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Drone Racing Battle ft. Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum | Dude Perfect. Drone Racing Dreams | The New York Times. TOP 5 BEST FPV RACING DRONES !!! TOP 5 BEST FPV RACING DRONES !!! TOP 7 LATEST DRONES FOR EARLY 2017 | [Mavic,Karma,Breeze,Disco,Dobby...] Star Wars meets NASCAR: ESPN is bringing drone racing to mainstream television — Quartz. There’s a hotel in Williamsburg—the expensive part of Brooklyn that still feels ‘edgy’ to a certain set—called the Wythe. It’s a trendy restored warehouse that often hosts hip soirees and parties for famous brands. On a freezing January evening, its exposed-brick walls and man-bunned bartenders hosted a launch party for a new sports league, called The Drone Racing League.

It’s the brainchild of Nick Horbaczewski, who previously helped turn Tough Mudder endurance runs into something that people enjoy doing, and Ryan Gury, a former advertising creative director and drone racer. The two have created a company that intends to be the cool face of drone racing. DRL has secured over $8 million in funding from venture capital firms, as well as the owner of the Miami Dolphins, and the lead singer of the band Muse. Rapper 50 Cent shows up to their races. And they’re not alone. “Up to this point, FPV Racing has always been in a field with a bunch of nerds and geeks.” Some turbulence ahead Next up. Meet Charpu, the Drone-Racing Megastar Who Doesn’t Feel Like Racing. The desire to make machines move fast started early for Puertolas. As a child in Nuevos Ministerios, a neighborhood of Madrid, he was always taking apart the radio-controlled cars his dad bought him for Christmas.

He would rip out the wheels and servomotors and solder them into his own contraptions—like the one he’d use to fetch glasses of water from his mom. “She’d put a drink on it, and then I would just drive it back,” he recalls. Instead of high school, Puertolas went to an art school where he studied animation and spent a lot of time making short films. Within a few years, Puertolas had gotten the attention of DreamWorks by sending the company an animated short film he’d made. Then, in 2014, Puertolas saw a video posted by a guy named Boris B, among the earliest drone pilots to record and upload footage of his flights. “People connected with the videos because they felt like I was doing things that not a lot of people were doing.” New Drone Racing League gets off the ground with ESPN TV deal. Drone Racing League Drones are going mainstream: The Federal Aviation Administration anticipates that by the end of 2016, people will own more than 2.5 million in the United States alone.

But competitive drone-ing is newer still, and televised drone sports are practically uncharted territory, at least in the U.S. That will change Thursday night when the first of a 10-episode season featuring the Drone Racing League airs on ESPN2 at 11 p.m. Eastern. “This is an incredibly exciting day for DRL,” the league’s CEO, Nicholas Horbaczewski, said in a press release. But will it be exciting for viewers? After all, this isn’t the first time competitive drone operation will be on TV, and the reviews of a previous effort were not positive. I was not entertained by Airmageddon. The DRL drones do go faster—more than 80 mph, but the idea is essentially the same. While drone racing has all the trappings of what we’ve come to expect from sports, it lacks the characteristic physical exertion. Drone News: The Top 100 Sites of 2015 | UAV Coach. Image source: VideoUniversity Drone news sites give you the latest updates in our fast-growing industry.

Websites pop up every day covering the drone and UAV industry. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd, so we wanted to pick out the best sites covering drones and rank each one of them. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned vet, these resources will keep you in the loop. They will also help you decide which RC drones to buy, how to fly a drone, how to build one, and much more. But you must be wondering… How Did We Rank Each Site? To remove all possible bias from the order, we used Alexa ranking to rank each site. Alexa rank is a direct measure of a site’s popularity. Let’s hope this article sparks a little friendly competition between the sites covering news, reviews, and other topics in the drone industry. Related: Don’t forget to check out our list of 70 drone companies to watch in 2016 as well.

First off, congratulations to all of the winners! Are you in the top 100? #6 Dronelife. The Drone Racing League | The Premier Drone Racing League. Drone racing to go mainstream after TV deal.