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Greece – What You are not Being Told by the Media. Every single mainstream media has the following narrative for the economic crisis in Greece: the government spent too much money and went broke; the generous banks gave them money, but Greece still can’t pay the bills because it mismanaged the money that was given.

Greece – What You are not Being Told by the Media

It sounds quite reasonable, right? Except that it is a big fat lie … not only about Greece, but about other European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland who are all experiencing various degrees of austerity. It was also the same big, fat lie that was used by banks and corporations to exploit many Latin American, Asian and African countries for many decades. Greece did not fail on its own. Thinking About Discipline - EFL Magazine. What can teachers do?

Thinking About Discipline - EFL Magazine

There are two ways teachers can deal with discipline issues – proactively and reactively. In this first post, I would like to begin with some of the proactive teacher actions, and discuss reactive action in a future one. Plan Discipline Problems away. ‘My passion is being lost’ by Anita Lewicka. My passion for teaching is being lost.

‘My passion is being lost’ by Anita Lewicka

Or, I’m losing the passion as the world around me seems to be giving up on me. In contrast to the world, however, I haven’t given up yet! So, below you may find some flicker of hope when carefully reading between the lines of self-portrayal. My thoughts present here are indirectly linked to the apparent discrimination against non-native EFL teachers in the Netherlands (not Dutch teachers of English). Iz pera tate. Podcast - TEFL Commute. Best Free Podcasts. Mogao sam imati deset auta i kuće. Ali ja imam nešto važnije. Znam o čemu se radi u glazbi.

Maestro koji, osim jezika glazbe, govori njemački, talijanski, francuski, španjolski, engleski i ruski, priča o svom splitskom djetinjstvu u vrijeme kada se živjelo za Stari plac i Hajduk, životu po hotelima i s koferom u ruci te svojim muzikalnim unucima.

Mogao sam imati deset auta i kuće. Ali ja imam nešto važnije. Znam o čemu se radi u glazbi

2014 ELTForum sk David Crystal The Future of Englishes plenary Q+A. Internet pornografija. Iako sam… (ovakav i onakav) ja u potpunosti volim i prihvaćam sebe! “The more radical the person is, the more fully he or she enters into reality so that, knowing it better, he or she can transform it. This individual is not afraid to confront, to listen, to see the world unveiled.― Paulo Fr. ROSE BARD – Teaching Journal. I’m an English teacher fascinated by learning process and its challenges.

ROSE BARD – Teaching Journal

My main focus is always helping students to develop language and life skills. (Fun) Collaborative Activity for Teens. Inspired by Chrysa’s wonderful work and blog, and her use of those colorful post-its, by my own students love for music and the recent publication of Creativity in ELT, I came up with this activity last Monday.

(Fun) Collaborative Activity for Teens

I like using music as timer whenever possible with my teens because they like listening to music and doing other things. In this activity, I used music as timer, post-its and teens’ creativity to write a story (6 sentences long) which had to be as crazy as possible. Languague level: This activity can be used with learners who can already write simple sentences and have a good basic vocabulary as it is the case of my group of 8 teens around the age of 13 and 14.

I made it doable by not focusing on a particular language point, so learners could use what they know. Korado Korlević: 'Ako slijedimo san, dolazi i uspjeh. Ako nemamo san, sprčkamo' - All things ELT from Cambridge EnglishCambridge Conversations. In today’s post, Guess What!

All things ELT from Cambridge EnglishCambridge Conversations

Author Susannah Reed shares an exciting classroom activity to take your primary students on a fantasy adventure, encouraging them to use their imaginations and practise speaking skills. Bringing the outside world into the classroom is an important part of Guess What! An interview with Gary Anderson. Yes!

An interview with Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson has accepted to be interviewed for our 2015 Shades of ELT conference. We´re super excited about it and can´t wait to meet him in Uherské Hradiště. Make sure you check his blog before you come – On the Road with Gary: Trips and Tips. By the way, you can STILL register, too! Portrait Publication – COPYRIGHT CHOM-2013 Gary Anderson was Pedagogical Director of the language program of the former American Center in Paris where he taught and co-ordinated classes for all ages of learners. Role of early childhood and primary education stressed in facilitating innovative and digital competences.

On 5-6 May, the EU Directors-General for Schools shared best practice on the issues regarding early childhood and primary education and discussed the increasing of accessibility to quality education and the effectiveness of investments in school governance systems.

Role of early childhood and primary education stressed in facilitating innovative and digital competences

The role of early childhood and primary education in fostering creativity, innovations and digital competence is one of the main Presidency's priorities in the field of education and training. Technological modernisation in schools is not always the basis for an innovative learning process. Innovations and creativity are a way of thinking, whereas technologies serve as support instruments to implement ideas. This topic has been discussed during the Presidency in several meetings, and the EU Education Ministers plan to adopt the Council conclusions on this matter at the Education, Youth, Culture and Sport Council on 18-19 May.

The meeting is co-financed by the Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sports. 5 useful online journals for ELT professionals. A blog reader requested this post about the best online ELT journals so we were very happy that Florentina Taylor agreed to write it for us.

5 useful online journals for ELT professionals

More reader requests always welcome! Having been invited to recommend ‘the best ELT journals…, maybe a top 5 list’, I will do my best to explain why the following are, in my opinion, great resources for ELT professionals. Such a list will always be a subjective compilation dependent on personal preference, work context, accessibility and the reasons for accessing (and recommending) the respective journals. I’m hoping this will, nevertheless, answer the question. The Lexical Approach (with images, tweets) · ELTIreland. An interview with Lynda Steyne. We are very happy to introduce our next plenary speaker, Dr Lynda Steyne, from the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SKA). Lyn is an incredibly hard-working and inspiring person, who always has some excellent ideas to share (see more on grading) and whose smile fills you up with energy. We promise, you can´t wait to meet her in Uherské Hradiště! :-) Lynda Steyne is a South African born, American passport holder who’s lived in Bratislava, Slovakia, longer than anywhere else.

