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Genetic modifications

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Why the Arctic Apple Doesn't Turn Brown. Food chain nanoparticles. Major Setback for the Biotech Industry - Insects Rapidly Developing Resistance to GM Crops. By Paul Anthony Taylor 19 October 2017 from Dr-Rath-Foundation Website A major new scientific assessment of crops (Surge in Insect Resistance to Transgenic Crops and Prospects for Sustainability) that have been genetically modified to produce pest-killing poisons has found that insects are rapidly developing resistance to them.

Major Setback for the Biotech Industry - Insects Rapidly Developing Resistance to GM Crops

Published in the Nature Biotechnology journal by researchers from the University of Arizona in the United States, the study examines 36 cases looking at how insects react to the crops. Significantly, as of 2016, the data shows a dramatically reduced efficacy of the poisons in 16 cases, with early warning signs in a further 3 cases. This represents a huge increase from the mere 3 cases of resistance that had been observed by 2005. Overall, resistance or early warning signs of it were found in a majority (19) of the 36 cases examined.

The data analyzed in the assessment represents the responses of 15 insects in 10 countries on every continent apart from Antarctica. GMO: 10 Foods you didn't know were Genetically Modified Organisms! The myth of “substantial equivalence” of GM crops shown to be false. Are genetically modified crops actually equivalent to real food?

The myth of “substantial equivalence” of GM crops shown to be false

New research has shown the answer to that question is an emphatic “no.” Despite Big Biotech’s claims that their GMO crops are “the same” as regular, traditionally cultivated crops, dramatic differences in phenotypes show that this assertion is simply untrue. While many people have long suspected that GMOs were not the “better” versions of traditional crops that they’ve been made out to be, science continues to provide proof that GMO skeptics aren’t just “crazy conspiracy theorists.” Is it really that hard to believe crops engineered in a lab to suit the needs of the toxic pesticide industry aren’t the same as their traditional counterparts? For proponents of the GMO industry, reality can be hard to swallow. GMO crops aren’t the same, study finds A team of researchers from Mexico City published their peer-reviewed meta-analysis in the journal Frontiers in Plant Science.

One Radio Network / New Form of GMO Sneaking Into Food Supply This Year - One Radio Network. By Daniel Taylor “Within 50 years we could have more life forms invented in a lab than we have ever identified in nature.” – Fidelity Investments “This year [Evolva] will release a product that has been created by genetically modified yeast that converts sugars to vanillin.

One Radio Network / New Form of GMO Sneaking Into Food Supply This Year - One Radio Network

GMO's Revealed: Episode 1. 920869359 MIT. Alert: Dangerous new type of GMO being unleashed into food supply… check your APPLES. Seeds Of Death GMO's EXPOSED - Full Documentary. ALEX JONES - Morgellons GMO Foods Nano Technology 4-19-11.

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Untitled. Alert: GMO oranges now under development. (NaturalNews) Unknown to many, since 2005, a large portion of America's orange supply has been under attack by a bacterium that is carried by the psyllid (a jumping plant lice) and sours oranges, leaving them half green.

Alert: GMO oranges now under development

The disease, which has already cost Florida growers more than $4.5 billion, has been labeled citrus greening. Ricke Kress is the president of Southern Gardens citrus and in charge of two and a half million orange trees in the state of Florida. Since the disease was discovered, Kress and one thousand other Florida growers, who supply the majority of the nation's orange juice, have battled it with everything they have.

The link between GM cotton and antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea - scientists sound the alarm. What will we learn next?

The link between GM cotton and antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea - scientists sound the alarm

Cotton panties are linked to gonorrhea? Tuesday, May 20, 2014 by: Carolanne WrightTags: GM cotton, antibiotic resistance, gonorrhea(NaturalNews) We may not associate much risk with seemingly “inedible” genetically modified crops like cotton, but the dangers are very real. GM cotton actually poses a triple threat — Bt pollen, widespread use of cottonseed oil in the food industry and cottonseed cake fed to animals. Researchers are now concerned that Monsanto’s genetically modified cotton crops — grown around the world, from India to the United States, Europe, Australia and South America — are creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs that would make gonorrhea, and possibly tuberculosis, untreatable.The history of Monsanto’s genetically modified cotton is far from the “white gold revolution” purported by the controversial biotech corporation.

7 Intriguing Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies - WebEcoist. Genetically modified food is one of great controversies of our time.

7 Intriguing Genetically Modified Fruits & Veggies - WebEcoist

Supporters point to wonderful possibilities of nutrient-packed food and solving world hunger, while critics fear unknown effects on human health. But whatever one’s opinion the matter, one thing is clear: some genetically modified fruits and vegetables are awfully intriguing! Here are 7 of the most interesting examples: Safety of hybrid fruits & vegetables - Biology Fortified, Inc. This post examines why we are generally comfortable with non-GMO plants being released without safety testing, but have very different standards for plants developed with GMO methods.

