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How to Plan, Write, and Develop a Book. 6+1 Trait® Writing Prompts. The best prompts are the ones that spark a personal connection between the writer and his or her ideas.

6+1 Trait® Writing Prompts

Provided here are some generic writing prompts to get you started; you will also find some tips on how to write your own prompts. Such self-written prompts will offer better starting blocks than the generic ones because they spring from the immediacy of your students’ lives. Another source for writing prompts is Blowing Away the State Writing Assessment by Jane Bell Keister. Prompt Tips When you set out to create workable prompts, keep in mind the following suggestions: Let the writer draw on experience Avoid prompts that require specialized knowledge Allow choice. Create a PicLit.

The Writer's Plan. 60 Rules. 60 Rules for Short SF (and Fantasy) A "mainstream" short story can be about anything: a mood, a character, a setting, even a flashy writing style. A genre (SF or fantasy) short story is about an idea. The fictional elements (character, plot, setting, etc) are only there to dramatize the idea. Here are the rules for the SF (or Fantasy) short story: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 9 (Arbitrary) Ways to Get Your Writing Rejected. When novelist Helen Simonson ( Major Pettigrew's Last Stand) was asked to help winnow entries for short story contests and literary journals, it was her turn to switch from seeking approval to giving it out. Sparingly. As she puts it: Having spent many years putting hours of effort and creativity into my own work -- sending off brown envelopes filled with still-warm pages, to various editors and judges -- it is rather horrifying to discover that it takes me about a minute to know that yet another manuscript is about to be "binned" as they say.

In a sort of apology, I feel the least I can do is to reveal a few of the instant signs that your writing genius will not be discovered by the judges this time around! What follows is a few of Simonson's deal-killers, from her only somewhat tongue-in-cheek article "Ten ways to get your writing rejected' : Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights. Elmore Leonard: Using adverbs is a mortal sin 1 Never open a book with weather.

How to Write a Story – How to Write Fiction. Fuzzmail. Plot Scenario Generator. Creative Writing Games. Creative Writing Exercises. CALLIHOO Writing Idea Generators: The 37 Dramatic Situations.

The Thirty-six (plus one) Dramatic Situations Georges Polti says that all stories boil down to just 36 dramatic situations and takeoffs of those situations.

CALLIHOO Writing Idea Generators: The 37 Dramatic Situations

Somebody else out there added #37. 100 Character Development Questions for Writers. Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles - Creative Writing Help. Enter your e-mail to get the e-book for FREE.

Questionnaires for Writing Character Profiles - Creative Writing Help

We'll also keep you informed about interesting website news. "I have searched the web and used different worksheets, but none have come close to your worksheets and descriptions of (what to do and what not to do). Both courses I have taken have with Creative Writing Now have been amazing. Each time I have learned something new. The one thing I love, you take everything apart and give examples. " - Katlen Skye "As usual - I already love the course on Irresistible Fiction, rewriting a lot and improving greatly even after the first lesson.

“Essentials of Fiction proved that I could indeed write and I wrote every day, much to my boyfriend's dismay (waa sniff).” - Jill Gardner "I am loving the course and the peer interaction on the blog is fantastic!!! " Toasted Cheese > A Pen In Each Hand > Daily Writing Prompts 2007.

102 Resources for Fiction Writing « Here to Create. UPDATE 1/10: Dead links removed, new links added, as well as Revision and Tools and Software sections.

102 Resources for Fiction Writing « Here to Create

Are you still stuck for ideas for National Novel Writing Month? Or are you working on a novel at a more leisurely pace? Here are 102 resources on Character, Point of View, Dialogue, Plot, Conflict, Structure, Outlining, Setting, and World Building, plus some links to generate Ideas and Inspiration. Also, I recommend some resources for Revision and some online Tools and Software. Ink - Quotes about writing by writers presented by The Fontayne Group. Writing "I put a piece of paper under my pillow, and when I could not sleep I wrote in the dark.

Ink - Quotes about writing by writers presented by The Fontayne Group

" Henry David Thoreau "Writing is an adventure. " Character Chart for Fiction Writers - If you're a fiction writer -- whether you're working on a novel, short story, screenplay, television series, play, web series, webserial, or blog-based fiction -- your characters should come alive for your reader or audience.

Character Chart for Fiction Writers -

The highly detailed chart below will help writers develop fictional characters who are believable, captivating, and unique. Print this page to complete the form for each main character you create. IMPORTANT: Note that all fields are optional and should be used simply as a guide; character charts should inspire you to think about your character in new ways, rather than constrain your writing. Fill in only as much info as you choose. Writing Information - Writing. Spice Up Your Writing With Dialogue. By Judy Cullins Does your chapter sound like a report?