A Job Teaching a Language Online With Skype During Travel. Teaching Traveling: Curious about making a career through online teaching? Learn more from Maria Ortega Garcia! Maria, tell us about your background. Maria: I am a 32 year old teacher of no fixed abode. An Online Teacher's Travel to Fight Human Rights Abuses. Teaching Traveling: Welcome to the very accomplished Cameron Conaway, Social Justice Editor at The Good Men Project and award-winning author of “Caged: Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet.” Conaway was the 2011-2012 Poet-in-Residence at the Mahidol Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit in Thailand and the 2007-2009 Poet-in-Residence at the University of Arizona’s MFA Creative Writing Program.

His work has appeared or been reviewed in ESPN, The Huffington Post, and Teach Magazine, among others. Cameron, tell us about your background! Cameron: My name is Cameron Conaway and I’m a 27-year-old originally from Altoona, Pennsylvania. I’ve been a teacher for five years now. Which English test is best? TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge? Taking an English test is a great way to find out what level your language skills are at and might be something you need to do in order to reach your goals in the future. With so many English tests to choose from, is TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or one of the Cambridge exams best for you? Read on to find out which English test would suit you best! I want to study in a North American university If you want to study in the US or Canada, TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is the most logical test for you to take.

It’s recognised as the standard test of English ability by most universities and grad schools. Although there is a paper-based version of this test, the internet-based test (iBT) is by far the most popular way to take TOEIC. Universities often require a score of above 550 in the paper-based test or above 80 for the iBT but requirements vary so make sure to check with the university you want to go to before booking your test. I want to land a job in an international company. SKrashen: The end of the teaching profession?

"No matter how cynical you get, it is impossible to keep up. " - Lily Tomlin. Anthony Cody has posted an interesting (and chilling) vision of the future of education, predicting that by 2018 all teaching will be strictly controlled, with frequent testing, classes monitored and taped for regular inspection, and teacher evaluation based, among other things, on value-added analyses of student test scores, and videos evaluated by outsiders. I wonder if Anthony is being too optimistic. There may not be any professional teachers left in the schools in 2018. From Alan Maley Following IATEFL 2015 - The C Group. From Alan Maley Following IATEFL 2015 - The C Group. Creativity In Teaching and Learning: A Book Review.

Review of a free collaborative ebook published by The British Council and edited by Alan Maley and Nik Peachey. Recently I’ve been reading two amazing books. Maybe "Billionaire" Should Mean Helping A Billion People Instead Of Making A Billion Dollars. Everyone wants to be rich and successful. But the billionaires of the modern age—Elon Musk, Larry Page, Bill Gates—go beyond their bank accounts towards a goal to positively effect the lives of a billion people. Damian Williams. Richmond Share. Lesson plans – a waste of time? The Science Behind Happify. Learning with 'e's. Know what you know. Learning to Learn. Why teach empathy? Herbert Puchta: Teaching Very Young Learners — What’s Hot, and What Not. Why online teaching liberates ESL teachers. Inspired by her talk at Innovate ELT, guest blogger Jaime Miller of English Success Academy looks at the reasons and pluses for getting into teaching online.

Inspiration from Ellen Degeneres Show: Never Have I Ever. Online English Teacher - London, United Kingdom - École de langues. I SPY Books. The Full English Magazine - This issue. CLIL Media: Articles. CLIL Media. Lindsay Clandfield - Please visit for more. Academic Reading Circles. 4C in ELT. Learner autonomy: English language teachers’ beliefs and practices. Tried and tested ELT ideas. Applying the principles of scaffolding to writing. Online komunikacija i suradnja s učenicima. DCblog: On becoming a language teacher. Alloflondonismyplayground# ELT-CATION. Chris Lima's Blog. How To Make Learning Visible: A Spectrum. Teacher Talk » My Dear. British Council. Creativity in English language teaching, with Alan Maley - A British Council publication.

Creativity in teaching and learning: what, why, how? (London, UK + LIVE ONLINE) Tickets, London. Group Members - The C Group. Steps for Cultivating a Love of Reading in Young Children. How To Write For Digital Media – a book by Jeremy Day & Pete Sharma. Equipping ourselves because we love our learners! Tips to Inspire Writing. Could Storytelling Be the Secret Sauce to STEM Education? ‘Drive for Quality Education of English in Japan’ by Nicky Sekino. Lesson plans – a waste of time? Education, research and stuff. Pronunciation Games. Louise's ELT Blog: Linking Sounds Board Game. Books and Articles by Stephen D Krashen.

What we’re reading. Cultural Jambalaya. By Anthony Ash. Books and Articles by Stephen D Krashen. Free and Fair ELT. Se connecter à Facebook. Tea4teachers. TESOL Greece. Learning in the 21st Century - 35th TESOL Greece International Convention - Athènes - Organisme pédagogique. Teaching English Worldwide / English Language Teaching, ELT & ESL Jobs. The NO Project: Rattling the chains of the 21st century slave trade (Pat on the Back)

Language Teaching Professionals. TEFL Reflections blog. Create an Account. Agnieszka Kruszyńska: “Play is the highest form of research.” [Albert Einstein] Interview with Julia Aliverti and Jeffrey Doonan. Conscious Parenting in a Digital Age - Boulder - Formation. Michael Vladeck. Is technology hurting language learning or is technology a language in itself? Steve Kaufmann. Why we need language teachers - The Linguist on Language. Blog de Cristina. Film English. An event for ELT Professionals. by Jamie Keddie. Phil Wade. On teaching, learning and language. About me.