Safety of hybrid fruits & vegetables - Biology Fortified, Inc.

Are hybrid fruits & vegetables safe? The short answer from this educated layperson is “yes, of course, generally.” Hybridization, Plant - Biology Encyclopedia - body, human, process, animal, different, chromosomes, used, types. Photo by: Vasiliy Koval Hybridization is the process of interbreeding between individuals of different species (interspecific hybridization) or genetically divergent individuals from the same species (intraspecific hybridization).

Hybridization, Plant - Biology Encyclopedia - body, human, process, animal, different, chromosomes, used, types

Offspring produced by hybridization may be fertile, partially fertile, or sterile. Strange Hybrid Killers, Growing Like Plants and Eating Like Animals, Rule the Oceans. The following essay is reprinted with permission from The Conversation, an online publication covering the latest research.

Strange Hybrid Killers, Growing Like Plants and Eating Like Animals, Rule the Oceans

Have you ever wondered where the foam in the ocean comes from? Or why the sea can look clear on some days and green, brown, or even pink on others? And how fish get the ingredients to make those omega-fatty acids that we’re told are so good for us? Well, the single word answer to all of these questions is: “plankton”. Why Legalize Marijuana? Because GMO Pot Is On Its Way. [This was to be expected and now they're confirming it.

Why Legalize Marijuana? Because GMO Pot Is On Its Way

HOW TO IDENTIFY GMO TOMATOES IN 2 EASY STEPS. Study Indicates GMO Soy Produces EXCESS Formaldehyde. By Catherine J. Frompovich Back in 1992, when the U.S. How to Avoid GMO Popcorn - The Farmer's Life. Avoiding the consumption of genetically modified, or GMO, popcorn is very easy. All anyone needs to do is eat popcorn. Simple as can be. As this post is written (August 2014) there is no GMO popcorn on store shelves nor is there any available for farmers to grow.

I raise popcorn for Weaver Popcorn, and they currently have no plans to explore any biotech traits. I’m not even aware of anyone working on a GMO popcorn (remember popcorn is different from field corn, waxy corn and sweet corn). But the fact genetically modified popcorn does not exist does not stop Orville Redenbacher, distributed by ConAgra, from using persuasive packaging to lead consumers to believe other brands might contain GMO popcorn. GMO apples and potatoe dangers exposed. (NaturalHealth365) It’s long been known that GMO produce can have unpredictable and often very undesirable side effects when consumed by living creatures. Now newly developed GMO apples and potatoes that do not brown are a new threat to the health of humans and animals everywhere. These apples and potatoes use double stranded RNA (dsRNA) to disable the browning genes inside their structure. Bill Gates' human experimentation with GM bananas in Africa condemned by scientists.

GMO bananas are coming to a supermarket near you, thanks to Bill Gates - Regulatory Loophole Allows GMO Products to be Marketed as Non-GMO. The government isn’t particularly interested in making sure Americans know what they’re eating. It seems like knowing what is in the food should be a basic right, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, last week Congress passed a federal requirement for labeling products containing genetically modified ingredients that signifies a big win for food companies. The bill will require labels to be retooled or updated to show whether any ingredients had their natural DNA altered, but it will be years before the new labels are phased in, and food companies won’t be required to list specific information on their products.

GMO labeling proponents had hoped the bill would be more like a state law in Vermont, which requires food companies and grocers selling prepared foods to explicitly label foods that contain GMO ingredients by January. The Top 15 Lies You're Being Told About Health and Mainstream Medicine. 28th February 2016 By Marco Torres Guest Writer for Wake Up World Do you ever question what doctors, nutritionists, institutions and even science tells you about your health, food, environment and lifestyle? You should, because we live in an era of deception and duplicity where the most trusted and valued sources of information are hijacked by much bigger interests than you can imagine. The reason they’re failing us is because corrupt governments, corporations and the media are constantly feeding us lies on a daily basis, which through repetition, the public eventually accepts as truth.

Chlorella modification. Patent WO2000062620A2 - Transformed cells useful for the control of pests - Google Patents. The subject invention was made with government support under research projects supported by NIH Grant No. CLONING AND EXPRESSING TRYPSIN MODULATING OOSTATIC FACTOR IN Chlorella desiccata TO CONTROL MOSQUITO LARVAE. Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology, October 6, 2015. Expression of trypsin modulating oostatic factor (TMOF) in an entomopathogenic fungus increases its virulence towards Anopheles gambiae and reduces fecundity in the target mosquito. Background.