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What similarities exist between Nietzsche's theory of the Eternal Recurrence and Eastern Religions? Ideal Lifestyle Costing. Somewhere between college graduation and your second job, a chorus enters your internal dialogue: be realistic and stop pretending.

Ideal Lifestyle Costing

Life isn’t like the movies. If you’re five years old and say you want to be an astronaut, your parents tell you that you can be anything you want to be. Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Tips on How to Write a Good Short Story. When it came to giving advice to writers, Kurt Vonnegut was never dull.

Kurt Vonnegut's 8 Tips on How to Write a Good Short Story

He once tried to warn people away from using semicolons by characterizing them as "transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing. " And, in a master's thesis rejected by The University of Chicago, he made the tantalizing argument that "stories have shapes which can be drawn on graph paper, and that the shape of a given society’s stories is at least as interesting as the shape of its pots or spearheads.” In this brief video, Vonnegut offers eight essential tips on how to write a short story: Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted.Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for.Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.Every sentence must do one of two things--reveal character or advance the action.Start as close to the end as possible.Be a sadist.

Via BrainPickings. Commodity fetishism. In the marketplace, producers and consumers perceive each other by means of the money and goods that they exchange (commodity fetishism) In Karl Marx's critique of political economy, commodity fetishism is the perception of the social relationships involved in production not as relationships among people, but as economic relationships among the money and commodities exchanged in market trade.

Commodity fetishism

As such, commodity fetishism transforms the subjective, abstract aspects of economic value into objective, real things that people believe have intrinsic value.[1] SEX AT DAWN BY CHRISTOPHER RYAN, PhD. Ken Wilber - Conscious Reincarnation. Mayan Astrology Has Tones of Western Astrology...With Some Interesting Twists. Mayan Astrology has existed since the Maya understood the concept of "As below.

Mayan Astrology Has Tones of Western Astrology...With Some Interesting Twists

" Every social activity...ceremonial event...major decision...even agriculture, was based on the cosmos, and by what the Chol Oij or Tzolkin said about the tendencies for a given time period. "During the Classic Period, Mayan astrology was an enormously complex art. Trance-Formation (Full Film) FLOW BY MIHALY CSIKSZENTMIHALYI. A Seeker’s Guide to Samadhi. Samadhi is a hot topic in yoga circles.

A Seeker’s Guide to Samadhi

Some practitioners believe samadhi and enlightenment are synonymous. Others think samadhi leads to enlightenment, while yet another group is convinced samadhi makes the mind go blank. Some of those seeking samadhi hope it will fall into their hands if they pray hard enough, and others believe the techniques of yoga and meditation will push them toward samadhi or pull samadhi toward them.

LITERATURE: Leo Tolstoy. The Meaning of Colors for a Spiritual Seeker. Whatever the Path, Carry Yoga With You. Meditation Classes in Mindfulness & Loving-Kindness: Dublin Buddhist Centre. Meditation is a means of transforming the mind.

Meditation Classes in Mindfulness & Loving-Kindness: Dublin Buddhist Centre

It helps us change the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us. Buddhist meditation techniques offer a way of encouraging and developing positive states of mind, such as calmness, clarity, emotional positivity and a deeper seeing of the true nature of things. The main thing we learn when we meditate is that we have a choice about how we think and feel. Welcome to the DMT-Nexus. Building a tiled roof hut.

I Document My Kids Spending Idyllic Summers Without Computers. Once again I wanted to present my series that I have been creating since 2012.

I Document My Kids Spending Idyllic Summers Without Computers

I capture my children and their cousins during the holidays in the countryside, where they usually spend more than a month each summer. Children come to idyllic natural setting to spend time without a computer, internet, or Playstation. I am very glad that for a while I can feel like in my childhood. I watch them, often participate in games or even invent them. There, I’m happy… I would like my children to enjoy such a carefree childhood as long as possible. I take pictures with Canon5D Mark III, usually with lens 50mm f 1.4, sometimes 85 mm f 1.2. More info: Facebook. How Do You Reduce Sleep Quota and Increase Sleep Quality? Gojira-The Art Of Dying. Tutorials & Guidelines — The Yoga Shala. What Causes Weak Chins & Brain Damage in MMA/Boxing. Upper Body Basics. Conor McGregor's Movement Training Explained. PRO ERA - Like Water (Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly) Frank Sinatra - My Funny Valentine. Top Ten Capitalist Arguments. Arguments Against Anarchism. 4 Powerful Visualization Techniques - Operation Meditation - Operation Meditation.

It’s no secret that visualization can be a powerful tool.

4 Powerful Visualization Techniques - Operation Meditation - Operation Meditation

Everyone has experienced some kind of visualization in their lives. How to Reach Female Orgasm Through Intercourse. {Tasteful Video} “Electric flesh-arrows…traversing the body.

How to Reach Female Orgasm Through Intercourse. {Tasteful Video}

A rainbow of color strikes the eyelids. A foam of music falls over the ears. It is the gong of the orgasm.” ~ Anais Nin. I humbly wish for fabulous orgasms for all women. Free, fun, deep, connected, ecstatic, profound, lighthearted, and divine orgasms. Only Maybe: Robert Anton Wilson on Finnegans Wake & Joseph Campbell. Scored this gem from Audiobook Corner.

