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Teaching Thoreau In a Hyper-Connected World. Nashville English teacher Elizabeth Smith introduced Thoreau’s Walden by asking her AP juniors if they were ever truly alone in a hyper-connected world — even without a smartphone.

Teaching Thoreau In a Hyper-Connected World

In doing so, she wanted to emphasize how Thoreau’s Transcendentalist experiment living alone in the woods might be nearly impossible to replicate in modern, plugged-in lives — at least not without some effort. Sir Ranulph Fiennes: Books, Biogs, Audiobooks, Discussions. 16 Inspirational Quotes from Children's Literature.

17 Irish independent bookshops you must visit before you die. BOOK LOVERS WILL know how it feels to enter a brilliantly stocked, cosy bookshop and feel immediately at home.

17 Irish independent bookshops you must visit before you die

These days, independent bookshops are rare. The Top 10 Second Hand Bookshops in Dublin. Because there's nothing better than curling up with a good book!

The Top 10 Second Hand Bookshops in Dublin

Whether its feeling of picking up something pre-read and pre-loved or the low cost, sometimes there's no greater refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life than browsing around a second hand book shops. As a city of such literary prestige, it's no surprise that Dublin has some wonderful places to pick up a used book. From 'Avatar' to 'Jurassic Park,' 'Beowulf' to 'Jaws,' All Stories Are the Same. A ship lands on an alien shore and a young man, desperate to prove himself, is tasked with befriending the inhabitants and extracting their secrets.

From 'Avatar' to 'Jurassic Park,' 'Beowulf' to 'Jaws,' All Stories Are the Same

Enchanted by their way of life, he falls in love with a local girl and starts to distrust his masters. Discovering their man has gone native, they in turn resolve to destroy both him and the native population once and for all. Avatar or Pocahontas? As stories they’re almost identical. Some have even accused James Cameron of stealing the Native American myth. 5 Books to Read This Month and How to Read More Books. August is here and I am sure most of you are already in vacation mode.

5 Books to Read This Month and How to Read More Books

Therefore, I decided to dedicate the first article of this month to one of my favorite activities – reading. I thought that because August usually suggests a somewhat excess of free time, a great way to take advantage of that fact is to invest in this extremely beneficial activity. Below are 5 books I read recently that I really enjoyed. I honestly believe that they can be a great addition to the rest of the activities you planned for this month whether you are on vacation or not. They cover subjects across various categories in order to support the holistic thinking mentality of this blog. Blinkist: Never Stop Learning. 100 Knjiga o Europi za pamćenje. Jelena Zlatar : Jedino stvarno filozofsko pitanje.

The 8 Best Books of 2015. 2015 is soon coming to an end and it is time to review my 8 favorite books of the year.

The 8 Best Books of 2015

I read almost 24 books this year, most of them published in 2015 but there are 8 that definitely stood out and are worth mentioning. As you can imagine most of them fall into the non-fiction category because of their educational narrative. I will, however, mention one fiction book that got me hooked immediately and I managed to finish within a matter of hours. I strongly believe that although non-fiction books play the most important role in one’s personal development journey, fiction books can also prove quite didactic. And that is mainly because fiction books can: Teach you storytelling.Immerse you into character building processes.Soothe your soul in times of emotional pain. Therefore, I strongly suggest reading some from time to time. Neil Gaiman - 3 books that have changed my life. Things You Will Never Read In A Book Review - The Toast.

Home » Books » Things You Will Never Read In A Book Review The book provoked one, maybe two thoughts.The author’s critique of modern technology is, in a word, flinching.This story of love, loss and struggle absolutely gives in to categorization.This book was neither a page-turner nor sluggish.

Things You Will Never Read In A Book Review - The Toast

2014’s Best Books on Psychology, Philosophy, and How to Live Meaningfully. By Maria Popova How to be alone, wake up from illusion, master the art of asking, fathom your place in the universe, and more.

2014’s Best Books on Psychology, Philosophy, and How to Live Meaningfully

After the year’s most intelligent and imaginative children’s books and best science books, here are my favorite books on psychology and philosophy published this year, along with the occasional letter and personal essay — genres that, at their most excellent, offer hearty helpings of both disciplines. 50 Must-Read Psychology Books.

Reading is the supreme “lifehack” — distilled knowledge that often took years to assemble can be consumed in just a few hours.

50 Must-Read Psychology Books

And the more you know about social psychology and human behavior, the better. At Help Scout we have learning stipend (here’s why) for our teammates so you can buy as many books as you need. You’re probably not surprised to hear that I’ve built myself quite the collection of psychology books. Lucky me. Because reading books lets you “jumpstart” your education by absorbing what researchers, professors, and authors spent years assembling. Top 100 primary books: views from a pupil, a teacher and an author. Last week, TES published the top 100 books to read before leaving primary school, as chosen by teachers.

Top 100 primary books: views from a pupil, a teacher and an author

70+ book picks from TED speakers and attendees. The tables in bookstores can be overwhelming: Every book cover looks appealing, every blurb glows with praise. Sometimes, you just need a recommendation from a human, someone you trust. Below, 10 members of the TED community — with very different points of view — share the books they think you’ll enjoy this summer. We Tell Stories. We Tell Stories. FREE BOOKS: 100 Legal Sites To Download Literature. Looking for the next great book to sink your teeth into? Look no further.

Below are over 100 links to websites that provide free e-books on a huge variety of topics. Browse works by Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad and other famous authors here. Slavenka Drakulic. The London Beckett Seminar 2015-16. The London Beckett Seminar at the Institute of English Studies will bring together national and international scholars, researchers and postgraduates to discuss issues arising from the prose, theatre and poetry of Samuel Beckett that pertain to aspects of literary, philosophical and historical analysis with particular attention to translation studies, performance and practice, digital humanities and visual cultures. Inherently interdisciplinary in approach, the seminar will establish a vibrant research network for postgraduate students, early-career researchers, and established academics on a national and international level.

The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers. How many people die with their best work still inside them? We often assume that great things are done by those who were blessed with natural talent, genius, and skill. But how many great things could have been done by people who never fully realized their potential? I think many of us, myself included, are capable of much more than we typically produce — our best work is often still hiding inside of us. How can you pull that potential out of yourself and share it with the world? Perhaps the best way to develop better daily routines.

The Case for Preserving the Pleasure of Deep Reading. Kafka on the Shore review – Murakami’s novel becomes a sensuous spectacle. Towel Day 2015 - Ana Djordjevic Graphic Desgin. The Poetry Society - London, United Kingdom - Arts & loisirs. The Birth (and Death) of Edward Lear, Dan Piepenbring. Karl Ove Knausgaard: ‘Writing is a way of getting rid of shame’