Synlight: Germany fires up 'world's largest artificial sun' in push for climate-friendly energy. Updated.