Only Maybe: Robert Anton Wilson on Finnegans Wake & Joseph Campbell

I tried to buy it from Sound Photosynthesis last summer, to no avail, I proclaim fair game! Transcription generously provided by Scott McKinney. About - Project Euler. Van Morrison Astral Weeks. Amazing Facts on Kundalini Yoga Part-1. Carl Gustav Jung on Kundalini (full story) PHILOSOPHY - The Good Life: Nietzsche. The Bystander Effect. Nietzsche: On the Way of the Creator. Is it your wish, my brother, to go into solitude? Is it your wish to seek the way to yourself? Then linger a moment, and listen to me. "He who seeks, easily gets lost. Groups - DeviantArt. DeviantArt - The largest online art gallery and community. Imagining 10 Dimensions - the Movie. Nietzsche’s 10 Rules for Writers, Penned in a Letter to His Lover and Muse.

More than a century before Elmore Leonard’s ten rules of writing inspired similar sets of commandments by Neil Gaiman, Zadie Smith, and Margaret Atwood, one of humanity’s greatest minds did precisely that. Between August 8 and August 24 of 1882, Friedrich Nietzsche set down ten stylistic rules of writing in a series of letters to the Russian-born writer, intellectual, and psychoanalyst Lou Andreas-Salomé — the first female psychoanalyst, who corresponded with Freud about human nature, and an extraordinary woman celebrated as the “muse of Europe’s fin-de-siècle thinkers and artists,” to whom Rainer Maria Rilke would later come to write breathtaking love letters.

Smitten with 21-year-old Andreas-Salomé, Nietzsche decided to make her not only his intellectual protégé, but also his wife, allegedly proposing marriage at only their second meeting earlier that year. Collected under the heading “Toward the Teaching of Style,” they read: These commandments are obviously rather aphoristic. Who is Shiva and Why Does He Matter? Chitta. Chitta (Sanskrit: "memory";) — derived from the root chit, "to be conscious". Chitta is the Subconscious mind.

It is the mind-stuff. It is the store-house of memory. Yoga Exercises and Techniques. By Octavian Sarbatoare Yoga is about consciousness. There is a wide variety of techniques to enhance the conscious experience of a person. One out of them is Yoga. Yoga as a practical and theoretical concept evolved from the ancestral pagan believes on the socio-geographical area having its core what is actually India. Antahkarana. How Do You Stop the Mind's Chatter? Start Here. The aim of this website is simple: To help people learn meditation. Two Rules of Human Nature (Why You Must Move On)

Although it sounds home spun, these two rules of human nature would have saved me thousands of hours and even more thousands of dollars. If you learn and apply these rules to your life, you’ll live a more rewarding life surrounded by people who matter. Paintings - Joel Rea. Irish Politics - Who and How Politics in Ireland Works. Irish Politics American tries to make sense of it. HISTORY OF IDEAS - Capitalism. HISTORY OF IDEAS - Capitalism. Living Utopia - The Anarchists and the Spanish Revolution. LeslieEllis 2014.

How To Turn Junk Mail Into Unlimited Free Slow Burning Firewood. Junk mail. The Seven Arts of Zen. Ensō. The Taoist View of the Universe. How Art Changes Consciousness. The Alchemy of Creativity: Art, Consciousness and Embodiment. The Buddha - PBS Documentary - Perfect Documentary. Spirit Science 6 - The Flower of Life. Carl Gustav Jung - The World Within 1. Jung's Active Imagination. 58231. Active%20Imagination%20 %20Rahima%20Spottiswood. Learning To Play Piano Professionally In One Week - Derren Brown. The Path to DMT: Psychedelic Drugs, Meditation, and the Pineal Gland. DMT: The Spirit Molecule (2010) HD. THE WIZARD ALAN MOORE MEETS THE SORCERER ARTIST, AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE. The Story of Your Enslavement.

Breaking the Spell. StealThisBookbyAbbieHoffman. Terence McKenna - Love and Meaning. Terence McKenna - Winter King The Alchemical Renaissance of Bohemia (Lecture) Alan Moore talks to John Higgs about the 20th Century. Terence McKenna - The Challenge. Terence McKenna - Culture Is Not Your Friend. A Message to Artists from Terence Mckenna [1990] Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work. Sadhguru's enlightenment... in his own words. Become Obsessed to the Point of Madness. REAL Timeline For Success. Nietzsche: Guilty Conscience. Talismans - Jackie Chan Adventures Wiki - Wikia. Robert Anton Wilson Explains Everything.

The Buddhist Science of the Miind. The Buddha - PBS Documentary - Perfect Documentary. Mold Time Lapse. How To Make People Like You - Bruce Lee Charisma Breakdown (Part 1) How To Be More Confident - Conor McGregor Charisma Breakdown. Ideas as Living Organisms - The Daniel Dennett Keynote Discusses How Thoughts are Alive. A Visual, Intuitive Guide to Imaginary Numbers. Joe Rogan Experience #712 - Wim Hof. Nietzsche: Promethean Übermensch. Ludovici: Superiority of Art over Science. The Walk Home. Hunter S. Thompson on Outlaws.