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3.10.1 Managing change

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John Kotter - Resistance to Change. 3.10.1 - Crisis management in business. 3.10.1 The Planned Change Process. Change is one of the most challenging events an organization will go through.

3.10.1 The Planned Change Process

This lesson describes the steps of the planned changed process, which include recognizing the need for change, developing change goals, appointing a change agent, assessing the current climate, developing and implementing a change plan and evaluating the plan's success. Explore our library of over 10,000 lessons You now have full access to our lessons and courses, watch the lesson now or keep exploring.

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3.10.1 Lewin's Force Field Analysis Model. 3.10.1 Explaining Kotter's 8 Step Change Model 240p. 3.10.1 Downsizing: Key Considerations. 3.10.1 Managing Resistance to Change. 3.10.1 Four-day weeks and remote working attracts talent to Edinburgh agency. The sun is shining and you really don’t feel like going to the office.

3.10.1 Four-day weeks and remote working attracts talent to Edinburgh agency

And if you work for Serps Invaders, you don’t have to. The digital marketing agency, based in Edinburgh, has introduced “duvet days” – ad hoc holidays which can be redeemed at extremely short notice. “Sometimes you see that it’s a fantastic day and if you have no important deadlines you can just call in and say: ‘I’m taking a duvet day today,’” says managing director and founder Felicitas Betzl. The business, which also has an office in Gibraltar, was founded by Betzl in 2010 as a multilingual digital marketing agency. Since a creative director joined its ranks a year ago, it now offers digital design services. Duvet days are part of an office culture that includes four-day weeks and remote working, and Betzl says these perks are helping her business to attract and retain top talent. 3.10.1 The lean startup reaping the benefits of co-working. On any given night at a stylishly decked out office space, located just a hop, skip and a jump off Brick Lane in east London, a group of startups may be mixing their own cocktails, turning on the slow cooker to create a feast of pulled-pork sandwiches or grabbing a beanbag to listen to an inspiring talk by a fellow small business.

3.10.1 The lean startup reaping the benefits of co-working

Co-working space the Hatch was dreamt up to be much more than your standard office; it’s a place to cultivate ideas, share advice, and support and socialise with other startups. The Hatch opened its doors early last year and is the brainchild of Matt Verity, co-founder of TrueView, an online dating app that aims to create conversations and “showcase personalities”, rather than being centred on flicking through pictures of people, à la Tinder and Happn. “We’re a lean startup with three founders and a few freelancers,” says Verity. “We were looking to find a co-working space for six people, but it was very expensive.

3.10.1 - Delayering. 3.10.1 Hundreds of Waitrose jobs may go as retailer plans six store closures. Waitrose is planning to close six stores and remove a level of management in its supermarkets, putting nearly 700 jobs at risk.

3.10.1 Hundreds of Waitrose jobs may go as retailer plans six store closures

The upmarket grocer began consulting with staff at the six stores – in Hertford, Staines, Leek, Huntingdon, Cardiff Queen Street and Palmers Green in north London – on Monday ahead of planned closures later this year. The company said it hoped to replace the Palmers Green store with a new outlet in nearby Winchmore Hill. The company is also removing the role of department manager in its 350 stores, affecting 180 jobs. Waitrose said most of the 486 department managers would become deputy store managers and the reduction in staff would happen gradually over three years through retirement, “natural turnover” and voluntary redundancies. Ben Stimson, Waitrose retail director, said: “We’d always try hard to avoid closing branches, but we review how our branches are doing commercially and respond where we have to.

3 10 – Managing Change Worksheet.