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Leading global venture capital firm

Leading global venture capital firm

(Founder Stories) Fred Wilson Explains Why He Wouldn’t Invest In Groupon Or Pandora Few VCs have a hotter hand right now than Fred Wilson. His firm, Union Square Ventures, is an investor in Twitter, Zynga, Foursquare, Tumblr, Etsy, Clickable, and more . In this episode of Founder Stories, he talks to host Chris Dixon about Union Square’s investment thesis has changed from going after all web apps to companies that are “building a large networks of engaged users.” (Watch the video above). It has to be be both a large network and engaged users. Dixon and Wilson also talk about the relationship between founders and VCs, and the importance of injecting capital when a company needs to scale, as happened with Twitter and Tumblr. In the video segment below, Wilson and Dixon dive into the mechanics of the VC business, and talk about Union Square’s new $165 million Opportunity Fund, the “cancerous management fees” VC firms charge their investors, and why it might be a good thing to let startup founders take money off the table before an IPO or sale.

4Di / Capital BVP - Venture Capital - Bessemer Venture Partners Partners première société de capital risque en France Sofinnova Partners est une société de capital-risque indépendante, leader européen dans le financement de jeunes sociétés, de spin-offs ou d'opérations de retournement dans les technologies et les sciences de la vie ainsi que les cleantechs: 460 sociétés financées en Europe depuis 1972 ; Plus d’une société financée sur cinq qui entre en bourse ; Plus d’une société financée sur cinq qui fait l’objet d’une fusion-acquisition ; La création d’une quarantaine d’emplois en moyenne par société financée entre notre entrée et notre sortie ; Un chiffre d’affaires multiplié par 8 en moyenne entre notre entrée et notre sortie. "Nous sommes transparents. Monique Saulnier partenaire associé Sofinnova Partners finance des projets ambitieux ciblant les domaines thérapeutiques insatisfaits à la fois en biopharmacie et en instrumentation médicale. Nous finançons en priorité les projets : développant des nouveaux produits pour des besoins cliniques non satisfaits ; Internet mobile, Internet

Startup Incubator TechStars Invades New York City When it comes to seed investing, New York City is becoming a hotbed. And now TechStars, the incubator that began in Boulder. Colorado and has spawned nearly 40 startups, is coming to New York. This will be the fourth (and supposedly last) city TechStars expands to, according to CEO David Cohen (the other two are Boston and Seattle). TechStars is accepting applications for the New York City Class of 2011, which will start in January. TechStars provides a little bit of cash ($6,000 per founder for a three-month program) and a lot of mentorship. TechStars takes a 6 percent equity stake in each startup in common stock (no board seats), and has a decent track record.

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French-US fund with offices in Paris, SV and Israel. Investments include DailyMotion, Qype, RockYou, etc. by wallen Apr 21

In this branch, VCs with offices in France by wallen Mar 1