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Swiss Candy Jewelry. I call it Swiss Candy Jewelry because it loosely resembles Swiss cheese and the Haribo Gummi candies they sell all over central Europe.

Swiss Candy Jewelry

Similar to the process used in the Sparkling and Melting Flowers, this tutorial uses the magical properties of #6 recyclable plastic. Materials: * Five #6 recyclable plastic cups * Heat source (like a well ventilated oven) * Chain or wire to use as necklace base and links * Pliers Cost: Free for me (I already had cups leftover from a party and an old junk necklace, but I imagine this could be assembled for less than $10) Time: 60 minutes for the blue statement necklace, 20 minutes for the pink pendant.


Bonsai - Tedy Boy Bonsai - INDONESIA - bonsai europe bonsai usa JAPAN CHINA AUSTRALIA - bonsai. Bonsai Landscape. Kaizen Bonsai - gallery. Portrait Illustration Maker : Free Cartoon Avatar Generater! Automata. The Automata Blog. Mechanische Figuren Werner Gergaut Kinetiker-Bildhauer-Maler. MechaniCards. Boxford Resources System. It is said that :- The first Automata was created by GOD.

Boxford Resources System

According to Talmundic tradition, Adam was created in 5 hours. In the first, his dust was gathered from all parts of the world; In the second, it was kneaded into a shapeless mass (Golem); In the third, his limbs were shaped; In the fourth, a soul was infused into him; In the fifth, he arose and stood on his feet. If you swap the words Adam for Robot and view the stages from the point of a production line, soul for software and GOD to Honda. It does get scarry the idea of ancient aliens building robots in front of primative man, the language being his best understanding of what just happened before his eyes.

When we enter the world of automata we enter a world where some machines were real and some were actors, a little like the toymakes dolls in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Prometheus was reputed to have made the first man and women on earth, with clay animated by fire and stolen from heaven. Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.

Papier hier

Custom Paper Toys. Scrappystickyinkymess. February 2012. Am I the only one who thinks January flew by especially quickly?

February 2012

Here it is a brand new month and time to introduce you to three beautiful shops! Garnish has gathered a stylish collection of packaging items that come in handy for so many occasions - Valentine's Day school treats and Super Bowl parties, just to get you started. Garnish is where you'll find those pretty paper straws, corrugated cups, clear acetate boxes, and bamboo paper cones we see on gorgeous food blogs, but wonder where on earth to buy them. Find lots of clever and affordable ideas on the Garnish blog. The company is also on Facebook. Sara Tejada's passion for her business, Inkprint Letterpress, had me at hello... and that was even before I read this most interesting article that describes her introduction and attraction to letterpress printing.

Sara, a graphic designer, loves the antique press she's nicknamed Bertha. Sara blogs and is on Facebook. Keep up-to-date with Melina's latest creations via her enjoyable blog.

Making toys

Free Knitting Patterns, Knitting Tips, How-To Knit, Videos, Hints and More! The Elissa Costume V03. STARTING POINT This skirt was modeled after the US versions as far as possible.

The Elissa Costume V03

This includes a green skirt with a red pleated hem, red apron, and a red backdrape with various colour details. The tabs has a specific design, in black, gold, green and red. The false bodice area is short, and curved in front, and has elaborate beading underneath. The skirt was made as a present for Las Vegas' Meg Giry, Brianne Kelly Morgan, from the forum "Deserted Phans". 1. 1. Underskirt of doom, made of 18 meters of black netting The pleated hem, made of red/gold brocade, four rows of gold trims, and lots of tassels Main skirt made, trying on the different pieces to see how it goes together The tabs, hand painted fabric decorated with lots of gems and sequins The hand painted tabs in different states of making. Steampunk'd. DIRIGIBLE DAYS: 998 ~ The Comic Book! (steampunk, cthulhu, comic book, webseries, sci-fi, dirigible, star wars, lovecraft, star trek, firefly, dieselpunk)

"We had a wonderful experience filming the Dirigible Days web series.

DIRIGIBLE DAYS: 998 ~ The Comic Book! (steampunk, cthulhu, comic book, webseries, sci-fi, dirigible, star wars, lovecraft, star trek, firefly, dieselpunk)

However, it was a huge undertaking, requiring almost five months of weekend shoots (due to our day jobs) and hours upon hours of editing and effects work. Life, much like adventure, is inescapable. But the adventure continues, and we still have more story to tell. So, we're bringing the next chapter to life in the form of a comic book! This way, we get a chance to branch out into another art medium where our only production limitation is the artist's imagination! " -Gary Lobstein Dirigible Days : 998. Adventure is still inescapable!!! A 40-Page Comic Book Adventure SUMMER 2014 The crew of the S.S. World War is on the horizon, but is this crisis the cause of a warmongering government, or a more familiar and sinister enemy? Story by JAMES BRAGADO Pencils and Tones by CHRIS BAILEY Inks by JAY DEVASIER Cover A by RICK BURCHETT Cover B by CHRIS BAILEY.