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Crossrail station contract shortlists - TunnelTalk. Bids called for remaining Crossrail stations Apr 2011 TunnelTalk reporting Click on the logos to enter the websites of those who have opened the door for direct access and exploration Major engineering and contracting companies engaged on the Crossrail project to December 2010Hot!

Crossrail station contract shortlists - TunnelTalk

Programme Partner – Transcend, a JV of: Project Delivery Partner – Crossrail Central, a team of: Shortlists of prequalifiers are announced this week to tender for the Crossrail stations under central London. Crossrail's underground alignment beneath London Tenders were called this week for the four remaining stations after release of the Paddington and Farringdon station shortlists earlier in the year. All told, the six central London stations for Crossrail total an estimated construction value of £1.5 billion. Several joint ventures established to pursue Crossrail contracts are among the shortlists for the main underground station works while others are among the lists for the first time. Bond Street Station.

London urban explorers.


Big Brother has arrived – and it’s you. August 9, 2016, 0 thoughts We have been working in silence since we first presented our studio debut project Orwell to you in June 2015.

Big Brother has arrived – and it’s you

Today, we are proud to present our massive progress since then and finally announce that Orwell will be released in late 2016. With the support of the awesome guys from Surprise Attack Games, who are now working together with us as a publisher for the game, we are delighted to present the official trailer for Orwell: Big Brother has arrived – and it’s you.

GENERAL. ACTIVITIES. THE TUBE. Fruit Machines. A fruit machine is essentially a traditional style British game which is often found in pubs and arcades all over the UK.

Fruit Machines

They are extremely popular as they are highly entertaining and great fun to play. Fruit machines are more skill based than other types of slots games and they have unique features that as a general rule, distinguish them from other types of slots games. Above is a picture of an online fruit machine and you can see buttons marked “nudge” and this is integral to the way in which a fruit machine should be played. During the course of a game a player is randomly awarded a nudge or a hold. If they are awarded a hold this will allow the player to hold 1, 2 or 3 of the reels and keep them still during a spin.

Another feature that is unique to fruit machines is the repeat feature shown in the diagram above. 2D RUN - MMP 3. Oi. Best London Apps - Traveller Information. Using your smartphone in London may incur data charges, so check your data allowance with your phone provider.

Best London Apps - Traveller Information

You can cut costs by downloading any apps before you travel, and by using London's many wi-fi hotspots when you are out and about. Alternatively, why not download our free London maps and guides in advance. Citymapper London App Free The Citymapper app simplifies public transport in London by providing up-to-the-minute information and multiple route options. Great Little Place App Uncover hidden gems around you with the GLP app, from cool and quirky restaurants to weird and wonderful bars. Street Art London App Want to find your nearest Banksy? Santander Cycles App Explore London with Santander Cycles' free app - also on Android - showing you bike availability and routes to the nearest docking station. Regent Street App The Regent Street app helps to personalise your shopping experience by getting to know your interests.

Hexo+ Your Self-Flying Camera - Auto Follow Gopro Drone. Interactive Architecture Lab. : Design for Performance and Interaction. Future - The tricks being played on you by UK roads. With a reassuring squeeze of my arm, Richard Holmes guides me along a busy city centre street.

Future - The tricks being played on you by UK roads

I’m wearing a special pair of glasses that have deprived me of my normally good eyesight. Instead of the crisp lines and textures of the city, my field of view is filled with little more than faint smudges of light. The growl of passing trucks, disembodied voices and the occasional blare of a car horn is disorientating, and the urge to find a wall and shuffle along overwhelms me.

Then I feel it – a strangely comforting change in texture under my feet. I have just walked over a piece of ‘bubble paving’, a section of pavement covered in round bumps which is designed to help people with sight problems identify pedestrian crossings. Holmes is a regional campaigns officer in London for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). But many of these textured pavements are also passing messages to sighted people as well – without them necessarily realising it. Bumpy ride Steering drivers. Volume, by United Visual Artists. Tom Clancy's HAWX PC Gameplay HD. Drone Nexus FPV Racing Drone - Extreme FPV Quadcopter Racing. : Design for Performance and Interaction. Making Giant Graffiti With Lasers. Interactive Architecture. Interactive Architecture In the age of knowledge, architecture is the storyteller.

Interactive Architecture

The year was 1969. In what he called an “Unwarranted Apology” for the discipline, architectural theorist Reyner Banham argued that while technological advances have often dictated innovation, architecture has often been late to adapt. His revelation, so obvious today by 21st century standards, was that mechanical engineering and architectural design cannot be separated. Banham sited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Larkin Administration Building as the country’s first example of an hermetically sealed “air-conditioned” building. If the Larkin Building serves as the 20th century model of architecture—a smart, conditioned space largely controlled and programmatically predefined through the design of its systems—then 21st century architecture has the potential to become more like Transformers robots.

Experience Design is the process of creating these interactive spaces.