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25 new awesome illustrations for your inspiration. Skeletor by DaveRapoza - David Rapoza. Stuntkid. Sketchesnatched. The Art of Sergio Lopez. Kei Acedera & Bobby Chiu 1. 1. Mcbess. Central de Abasto Gráfico. Goni Montes. Timothy Banks Illustration. Telmolindo - Designer graphique - Illustrateur - Directeur artistique - Graphiste indépendant - Freelance. JavierGpacheco. Dulk. Galerie de dulk_ Kumi Yamashita. Anikey Studios. Nicolas Barrome. Galerie de Q B R K ◊ L O W B R O S. Galerie de dulk_ Bill Sneed. CONCEPT ART. N1ko on the Behance Network. Lehuss. Les princesses de disney version zombie - BombFu. 15 Creative Illustrations by Mathieu Leyssenne. Illus. Cake or death. Hi.

cake or death

I’ve been trying some new things for a small project. Starting tomorrow, the Arludik Gallery is hosting a new show titled Merveilleux! For which I did a small ink piece. The show explores classic tales and legends, features a lot of awesome people and will ultimately be published in book form by CFSL Ink. And so I did a minotaur. Also I will never draw anything with a .01 pen again. Some warmp-up sketches from the other day. And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see if Trevor is still laying in his underwear on the beach, next to this dead cow. Yeah, well, it’s been some time. I really need to stop drawing people hanging out in the desert. Other than that, I made a new website/portfolio thing. And I have a tumblr now too, because all the cool kids do. A quick one for fun while listening to Warpaint. I also drew Donnie the other day. My life has become a long, agonizing wait for Pacific Rim. In other news, I received Treasure Chest, by Sam Bosma (a gentleman, and a scholar).

Hi. Hi. Hi. Guan Weixing's Watercolor-Gallery 1 minority. Shan. JUAN DOE. XpErMaN Comunidad de dibujantes Online - CUADERNO DE BOCETOS 3 (Y lo que te rondaré, morena...) - BOCETOS Y PROYECTOS. Olijosman, si te sirve de algo, lamento lo q paso cuando me fui del foro el año pasado, retiro todo akello q dije q te pudo haber ofendido.

XpErMaN Comunidad de dibujantes Online - CUADERNO DE BOCETOS 3 (Y lo que te rondaré, morena...) - BOCETOS Y PROYECTOS

Lo cierto es q estaba pasando por un mal momento, una pesadilla mas bien.... Y lo pague con vosotros.... Perdi el norte y me ofuske tontamente, lo q dije no estuvo bien y mi forma de actuar tampoco, y de paso os vuelvo a pedir disculpas tambien al resto, si alguna vez me vuelvo a poner en un plan tan gilipollas....directamente.....pegadme un tiro jeje. En cuanto a tus dibujos, guapisimos los tres como siempre, no conozco al personaje, me recuerda a uno q salia en la serie esa de Lupin o Lupen, uno con un gorro de gangster q siempre estaba fumando, del primero me flipa ese fondo, como has hecho la ciudad con todas esas rayas y esas manchas jeje, te ha kedado autentica. El segundo esta genial, muy suelto y el coloreado le va al pelo, la expresion del tipo se sale. 水中寻求安全感. Stanley Chow Illustration.

Henri Lamy PAINTINGS 2011. Apocalypse Tomorrow Pin-Up Calendar – Les filles sexy survivront à l’apocalypse. Apocalypse Tomorrow Pin-Up Calendar – Les filles sexy survivront à l’apocalypse Le calendrier de pin-up sexy “Apocalypse Tomorrow Pin-Up Calendar 2012” imaginé par l’illustrateur russe Andrew Tarusov est peuplé de jolies filles ayant survécu aux ravages de l’apocalypse : ère glaciaire, guerre nucléaire, invasion d’extraterrestres, volcans, inondations mondiales, zombies apocalypse et j’en passe… Le calendrier parfait pour 2012 !

Apocalypse Tomorrow Pin-Up Calendar – Les filles sexy survivront à l’apocalypse

Andrew Tarusov / via. 錢憶_語飄. Untitled. The Art Of Animation. The Usual Suspects on the Behance Network. Designerpreis // the portfolio of andreas preis. Max Zorn Street art Tape Art Amsterdam. Floony. Gallery – The Official Website of Chris Sanders. Barbara Canepa. ***. Lilo All Grown Up. Man : yonghoji. Rich Pellegrino - Illustrator. Published Works. Randy Scott Slavin. Ryan Woodward Art - Official Site of Ryan Woodward.

Julien Georgel. New York , Daniel Castan. Home page of Joseph Zbukvic, Australian master watercolour painter. Alvaro Castagnet Passion with Watercolours. BORN IN CONCRETE. The Art of Robert Proch. JUNGSHAN INK- illustration. Hush illustration.