Spice Up Your Writing With Dialogue

Does it go on and on with past tense sentences that tell, rather than show? Neil Gaiman on Writing « English 50. Intro to Screenwriting. So, you're going to write a screenplay.

Intro to Screenwriting

This is awesome. How to Write a Good Story in 800 Words or Less. Most of the good stories we tell can be told in 800 words or less.

How to Write a Good Story in 800 Words or Less

Let me try one. It involves my father, Ted Clark, who used to have the annoying habit of sucking on ice cubes, which he was doing one day, sitting in his recliner in front of the television set. My mother was in the basement doing the laundry, when she heard a great thump above her. She rushed upstairs and found my father unconscious on the bathroom floor. She called 911 and the paramedics arrived, but not before my father had recovered, seemingly unharmed. It took me 128 words to tell that story. I found this gem in a collection of radio reports from the great Edward R. Western Union has delivered about sixty thousand telegrams to Congress and the White House, most of them in favor of General MacArthur. Got Writer’s Block? 23 Writing Tips That Don’t Involve Writing. 23 writing tips – no riding required! Okay, so the title’s a little misleading.

These 23 writing tips do involve writing, albeit in a roundabout way. And they’re not really tips; they’re activities. Okay, so the title’s completely misleading. 50+ Open Courseware Writing Classes from the World's Leading Universities. Although technical courses tend to get more attention, the availability of writing courses online is impressive. Whether you want to learn how to write for business or just brush up on grammar, you're sure to find what you're looking for. We've compiled more than 50 of these classes, and they're open for anyone to take.

Introductory Courses Get beginning writing knowledge from these courses. Introduction to Writing: Academic Prose: In this course, you'll learn how to write for an academic audience. Creative Writing Prompts for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Lovers. Posted by Melissa Donovan on April 5, 2013 · Fantastical creative writing prompts. In the world of creative writing, we’ve only begun tapping the possibilities in speculative fiction, a genre that includes science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, horror, and superhero stories, as well as anything that ventures beyond known reality. Speculative fiction is an under-recognized genre: Academia and literary elitists traditionally haven’t given it much credence, although it has been gaining acclaim in recent years. Questions to Help in Creating Characters.

Creating the more complex round characters takes time -- time spent thinking about how your characters look, where they're from, and what motivates them, for instance. The questions below provide structure to this all-important thought process. While the reader will not need to know all the details, it's important that you do. The better you know your characters, the more realistic your story or novel will end up being.

Types of Poetry. What Is Poetry - This section contains a definition of poetry, poetry is... quotes, and other helpful definitions for beginning poets. PageFour - Novel Writing Software - Software for Creative Writers - includes a tabbed word processor and easy navigation area. Write, read and share. Words of Wisdom: 101 Tips from the World’s Most Famous Authors. If you've ever wanted to sit down with your favorite writer and ask advice, then you should take a look at these tips from some of the most famous authors in the world. How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method.

Fifty (50!) Tools Which Can Help You in Writing. English 50 Exercises for Poets. Summary in Two Clicks. Best Summarizer Online is Free! (More) tips for writing well (Austin Govella at Thinking and Making)

FREE Online Rhyming Dictionary. Write a Novel in Two Months (?!) A Comprehensive and Totally Universal Listing of Every Problem a Story Has Ever Had. Random Title Generator by Maygra (based on a design by Jellyn) The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations is a descriptive list which was created by Georges Polti to categorize every dramatic situation that might occur in a story or performance. To do this Polti analyzed classical Greek texts, plus classical and contemporaneous French works. He also analyzed a handful of non-French authors. In his introduction, Polti claims to be continuing the work of Carlo Gozzi, who also identified 36 situations. Publication history[edit] “Gozzi maintained that there can be but thirty-six tragic situations.

This list was published in a book of the same name, which contains extended explanations and examples. The list is popularized as an aid for writers, but it is also used by dramatists, storytellers and many others. The 36 situations[edit] LEO Overcoming Writer's Block. Even if they manage their time and follow writing guidelines, many writers will still experience a time when the words just won't come together, when they are simply "stuck" and can't think of anything to write. This is writer's block. Fortunately, a few helpful techniques make it possible to overcome the challenge of writer's block.

Literatura electrónica: La increíble máquina aforística. 25 Insights on Becoming a Better Writer. Writing Rant : Character Questionnaire. Character Questionnaire – Creating Characters. 1. Character Questionnaire: Questions to Explore Your Character.